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  1. Well these wagons are absolute stunners. Cav, Alex, a huge thank you for bringing these to market. I received my two versions yesterday and they are amazing. In hindsight (yes I know) I wish I’d ordered a couple more. Hey ho. thanks again. best wishes Peter
  2. Well the awaited replacement weed killing carriages are now back in stock at a Invicta. Was a nice surprise to get a call asking if I wanted my set. Great service by Kerry in difficult circumstances. Many thanks.
  3. For those who are keeping an eye. Dapol have released undecorated sound fitted version Mogul clip here:
  4. Hi there, I contacted Hornby customer services via email a couple of weeks ago when the corrected body shell versions began to materialise in model shops. I asked whether I needed to obtain a correct body shell through the shop I’d previously purchased through or by returning the original 60 to them. Hornby customer services to their credit responded this week advising they would supply a replacement body shell to me direct. The replacement arrived this morning in the post less than 48hrs after first Hornby correspondence. Hats off to Hornby for handling the query so promptly. Regards Peter
  5. Pedro32

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I took a couple with my camera phone at Warley on Saturday. There was such a scrum that I wasn’t able to hang around with my son in tow. To my eye they appeal, even if I model the western region! Sorry the lighting was rubbish, so photos appear dark. cheers Peter
  6. Pedro32

    Class 59 in 00

    Sorry not the greatest shot of the JHA wagon, as there was a scrum as usual, so wasn’t able to stop and chat plus had a 4yr old who was hungry. There was no class 59 was on display that I saw. cheers Peter
  7. A shot of the 158 samples from Warley yesterday. Spoke to one of the reps in the lounge as they were keen to see what items I was interested in and apparently they’re expected to arrive in the middle of next year. cheers Peter
  8. Had a nosey in the Bachmann lounge at Warley yesterday and the current revised sealed beam sample was on display. I didn't get much of a chance to lurk as my young son was getting restless to spend his pocket money. cheers Peter
  9. I took a few of the upcoming units and in my humble opinion they look very nice to the eye. And if I get time I’ll post a few others of the sealed beam class 45’s with the updated body shell in the relevant topic. cheers Peter
  10. Hmm I'd tend to agree having had a look of photos of the model on Hattons website. It would appear the large blue square should not be aligned to the orange cantrail. And there should be a small gap. Nevertheless I'm still going to buy one once they come into stock at my local shop. Side on photo from Flickr..
  11. Hello, Having chatted with Kerry @Invicta model rail, over the weekend this ltd edition run was originally a Modelzone commission which was then taken forward by Invicta, as its taken a number of years in the interim for this to materialise. So to answer I'd say they were new. KMRC also did a chipman weedkilling Ltd Edition set some years ago (2014?) based on BR Mk1's, (39-000P Bachmann OO Gauge Chipman Weedkiller Train coach pack). Hope that helps Cheers Peter
  12. Post deleted as link already found
  13. Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words 'I have a cunning plan' marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?

  14. Hello there, Alas its been a while and yet all I've managed to do in the intervening months since I last posted has been to finish off my helix for the fiddle yard and allow my eldest son to test run his Lima 37 up and down the two tracks with a selection of rolling stock. The concept seems to work well as the longest rake I've so far tested is nine coaches plus a loco and clearances all check out- much to my relief. And every opportunity my eldest gets he wants to be in the garage with his Dad. A selection of photos follows. IMG_3145 by Pedro Hill, on Flickr Spot the 37.. IMG_3432 by Pedro Hill, on Flickr Slow progress on the upper fiddleyard wiring. IMG_3309 by Pedro Hill, on Flickr Got some leave coming up so I anticipate some garage time will hopefully move things on.. Cheers Peter
  15. Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I was wondering when these weed killing coaches are likely to arrive. As I've had these on preorder since they were announced so assume after CNY shutdown we may hear something possibly soon? Cheers Peter
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