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  1. There is a brand new TR 150 on that famous auction website.
  2. The Train Tech GK1 ground signal is a much more realistic shape and can be wired with two reds and white or two whites and one red,
  3. Hi all, is it ok to use 'Humbrol Acrylic paint Thinners' with other brands of acrylic paints? Thank in advance
  4. I have three of the PPI 14 units on my layout, I wired them as per the instructions and have had no problems at all with them, all of the Blocksignalling items I have seem very reliable, contact Steve Heaton at BlockSignalling I am sure he will be able to get you sorted out.
  5. Pre ordered mine in June, still no sign of it.
  6. I pre ordered issue 10 on 19th of June and was wondering if anyone knows when they are being dispatched? Michael
  7. Bill, its model coach bolt heads I am after
  8. Hi, does anyone know of a way to make coach bolt heads or are any available to buy? Thanks in advance
  9. The coach company is still in business based in Annitsford Northumberland.
  10. Great photos of West Blyth David, I have an uncle who was based in the lower yard offices. These photos bring back great memories. Thanks for posting
  11. Thanks Gilbert, I dont mind waiting as I am sure it will be worth it
  12. Has anyone who has pre-ordered their copy of issue 10 had their delivery yet?
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