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  1. Hi Ade, How can anyone have a day out at a Show without a Breakfast? haha
  2. It's compulsory, just like having a Bus on a Bridge. BUT I really should sort out those hand rails and weather mine properly.
  3. Hi George, I hope you have a good day at the Bristol Show tomorrow mate. Come home armed with some more nice Kits to build.
  4. I hope you have a good day at Bristol tomorrow Ade. Don't spend tooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, haha.
  5. Yes your probably right, but at Medstead and Four Marks Station The Goods Shed was the other side of the Road. this Track Plan from an R M Web members Layout is spot on, I've been there and seen the remnants of it. I just wanted a kick back siding for extra shunting and variety.
  6. I forgot to say, I also had a test session after doing the siding.
  7. Forget the lifted Track and Ballast behind the Platform, that will be covered as though it never happened and was a mistake in my Planning. The Lane behind the Platform would be just a part of the Railway Land between the Field and the Station area forming an access Road to the Farmers Private Siding and Store.
  8. Although I have put the Video of the Great Central Steam Gala yesterday on Privett Green, I thought I'd add it here as well, just in case some of you don't venture to the Layouts section.
  9. At last, 13 minutes of the Great Central Steam Gala day yesterday. Only 5 of the 10 Trains were running due to it being a Friday.
  10. Just a little job this morning whilst waiting for the 13 minute Video to up load on to You Tube, it's been on a slow cooker since 07.45 this morning, and that is after I have shrunk the file size from 475 MB to 272MB using Handbrake. Anyway, I've decided to put the Farmers Store at the back and keep the Coal at the front of the Layout for a better visual appearance, AKA John Flann. I bought the Ratio Provender Store part built from E-Bay, but decided it looked better on a loading Dock rather than it's legs. I still have to work out whether to put the Lane to it along behind the Platform, or just coming in through a gate in the backscene.
  11. I would have enjoyed that and the Std 2 and the 8F, and the Jinty, in fact I would have liked them ALL. haha.
  12. Andrew P

    Little Muddle

    And Moo ore of the same please young Kevin.
  13. In Steam, but not in service yesterday unfortunately.
  14. Andrew P

    Little Muddle

    Eeerr we go again, haha.
  15. Andrew P

    Little Muddle

    Baaa Humbug, it's a Steam Train.
  16. Thanks, The Video should be up tomorrow on Privett Green.
  17. I have quite a bit of Video footage to put together and upload so will make a start over the weekend and put it onto my Privett Green thread, along with a few more photos.
  18. Thanks Neil, Any new pics of progress?
  19. Started the day with a Morrisons BIG BREAKFAST, well Jeff / Binny did, I just had Poached Eggs on Toast and two Sausages. haha,
  20. Something for young Clive, from the Great Central Steam Gala today.
  21. A couple of pics from todays day out at the Great Central Steam Gala, Video and more pics over the coming days.
  22. Off to the Great Central in a moment with Jeff / Binny as it's the Steam Gala Weekend and although a couple of the 10 Locos in Steam may not be working, both Hall's, the K1 and the Black 5 are amongst those that will be in Steam today. They are also running some Goods Specials today which I always enjoy, so I'll probably put some pics on here or Privett Green later. First job is to find Weatherspoon for a hearty Breakfast or maybe have that at the GCR as well.
  23. Yet another cracking job mate. very nice indeed.
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