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  1. These look interesting Iain, so how do you record onto them?
  2. Sometimes the contact tabs on the body for the lights dont make a good enough contact with pads on the chassis, remove the body and carefully bend the tabs downwards slightly, refit the body and try the lights again.
  3. Some warm water and a wallpaper scraper but be prepared for a mess!
  4. The texture of the 'Treemendous' soil looks ok but I thought the colour is a bit to light.
  5. At some point in the future I want make some gardens for houses and also a small allotment site, can anyone suggest the best way to simulate soil and how to fix it down? Thanks in advance.
  6. Can someone tell me what length the poles need to be for the above signs please?
  7. Hi Mal, there was a science teacher there who had something to do with a model railway club at Newlands his name was Jim Scott
  8. 'Ridley High School' used to be 'Newlands County Secondary School' when I attended in 1971 - 1976.....great school,
  9. Just a quick update, the nozzle on my airbrush was found to have hardened paint inside which has now been removed thanks to a suggestion from a couple of members to use liquid reamer, that and gentle persuasion helped remove the paint, another problem with the nozzle was found, where the nozzle screws up to the airbrush the seal between the two parts was not too good. Again thanks to another suggestion from an RMWeb member beeswax was carefully applied to the nozzle thread only and screwed in place with only finger tight pressure, and I am happy to report that the airbrush is working fine now. Thank you very much to all who took the time to post advice and tips and for the offers of help to resolve the problem.
  10. Yes I struggled with the instructions not helped by the fact that the crane and parts images on the instruction sheet were very dark almost Black, this made working out where some of the smaller parts were meant to go difficult.
  11. I think that the instructions say to use instanter couplings for the crane.
  12. They are handy to as I have found out with the Cambrian kit
  13. Thanks for your reply, I have found a pack of metal hooks I had lying around.
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