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  1. Hi Andy, Firstly thanks for the kind words.


    Re the Kadee's, I use a mix of 17, 18, 19 or 20 depending on the Wagon / Loco, and where the NEM socket is located, i.e how far back under the Chassis, and the Buffer length of the Stock, on shorter Stock you can sometimes get away with 17 to 17, or may need to go 17 to 18, or both 18's, 19 and 20 tend to be on really long stuff and things like the Heljan Cargowagons.

    Of course the over riding thing will be the Radius curves you have on your Layout as well.


    I hope that is of some help.


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  2. 10 minutes ago, westerhamstation said:

    Teloxys Aristata or Sea Foam, trees to you and me. Early on in the year I was looking at the trees on Brasted and thought that they were looking  a bit rough and ready, I looked at the price of replacing them with ready made till I saw that for the quantity that would be required a lottery win of quite a size would be needed. So being a tight wad  (read Mrs W Station) I decided to grow my own, a purchase of Teloxys Aristata seeds from this link provided me with a forest in a packet for about £4


    Now comes the boring bit, plant seeds in a large pot filled with free draining soil and wait 6months. ......................................... 6months have now passed and your seeds will now look like this if you are lucky.







    Harvest and hang them up to dry for a week or so.




    Spray matt brown



    The next part is to plant the trees, which I did by cutting all the old foliage off the existing trees leaving just the trunk and some branches, and then placing the new branches over the old trunks to form the new trees. The foliage was made by first spraying the top of the trees with firm hold hair laquer then a base coat of 2mm fibre were sieved on,  next another spray of laquer and a final layer of coarse turf was applied by hand and another coat of laquer to secure. You need a sunny spot for the seeds as they are a desert plant and can suffer from dampening.





    And some pictures of the finished trees, I wanted it to look like neglected scrubby woodland.








    Happy gardening. All the best Adrian.














    BLOOMIN WOW, superb young man, thanks for sharing.:good:

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  3. 2 hours ago, KNP said:

    It’s an idea but doesn’t feel quite right to me, saying that it would certainly double my rolling stock…!

    A mate of mine has just done similar on an O Gauge Class 37 in Grey, Coal Sector and Number on one side and and Metals and different Number on the other side.

    BUT, We are talking saving almost £700, as you can only see one side at a time.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, georgeT said:

    Really enjoyed the latest video Andy, the signals are starting to look the part, well done mate.

    Cheers Bud, I enjoyed driving the Trains to the Signals on Kings Moreton, (see some later Videos) and you get a far better operating experience as well.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, 5BarVT said:

    Nice introduction, busy boy!

    And an excellent cameo piece from Mike.  That the one thing in sound that often doesn’t feel right, the rev rise before any movement, falling as the governor kicks in and then rising as the train moves off.  (It was especially characteristic of class 47.)  Well done.


    Cheers Paul, I've never really heard it in the Model form before, but what a difference it makes to the overall feel of the Layout and driving experience.

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  6. Video No 13, featuring a Special Guest operator  Mike Buick / @scoobyra


    PLEASE NOTE = I am aware that I spelt Meningitis wrong at the  end, so can we NOT have a discussion about it please, I already feel very embarrassed. Thanks.:D


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  7. 28 minutes ago, Physicsman said:

    As a follow-up, being "greatly offended" (ha, ha - pull the other one!) by the implication that my new structure was a tad, erm....over engineered..., hmmmph.... I thought I'd provide graphic evidence for the practical uses of the said edifice.


    (Zorri, iff mi lingo abuv woz er bitt two plane for sum ov yer...)


    My "side-arms" can provide:


    A permanent home for my vintage, tried and trusty Lenz controller....


    1 20210916_190550 crop.jpg


    A stand for the applicator, waiting for a "heavy session" of static grassing.....


    2 20210916_190419 crop.jpg


    My mug of coffee - but I'm NOT letting David (lambie) near it!!....


    3 20210916_190457 crop.jpg


    Or a place to store the hammer, ready to knock in some of those 10 inch nails that Bodgit (AndyP) is renowned for using....when he's psyched-up for some of his more delicate work...


    4 20210916_190523 crop.jpg


    So you can see, there was method in the madness, and now it's back to the railway. Painting platforms. Oh, well!






    Points of note=


    1, Lenz Controller far to heavy for that timber.

    2, Static applicator says Noch me off.

    3, If your right handed the cup should be on the right.

    4, Call that a bloody hammer, I've seen better than that in a Toffee shop.:o:D:dancer:


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  8. 3 hours ago, DaveF said:


    Lucker for today on the ECML in Northumberland - not far from Lindisfarne.


    Owing to my incompetence this afternoon they are not in date order!




    Lucker 90022 down Kings X to Edinburgh 8th April 95 C20025




    Lucker Class 47 up vans April 93 J13831




    Lucker 91003 down  Aug 91 J12869




    Lucker 37689 and 37692 down coal 7th April 93 C18411




    Lucker 56095 up April 93 J13834











    Date order or not, still most enjoyable David. Thanks.:good:

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  9. 16 minutes ago, Jerry1975 said:

    Very nice Andy, very neat and tidy control panel, I like the way you explain things, easy to understand and follow. 



    Thanks Jerry, and pleased your following and understanding what I'm trying to do.


  10. 40 minutes ago, shedman said:

    Yes, thanks Andy. I understand what you're doing. I'd have put a diagonal piece of tape across. Just a different way of doing things. Trevor

    Cheers Trevor, I did have some tape across on a previous panel, but it was so short the 1/4inch drill ripped it out, so I will add a little black paint there when I get them out.


    I do agree it looks a bit odd at the moment though.

  11. And now for Trevor, and anyone else that might be interested, I have fitted all the Switches with the  exception of the on / off / on for the Programming Track as I still have to buy the switch and forgot to drill the Hole.

    I have gone along the back and tinned the solder posts so that I'm ready to install.


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  12. 57 minutes ago, The Stationmaster said:



    Not a bad photo although I did take through the cab window of a Class 60 I had 'borrowed' for some comparative time assess trials so it does suffer a little from windscreen grubbiness ;)

     Don't!!!  When we moved into the house in Tilehurst it had a very steep drive which needed a bit of 'gradient improvement'. in order to get the car in and out.  i rang a contact at Whatley Quarry - still ARC in those days - to see if he could get about half a (cubic) yard of scalpings dropped off at my front gate. 'No problem Mike' was the reply so I duly waited a day or two for the scalpings to arrive - and had just over 2 tons of the stuff tipped on the pavement outside the gate.   We were in the house for a total of 29 years and it took me most of that time to somehow get rid of the surplus:diablo_mini:.  Now would you like me to speak to a former contact at Merehead on your behalf (if he hasn't been sacked yet?)


    But thanks for the very kind offer.:laugh:

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  13. 3 hours ago, shedman said:

    About the control panel - is it me, or have you missed out a crossover on the main lines to the right of the station, and another where the sidings come out onto the inside loop? Or am I jumping the gun? Best Wishes, Trevor

    The position for the switches was marked in pencil, so that I can put in one switch to work the two Points as a crossover Trevor.

    See new post shortly.



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