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  1. Yes mate, sorry, but the best have to go for Publish, although one has already been used on here, but all the rest are close matches, i.e. changed the camera angle or lighting etc.
  2. Cheers Ade, I have a few more like that from the 162 I took in the Photo Shoot. I managed to whittle that down to 22 good ones for them to chose from, and these now are the ones from the cutting room floor.
  3. I forgot to order the Fuel Train, so there all waiting to fill up.
  4. 33012 Comes into Seven Mills Sidings over Yard Lane Crossing on a lovely sunny morning.
  5. One say's; where are we going, and the other says; were off for a private viewing of the Sheep Chronicles, apparently it's in a place called Wales. Well there's nice for ewe.. I've got Family in Wales I think.
  6. I do wish you'd keep your Flock under control Rob. https://news.sky.com/video/ewe-wouldnt-believe-it-sheep-bring-traffic-to-a-halt-in-yorkshire-12110210
  7. The other Girl in the Call Centre had better not find out, hahah. Hope you and Tina stay safe mate.
  8. This morning the Sun is out a bit and I caught 33012 crossing Yard Lane on it's way from Seven Up Junction to Top Yard.
  9. Thanks Alage, ? Frontage to do next, haha.
  10. This morning I made a start on the Embankment along the rear. Firstly with some bits of Cereal packet and then with a splodge of paint, before the Flockage, (as Al would say) goes on. The Wallage may well have some more stones removed from the tops yet, but I will see once I start the Flocking.
  11. Reading the official Text, I see you can still move / Escape to your Mother Land, have you got a date yet? And I didn't mean a date with the Girl from the Local Old Peoples Home.
  12. And they look so good mate, you've done / doing a fantastic job.
  13. Yeah Paul, tiz ear too mate. No walk for me this morning.
  14. I should really be doing a raining picture, but I prefer this one as it is.
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