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  1. Used,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and Abused.
  2. N Gauge in 6ft. Just sayin.
  3. Sorry Bud, it had to be done. I did look at some proper Buildings, but most looked to big, or Old fashioned. Tell you what I'll do, I promise that the next Layout will have a proper Southern Style Station Building, trust me, I'm an Ex Car Salesman.
  4. The 18.55 arrival from Wadebridge into Trebudoc.
  5. Beauty and the Beast, Lazy Joe.
  6. Excellent job young man, almost a shame to weather it, but it must be done.
  7. Any pics yet Ade? Sounds like a good days work tough.
  8. Went there with a mate, asked to hear an 08 before re blowing a Hornby one, and the answer was WHY, it's right. After a tussle he eventually put one on the Track and it was awful to say the least, I asked if it notched up and down like both the Hornby one and the prototype and the answer was; Why should it. WE LEFT.
  9. if I remember correctly the Hornby 4f is Tender Drive / Ex Lima, at least the last one I had a couple of years back was. I wouldn't touch it if it is, it was dreadful.
  10. Why would we want to we under your Layout Alan? SORRY.
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