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  1. Sitting or laying on the ground?
  2. Great pics mate, yours came out a lot better than mine, but then I had a Mojo problem. It was certainly good to see you and at least we had a good catch up. Cheers for that.
  3. Yes Paul, Geroge did point it out to me, and we counted quite a few in different spacings, I also said, it seemed like some were closer together on the curve through the Points, which would make some sense.
  4. I have done worse mate, Good to see you last week, and you didn't even cost me a BIG Breakfast, just how amazing was that!
  5. Cheers Rich, Yes, at least the coffee from the Cafe in town was good, and George got loads of pics that he wanted of the 3rd Rail for his Moss Lane project. I've never known it so quiet there, not even on a normal day. Final announcements that we heard was for people NOT to travel by Train, and their ticket would be valid for tomorrow, i.e. today / Saturday, which is a fat lot of good if you need to be somewhere in a hurry. Oh well, there's always next year
  6. Yes indeed, and if they were getting excited about the weekend ahead, they camouflaged that well, as well. Some guys were setting up a few USA Jeeps and a couple of Trucks, and that is all that could be seen to be happening. I may have a run over again later today to see if the 7F and Schools are running.
  7. Spot on, I had one of the first Lima OO Models and it was the first Lima, and I think the only one to have what we now know as a standard type chassis, and NOT a Pancake Motor, it was superb and way ahead of what Hornby was producing at the time. As you quite rightly say, with so many Livery choices it would make a great Model in O Gauge.
  8. Your plastic formers look like they have come from the same sheets that I acquired about 15 years ago when a Supermarket was changing some signs. I still have some bits left, and it has been used for everything from formers to Platform tops, and much in between.
  9. Well that was almost a waste of a day of my life. Great time with George, @georgeT of course, but he / we decided against a breakfast to start the day. Signal failures all over Hampshire / Surrey meant the 10-20 service from Waterloo still hadn't arrived at 14-30 and was reported as RUNNING LATE. Consequentially, very little freight was happening, even in the Ballast Yard with just ONE, 08 shunting ONE Rake of wagons. Then a trip to Ropley / Watercress Line to see what was being prepared for the weekends War Weekend, and the short answer was, NOT
  10. Oooo, I do like a bit of Dutch, especially on a Tractor, Neil.
  11. Although this Video isn't due until tomorrow, I may not have time to load it to You Tube and so I've done it now. It incorporates the Painting of the Yellow Dutch Livery to the Grampus.
  12. Thanks Trevor, a good hearty breakfast should set the day up nicely, I hope. I will try and get some film and pics if its busy.
  13. With the mess I've made of the Transfers, I think this is what I need to do with the weathering.
  14. Cheers Paul, Yes, its in the August issue, out this time next Month, but it will be the original Seven Mills with the Fuel Pumps along the back. I have done another article showing them being removed and then grassed over but I'm not sure if Steve Flint / Craig Tiley, will incorporate that into the same article or not. I've then done another article on Bench Road. All the photos for Seven Mills and Bench Road were done by me. And then in July, I have another Editor due down to take some pics for an article for next year that will cover both Seven Mills and Bench Road as i
  15. You are cruel David, Now I've started looking at the prices of Swiss Locos in HO.
  16. On a misty morning Banger Blue 37206 brings in a rake of wagons to Bridge End Sidings, Seven Mills. The Driver is already out of the Cab to uncouple.
  17. On a misty morning Banger Blue 37206 brings in a rake of wagons to Bridge End Sidings, Seven Mills. The Driver is already out of the Cab to uncouple.
  18. I nice visit from my mate George, @georgeT this evening, down to visit Family, and so popped around for an hour, hopefully we are having a day at Eastleigh on Friday, probably starting with a hearty Spoons Breakfast, (well Scrambled or Poached eggs on toast for me).
  19. Mine sat on a 2 inch polystyrene floor, celotex insulated walls, double glazed and a flat ceiling with loft insulation and was perfect all year round. This looks like a good sturdy build and finish.
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