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  1. Morning David, great pictures. Unusual to see three locos with early crest
  2. Oh wow Kevin I knew France had some bullhead standard gauge track but had no idea there was metre gauge track and certainly didn't expect any to be still in use. Do they have any standard gauge bullhead still in use?
  3. Wells Harbour branch yesterday I think it officially closed in the mid 50s but didn't see much use after the 30s. I'm not sure if it was actually tarmacced at this point when the line was open and may have been done over the rails after closure
  4. I think you may get a small jolt but I would think it should get through the gap. The radio control would be good but DCC would allow you to have buses close together Great project, I love trolleybuses and remember the teesside ones
  5. The most obvious solution is to use DCC with stay alive on the decoders
  6. Did the 14s ever end up on passenger trains rond Hull
  7. It's not actually electrical the engine is turning both generators and obviously with a load on both it takes more horsepower to turn both but if only one is loading its easier to turn the other Think of riding an old bike with a dynamo on the wheel if they were set too tight you used more energy to turn the pedals
  8. Out of all the things wrong with the railway this is not one them and is just a complete waste of money Interesting that the image they use is not the correct double arrow as on the really thing the diagonal lines are not parallel. It's actually quite a complex shape
  9. Never thought of that before, but the amount of heat supplied to a train as steam must translate into to the amount of heat supplied to a train as electricity In theory the most efficient must be a oil fired train heat boiler from a diesel And just to burst everyone's brain quite early in the day how would this formula apply to an electric boiler in EM1s and 2s ?
  10. To be honest anything with ploughs is a pig. When we use the independent ploughs mainly for their yearly test but wee did use them in anger a few years ago coupling those to a 37 with ploughs is very tight to get in At the end of rhtt season putting all the 37s together is horrible as everything is covered in brown slime
  11. Great picture Rob, is it just dark or does the unit not have a coupling of any type on the front
  12. This one is definitely more likely lads , the car park picture needs a mk2 Cortina been driven by a bloody mad man!
  13. That looks a right pig to couple up, I bet shunters loved them
  14. Aircon Andy I remember working a couple of charters on the whitby branch with single 31s and turning the ETH off going up Nunthorpe bank to get more traction power
  15. I've worked trains with pairs of 31s and never had issues with them , I quite like them
  16. That combination on paper is actually better than a 47 2x1470hp vs 2580hp and 31s and 47s both have an ETH index of 66. When there are two locos only one supplies ETH in this case just the rear one as its the only one fitted
  17. Evening Brian I thought this at first but the departmental 150 has different door and window arrangements to the standard ones. I think this is one of the strange liveried ones that existed in the run up to and privatisation
  18. Fantastic David, how I like to remember it . The coke car locomotive in the second shot was the first locomotive I ever drove aged about 12
  19. I hadn't realised there were so many and certainly didn’t realise they were built until 62 Anyone got any idea as to why they were built over such a long period. I do remember the old boys at Thornaby talking about them
  20. Have to see if I can do some York work at that time. Is it running all days?
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