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  1. Thanks Jamie I'll bear that in mind. Still working on engines at the moment. Regards Tony
  2. Thanks to all for the drawings of the coal tub and stage. My stage will be based on Lincoln so the details of the hoist are really useful. Happy Christmas to all and I wish you all a Better New Year. Tony
  3. Hello Dave, I didn't realise the coal tubs were half ton capacity. Are there any drawings in existance or do I have to work out sizes using density tables etc. Tony
  4. Yes it is just nice looking at it isn't it but when other projects allow I'll have to bite the bullet and convert to EM and post 1907 Tony
  5. Just taken delivery of the new Bachmann 0-4-4 Passenger Tank engine. I am not going to critisize it is too good for that. It is a lovely model and better than most people could do and is really good value for money. It has 3mm. driving axles and shouldn't be too difficult to convert to EM or P4. Period is 1907 renumbering with brass tank side numbers and simplified livery but easy to backdate to post Johnson date if wanted or post date to 1907 large numbers to Grouping. Worth Buying Tony
  6. Dave I like it. Modelling midland three throws is a swine, I know ,I've tried in EM. I'me Building a shed layout as well but haven't got the space for 7mm. I too aim to be finished sometime in the late 20's. I live in hopes. Regards and stay safe in these troubled times. Tony
  7. I do like the interlaced timbering on the point work. Quite common on Midland Branch lines and Goods Stations at the turn of the 20th Century and for some time afterwards. Tony
  8. Please remind me to engage brain before replying. Tony
  9. I must agree. A picture of Princess Beatrice in the "British Single Driver" is what got me interested in the Midland Railway Co. That and trying to give up smoking!! Tony
  10. Hi Eric. for some reason I've not been informed of updates. It's all looking good. Tony
  11. Hi Steve, I tried printing out on A4 sheets and the pictures are OK. If better resolution is required they will print out full size in Pictures. Tricky if you are reading this as well section 6 (page6?) on the Midland Railway Company Post will give it to you. Regards Tony
  12. Tricky can I go back to track work for a minute. I published drawings of Midland track work, Switches crossings and the dreaded three way switch in the topic Midland Railway Company. All info there except the radii of the turnout stock rails. Hope this helps Tony
  13. At last the range of Midland Goods waggons is back with Slaters. Prices are Opens: £9.00 with VAT Vans and the Brake £12.00 with VAT Thank you Slaters
  14. Hi Tricky had a bit of a senior moment with Southwold. I meant Southwell on the Newark Mansfield Branch of the Midland. Sorry about that. Tony
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