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  1. michaelp

    New soldering iron

    David, I use an Antex 25W soldering iron, there are different sized tips available too. They are on Ebay for about £27.00 post free. Michael
  2. Still not in Blyth or Morpeth WH Smiths Mal, checked 9/2/19 Michael
  3. michaelp

    New soldering iron

    David, Try opening up a dispute with Ebay
  4. Hi, Title says it all really, can anyone tell me the over the buffer length of the above wagon please? Thanks in advance Michael
  5. Love the new look, great to se RMWeb back

  6. michaelp

    Hardboard Baseboard?

    The only time I look like that is if I lie on my back
  7. michaelp

    Hardboard Baseboard?

    I can definitely identify with point 3 'Sagging' but its normal for someone my age!
  8. I would be interested to know if anyone thinks it would be possible to use the Cambrian 6Ton hand crane as a basis for building a Taylor Hubbard hand crane pictured in the link below. There doesn't seem to be a RTR or kit version of this crane available anywhere, I have some bits and pieces from the Dapol Diesel crane kit, which include jack legs, Jib and other odds and ends although the jib looks different to the Taylor Hubbard crane. https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/otpcranesetc/h87E6538#h87e6538 I had thought of maybe reworking a six wheel tender chassis for the crane or possibly building a chassis from plasticard and adding the chassis detail. The crane and runner wagon wont be run on my layout only sat on a siding. Any thoughts, ideas and opinions would be most welcome and much appreciated. Thanks in advance Michael
  9. Does anyone know of a Humbrol Matt Enamel paint equivalent for Railmatch 355 (Early Freight Stock Grey) Thanks in advance
  10. michaelp

    Newbie needs help and advice please

    Hello Clive
  11. michaelp

    Railway Lamps in the 1970s

    I remember it well!
  12. michaelp

    Railway Lamps in the 1970s

    Thanks Mark, doing a bit more digging it seems some used lamp oil and others used paraffin.
  13. I always remembered a distinctive smell from railway lamps, did they burn paraffin or lamp oil or other? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for posting Dave, Just noticed the Class 08 running back from the staithes in C5256

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