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  1. Not a clue as to what your talking about. Fear not, No Passengers will be harmed or left stranded at Bute Road, but maybe a different Service provider, who knows?
  2. Thanks Ian, But I don't at the moment, apart from my Backscenes. but cheers anyway.
  3. Lovely idea, like I did on one of my Paintings.
  4. Thanks Adrian, And glad you found it useful, I never get stressed about things like that, it can always be changed, repaired, OR SCRAPPED, if necessary. .
  5. Cheers George, Yes Hellman's appears better than Heinz Ketchup and looks less like spilt blood.
  6. And here is your Friday Video, I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Cheers Steve, Yes I must admit, I do like the Slow running, the Controller is set to 128 Speed Steps so all Locos are on that which helps.
  8. Hi Simon, Your Table that you posted on 9th March, (its a pain not having Post Numbers to refer to) has been of great value, as I'm looking to merge Southern and Western into one Layout spanning 2005 - 2020, a big gap, but modellers licence will have to make do. I have taken a copy of your chart for my own use if that is o.k. with you please. Great thread, cheers.
  9. Remarkably, we ALL still have hair, Ken the Singer has the most, and I have the least, so the Rain protector is still present and correct.
  10. Thanks Mallaig1983, I still have some more playing around to do yet, but thanks for your thoughts and input.
  11. Cheers Bogie, I have several Guitar related ones, good job I don't wear the same shirt week in, week out, it would show up on here.
  12. Yeah, its o.k. but I don't think our 74 year old singer could cope with those high notes, let alone me on Bass, I cant wear Hot Pants either.
  13. Cheers Brian, that will be out on Friday, (If I remember).
  14. Thanks Kevin, the next two Videos are also nearly done so my be up Friday and Sunday all being well.
  15. Yes, its a short one, but I hope you enjoy the content.
  16. Excellent Running session this morning, and so Video No 25 may be out later today.
  17. Great stuff Richard, I still have your Mag articles in my inspiration folder for a future project idea one day. Brilliant stuff mate.
  18. Cheers Jim, I have to say the how I do things Videos are far easier to make then the Seven Mills Sidings Running Videos, and most times I only get the chance for one take, get it wrong and I'm in trouble, as I can't undo what has been done. The Running is also much easier, as most times I can just let the Train run through, which is easier than keep stopping to attach more Wagons from the short O Gauge Fiddle Yard. I'll try and keep them short, but interesting if I can, but I think adding some Running to the How to, Videos makes them easier to watch, well I hope so anyway.
  19. You O.K. Jim, its a Running Day tomorrow for Video's 25, 26 and 27 as all the other bits for those have been filmed and Edited ready for release this week.
  20. Just a couple of bits this morning. I've done the Embankment between the Estuary and the Tunnel. Details and a show you how in a forthcoming Video.
  21. Like, Like Likkeeeeeee
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