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  1. Hi Steve, I tried printing out on A4 sheets and the pictures are OK. If better resolution is required they will print out full size in Pictures. Tricky if you are reading this as well section 6 (page6?) on the Midland Railway Company Post will give it to you. Regards Tony
  2. Tricky can I go back to track work for a minute. I published drawings of Midland track work, Switches crossings and the dreaded three way switch in the topic Midland Railway Company. All info there except the radii of the turnout stock rails. Hope this helps Tony
  3. At last the range of Midland Goods waggons is back with Slaters. Prices are Opens: £9.00 with VAT Vans and the Brake £12.00 with VAT Thank you Slaters
  4. Hi Tricky had a bit of a senior moment with Southwold. I meant Southwell on the Newark Mansfield Branch of the Midland. Sorry about that. Tony
  5. Good idea but most engine sheds on the Midland were pretty big but something like Wirksworth or Southwold might fit. Have a look in Loco Sheds of the LMS (Midland Division). I think that's the Title. Incidentally your modelling is superb. Regards Tony
  6. Hi Steve Downloaded the information from the sources given. Very useful and makes hiding weights in trucks a lot easier.As i'm modelling a Goods Yard the comments regarding sheeting are very relevant so thanks. Tony
  7. There are now lists of available products on the following web site:http://www.midlandrailway.org.uk/modelling/. These currently cover 2mm,4mm and some 7mm scales. Regards Tony
  8. Using aluminium angle is an easy way of getting everything lined up easily. Cut 3inch lengths of 1 inch angle if modelling in OO or you can go smaller, I use 15mm in EM. Gauge to your track and fix down with packing to rail height. You can then screw suitable lengths of the chosen angle to MDF backing and pack up to the same height as the rails. Use small bulldog clips to align and conduct current. Remember a lot of aluminium is anodized and this coating will have to be removed as it's an insulator. Good luck, it works for me and a lot of friends.
  9. Me'a culpa should have gapped the undersides of the sleepers when I soldered the reinforcing strips underneath. My only excuse is that no one had ever (as far as I know) built stub points in 3.5mm/1ft scale before. In my defence no shorts were evident when I handed the points over. Glad its all turned out OK and hope Eric is still talking to me! Tony
  10. We in the 21st century tend to look at the past thru rose colored specks. Lets face it any one involved in any engineering related industry in the late 19th early 20th centuries faced a hard dirty and dangerous existence. Life in the cloth industries was pretty awful as well and even living conditions were dire. Tony
  11. Please Note if modellling to 12inch to the foot scale remember to drive keys in main direction of travel!! For those of us with smaller layouts here is a drawing from MRSoc. archives available to down load by Members of an 1896 Refrigerated van to Dia.372. As usual for commercial or publishing perposes permission must be obtained from the holders, THE MIDLAND RAILWAY STUDY CENTRE. Regards Tony
  12. Different again but quite a well used subject,here is a drawing of a standard Midland Level Crossing Gate. It is a single gate sized for double track and manually operated by a crossing keeper. Checking the standard track formation drawings it appears to be sized to the edge of the formation. To complete the model a crossing keepers hut or cottage would be required and possibly a litch gate for pedestrians in those days of non existant elf and safety! Regards Tony
  13. At the moment there are a few drawings that have been made available to me for publication on RM Web with a view to getting people interested in things Midland and hopefully build better models. I shall continue to publish them and thought that track was a logical place to start being the base of any fine scale model. Infrastructure is also important and the Midland had particular ways of doing things. I still feel that modelers would benefit from joining the Midland Railway Society and more and more information will be made available as it becomes digitised, obviously primarily to members. It is also important to remember that infrastructure lasted well into the Diesel period and so later period modellers can benefit. I hope this answers some of your questions. Regards Tony
  14. Hello Steve Low Rydale is a might have been Midland Railway Goods yard in East Lancashire near Oldham. Foam insulation is allegedly considered superior to cork for sound proofing and allows the track to float and flex thus allowing a better chance of maintaining wheel contact and hence traction and current pick up. It tends to be used by the P4 fraternity, I thought I'd give it a try. Hope this answers the question. Tony,
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