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  1. Cheers Don, What are you doing up in S / Derbyshire? I have tried various Add Blockers in the past, but my Flip Flop is old and slow, and all previous Add Blockers have rendered the thing almost useless. At the moment I can switch on, and then make a coffee whilst it comes on, with previous Add Blockers, I could have gone on a weeks holiday, (well maybe that was a BIT of an exaggeration).
  2. Been for an early morning walk up on the Hill over the Tunnel this morning.
  3. They NEED to go in the realistic pics thread Ade, just WONDERFUL
  4. Use the BOX as a Ballot BOX then it has to be opened to find out the result. Yes I know, I have already left the building.
  5. Or the Mince pies and Brandy?
  6. Cheers Trevor, I like that name for the Tunnel. With my wayward mouse and the adverts its taken an age to try and reply. Sorry.
  7. And in a complete contrast, a very shiny 59003.
  8. Need to weather my 66's I think. Eastleigh this morning.
  9. Morning all, not a lot to show for the last 7 days, so here is just a short 5 minute running Video.
  10. Brian, You will be pleased to know that I haven't touched the Layout this week, apart from about an hours running for tomorrows 5 minute Video. Anyone want to by a Train Set?
  11. I'm feeling rather honoured this morning as the Pendon Museum in Oxfordshire has subscribed to my You Tube Chanel. Pendon’s Vale Scene is widely regarded as one of the finest dioramas anywhere. This train ride, about one scale mile long, provides an introduction to the scene, with views of the landscape and buildings. It's an opportunity to appreciate the accuracy of the modelling and the way that the scene is carefully detailed. As Pendon promises, it “brings the past to life”. I haven't been there for many years, and so now it on my list of must do's for 2022.
  12. Thanks Kevin, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope to have another ready for tomorrow, all being well.
  13. Hi Andy, Thanks yes all is well. No 1, I have a wayward mouse on my Flip Flop, and so combined with trying to remove the adverts I find it frustrating on here now. No 2, As I still have about 80% bare boards they do not make for good photography. No 3, No work done on the Layout so far this week, but there may still be a Video out tomorrow. Cheers for your concern.
  14. Such a handsome beast, (the Loco that is). Also I have to say, a well balanced picture.
  15. Thanks, Bute Road, The Build starts here. https://youtu.be/N_7d_gN8Ovs Sorry Jeff. Back on Topic now.
  16. I guess that's why I enjoy doing the Tutorial Videos and with almost 1000 subscribers to my You Tube Channel now, its a far bigger audience than on here, but I still get good feed back on here, and so it makes it all worth while.
  17. Looks brilliant Mike, such an iconic Layout, and so great to see it back in active service.
  18. Hi David, just had a belated catch up. I love the Black and Whitish Steam pics, so much atmosphere in shots like that. Sorry to read about your roof and glad it got sorted quickly.
  19. Its coming on well Mike, as for the Videos, it more than likely has to go on to You Tube first, i.e. you then need a G-Mail E-Mail address to do that, once on there it can be down loaded on to R M Web, I do a Video most weeks for Bute Road, and did well over 100 of Seven Mills Sidings and Kings Moreton. Keep the pics coming now mate.
  20. Its the Pikey in him you know.
  21. I guess its what happens when you try and Wing Walk on a Sopwith Camel with no Parachute.
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