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  1. I didn't realise they were still installing miniature yellows as late as that
  2. Oh wow didn't realise that. Take it they are on conventional signals?
  3. I'm sure they will sell really well , I'm also waiting for some
  4. Why did they ban them? I know there were issues with them momentarily energising the train stop grid when changing from yellow to green but would think this predated this by several years Or was it the brief flash of red when changing, something you anticipated when working with them or at least proper drivers did . I was told about that on my traction trainee course
  5. I assume when using the semaphore light the spectacle should be changed to green from blue? There are some at Manea which shine blue as the light is white and not yellowish
  6. LED signals are awful in poor conditions they don't seem to penetrate fog like a filament bulb and when you get near them they blind you and you loose your night vision I wouldn't want to live near one they are nearly as bright as streetlights
  7. I was hoping you may have got some of them. Were they the last?
  8. I remember the Nottingham ones I think there may have been a couple of searchlight distants on the Scarborough line but they have gone too, so I think the last may have gone sadly
  9. Don't think they have been there for a long time. I think this was a similar but simpler system to the Mirfield speed signalling system?
  10. Older ground position lights used to be switched from night to day manually by the signalman
  11. I know what you mean but the real things were quite interesting, modern things especially those horrible flat things look like they should be on roadworks or used to celebrate Xmas with. Hate everything about them and are far too bright obviously a new standard drawn up by some idiots that have never been a cab in darkness
  12. With the recent ressignalling of Clacton, were these the last searchlights on the network? I know the miniature yellow subsidiary signal that controlled entrance to the depot was certainly the last of its kind hasn't even been in the rule book for years
  13. I can't understand at all why there was no control air pipe at all, The white circle MU system seems to be a hybrid of yellow diamond and blue square with the same controls as yellow diamond on the 79xxx cars but similar jumpers to blue square. Both these systems and other systems had a control air pipe so can't see any logic of white circle not having one
  14. At the moment it isn't actually running, once its up and running which hopefully shouldn't be to long im hoping to do some on train videos using a miniature camera
  15. Thats the way I used to do it , much easier
  16. Aye but if you have no air you can't move the sliding dog for it to centre in the final drive. On other sets its possible to supply a defective car from another power car or a loco
  17. As I've said before I wonder how you isolate the final drives on a failed power car with no air?
  18. I don't like retailers that take order for items they don't have In stock when the website says they do , and ones that if you order more than they have then they hold the rest of the order until they receive more stock to save on postage To be fair most online retailers i have used during lockdown have been fine
  19. Is that one with the 'pop' off nose ends? Maybe worth seeing if anyone wants to swap
  20. I left them a message and sent an email and to their credit got a full refund but no contact or explanation but over two weeks. I won't be using them again either
  21. I managed to make some LNER discs rotate but I glued the disc to a cut down ratio LMS plastic one to act as a boss ,then glued the 0.7mm rod to it. Fiddly but it worked
  22. I've rang them and left a message again and said if they don't contact me in 24hrs I will ring PayPal Their postage wasn't cheap and if the items aren't in stock they should have told me . I've left them a message a week ago and no response, I certainly won't use them again
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