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  1. Just a brief update......... More long grass has taken root down in the goods yard, and the station building is slowly taking shape. Geoff
  2. Evening, Just a quick update, it was my intention to upload a photo of the scenic fiddle yard, but thanks to a Windows update the photo below was shunted into a different folder. I decided to use a scenic fiddle yard again, I admit they aren't everyone's cup of tea but for my style of operation they work just fine. The bridge is based on the one at Blodwell Junction on the Tanat Valley Railway, whether it is still standing I couldn't say as I've not visited the area lately. It was constructed from 'Palight' foamboard, overlaid with DAS modelling clay into which the stonework was scribed. The brickwork is Slater's embossed sheet and the centre span was scratch built from plain styrene sheet. The structure on the right will become a small limekiln, and once I have tweaked the final design it will be covered in DAS, then scribed to match the surrounding stonework. A piece of Silflor grass mat has been dropped in place for the photo, it will eventually be torn into clumps and blended into various static grasses. In time the area out of view on the right will be turned into the old crossing keepers cottage garden. Finally, AEC Railcar W22W arrives from Leominster via Kington and Presteign on a typical overcast Welsh Marches morning. This scene is also far from complete, an unkempt hedgerow will slowly be planted along the side of the station approach road, to blend into the backscene for starters. Geoff
  3. Sorry to say that there is no hope for you Andrew and no known medication to help, all I can say is go for it, you know you want to. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling Tom, hopefully completing your first layout will give you a lift. You have certainly created something special, I think its a brilliant piece of modelling and love it. I've had a look at your thread and will study it in more detail over the coming days. As for myself, well I am a third of the way through treatment for prostate cancer, which in my case is curable. Take care, Geoff
  4. Thanks for the link to your thread Tom, I had missed that. What a superb piece of modelling, I love it! Geoff
  5. Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind comments which are much appreciated. Colour matching can be a pain, I tend to use a very limited palette, mixing up various shades to suit my eye, whilst paying attention to world around me and the layout lighting. I'm afraid resistance is futile when it comes to 7mm scale, I got the itch and just had to scratch it. Tim (CK) didn't help when he suggested I had a dabble, and now there is no going back I wasn't sure if the larger scale would suit my railway in the countryside ideas, and I guess I saw it as a kind of challenge, something to take me out of my comfort zone. But I'm pleased to say that I'm finding the whole experience to be very rewarding, it is true what they say about not needing much. Best advice I can give if you are trying to resist is don't buy a wagon kit, that was my downfall! Geoff
  6. Thanks Pete, there is a long way to go yet, but I'm now coming to terms with 7mm scale modelling. Cheers Tom, where have you been hiding? :-) I'm not as well as I could be at the moment Tom, so I've been cheering myself up by running a few trains. Hope you are keeping well yourself. Geoff The goods shed is loosely based on the one that once stood at Llansilin Rd. on the Tanat Valley .......... Geoff
  7. Thank you, but I have never really been away, I drop in from time to time to keep up with my favourite threads and whenever Simon sends me a link to topics that he feels might be of interest to me. Llangunllo is now history and as Simon has pointed out this was the final chapter. So having tied up loose ends there is really nothing more to add, unless I come across a few unpublished photos, but they would just be more of the same sort of thing. But from the ashes of Llangunllo a new layout is under construction, some of you will be aware of my new 7mm scale project Bleddfa Road which is currently being developed on the site of Llangunllo. This is a brief introduction to the project....................... The plan is a mix of Blodwell Junction and Llansilin Road on the Tanat Valley Railway.......... Early days, the small signal box has since been replaced with an open ground frame. Track is to 31.5 mm gauge, and constructed from ply sleepers, C&L rail chairs and Slater's n/s rail. The crossing keepers cottage, and my first attempt at painting a backscene.... Lionheart Pannier 7416 at rest between shunting duties.. Geoff
  8. During a recent exchange of emails with a friend, I was asked if I might consider continuing with this thread. So following a little arm twisting here is the final chapter featuring Llangunllo and Llanbister Road. The end came quickly once the milk marketing board took Llangunllo Creamery over, only to close it down soon afterwards. Matters were made worse when a swollen River Lugg damaged one of the many rail bridges that crossed it, an event that gave B.R the perfect excuse to close the line. The signal box was the first casualty, and with nobody around to tend the allotments they were soon reclaimed by nature. The crossing gates disappeared soon afterwards..... In the meantime the station area and goods yard were becoming more overgrown. The clump of weeds just behind the truck mark the spot where the yard crane once stood. No use could be found for the station building so it was demolished, the platform becoming little more than a loading dock for the remaining goods traffic. Having collected the last of the coal wagons 1455 sets back to collect a brake van, prior to departing with the last train. A few weeks later the remaining track and the bridge span were removed, and another branch line bit the dust. The whole site has since been cleared to create the foundations for Bleddfa Road in 7mm scale...... Llanbister Road together with my 4mm locos and stock are safely in store just in case my 7mm plans come to naught. No doubt you will recognize Llangunllo signal box and crossing gates. The old allotments and huts can also be seen along with a part of the old Penhydd Creamery office, I throw very little away. Geoff
  9. The pick up goods prepares to depart from Bleddfa Road, for Presteign, Kington and Leominster........
  10. Thank you Tim, alas the layout is no more, as I'm now continuing with the same theme in 7mm scale. 7719 takes a break from shunting at Bleddfa Road....... So nice to see Bleakhouse Road again, one of my all time favourite layouts. Geoff
  11. Before and after, a Class 122 approaches Llangunllo for Presteign, Titley Junction, Kington and Leominster on a hazy summer afternoon. The scene six months later on a dismal Welsh morning, passenger services have now been withdrawn and the end of another country byway is fast approaching. Geoff
  12. Hi Liddy, Well I guess there is no hope for you now you have started to build a 7mm wagon kit :-) You have done a cracking job in weathering those wheels and axle guards. I find it best to phone Slater's, or better still drop in and chat to them if you are in the area, as they don't seem to check their inbox:-) Another source of etched detailing components is D. Parkins https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=18284 . Before I forget thanks for plugging my blog, I'm very pleased that you consider it to be inspirational. Geoff
  13. ............and where exactly did he tell you to stick it? :-) Great to see the layout getting so many nice comments, less really is more. Geoff
  14. A little bit of both, that should keep the fans of both gents happy :-) Geoff
  15. Those blue remembered hills set the layout off a treat, a huge improvement. Geoff
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