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  1. Hi Liddy, Well I guess there is no hope for you now you have started to build a 7mm wagon kit :-) You have done a cracking job in weathering those wheels and axle guards. I find it best to phone Slater's, or better still drop in and chat to them if you are in the area, as they don't seem to check their inbox:-) Another source of etched detailing components is D. Parkins https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=18284 . Before I forget thanks for plugging my blog, I'm very pleased that you consider it to be inspirational. Geoff
  2. ............and where exactly did he tell you to stick it? :-) Great to see the layout getting so many nice comments, less really is more. Geoff
  3. A little bit of both, that should keep the fans of both gents happy :-) Geoff
  4. Those blue remembered hills set the layout off a treat, a huge improvement. Geoff
  5. Looks as good as it did at Welshpool in 2018, where it also performed superbly. So pleased that you are taking it on the road again, good luck with the forthcoming shows. Geoff
  6. Which ties in with what Hattons advised me by email on the 2nd September 2019. Dapol 7S-006-021U Class 14xx 0-4-2T in BR black with early emblem - unnumbered. Our latest information from the supplier suggests this item will arrive with us between January 2020 & March 2020. Whilst we are hopeful this information is accurate, manufacturer lead times are frequently prone to be delayed. Geoff
  7. Hi Rich, Greenscene do ash ballast in three grades to suit 2 /4 and 7mm gauges and don't charge the earth for postage. http://www.green-scenes.co.uk/store?productlist-sort=score-desc&productlist-categories=&productlist-itemcount=20&productlist-search=ballast This is GS415 (4mm) which I am using for my new 7mm layout, I always use the next grade down from whatever scale I model in, so their 2mm G414 might be worth looking at for 4mm scale. Cheers, Geoff
  8. You can rest assured that there is still plenty of life left in Llangunllo yet Don, as for 7mm scale, I'm just dabbling and experimenting for now. Geoff
  9. Well that's praise indeed coming from a dyed in the wool Midland man, thank you. Perhaps its the fifties setting and the lack of chocolate and cream that won you over :-) Geoff
  10. Very true, that is why I do some actual modelling rather than just talk about it. Geoff
  11. Perhaps I should use more stuff straight out of a box then
  12. Damn, I knew I had forgotten something :-) On a more serious note here are a few spoilers of Llanbister Rd crossing and shed. Its early days as yet but the mock ups have proved that my ideas will work as intended. The shed has been modelled on the one at Tetbury minus the water tower. Measuring 1000 x 350mm short cassettes will be attached at each end to allow through running. Geoff
  13. Well thanks for that, here's another one for you Geoff
  14. Thanks Rich, thought you might get sick and tired of the same old stuff. You mean like this........ Had to be careful that damn tree trunk is made from twisted wire! The lamp post is actually vertical, I went back and checked after uploading the photo Geoff
  15. Thank you, as you know I am a huge fan of Ben Ashworth and Geoff Bannister so many of my model photos are based upon their work. Geoff
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