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  1. The picture is shown reversed - look at the numbers!
  2. Agreed Jeremy, the Tamiya stuff is definitely the best, but I have successfully used the green stuff without issue. I think a lot has to do with how well the primer has adhered... Cheers! Steve
  3. I cut a piece of masking tape the same size as the buffer beam with two holes* for the buffers to poke through. Then wrap a strip of tape around each buffer. * They don't need to be circular holes, just a cut X centered on the buffer will work. Cheers! Steve
  4. I saw several withdrawn A4s at the Plant all complete with their nameplates and other bits.
  5. As a Canadian company specializing in British model trains, I have to purchase much of my stock from the UK and Europe. I pay all my invoices by credit card in advance of shipping and pay my credit card bills promptly which gives me almost 30 days credit, and I get cash back on the card I use the most, with no interference or service charges from the bank so possibly a solution for yourself?
  6. Hello Robed, I built one of these a few years ago and recall it was quite a challenge and the instructions were not a lot of help. I believe I had a very early version and possibly later versions have been improved. My memory is not the best but I think the back of the boiler butts up against the front of the firebox and is secured with a bolt through the formers. The other end runs all the way through the smokebox and is covered by the etched wrapper. The boiler was not included and I rolled my own from 10 though brass - the small dent was removed later. Good luck with your build! Steve
  7. Thanks Mark, That is really very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing your photos. Your help is very much appreciated. Steve Canada
  8. Thanks Frank, I will get my friend to check.
  9. My friend picked up this diecast 0-6-2T at an auction here in Canada and we have been unable to identify its make or type of loco that it represents (if any). It looks similar to an early Dublo N2 but there are some differences to the body and chassis. The motor drives the central axle rather than the rear axle of the Dublo N2 and there are no makers marks inside the body, The photos show it next to a Dublo N2 for comparison. Any help with the identification is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi Jim, If you fail to find a better alternative, I do have stocks of Humbrol No. 3 Brunswick Green Enamel and RC405 GWR/BR Green Acrylic. http://www.modelrailwayimports.com/products.php?q=humbrol&s=1 Steve Model Railway Imports Canada
  11. What drive unit did you use please? Thanks in advance. Steve
  12. I received a large order from Markits a few weeks ago. Everything appeared to be normal. Steve Model Railway Imports Canada
  13. Hello, ModelMaster make a set of the plates you need - WP049 - £ 5.65 It includes: 2 x Crewe Works Plates - WP006 1 x BR1 Tender Plate - WP009 1 x 4250 Gallon Tender Capacity Plate - WP018 https://modelmaster.uk/106-4mm-scale-locomotive-works-plates?p=2 Unfortunately there are no pictures but I have used a set myself and they are very good. Steve Model Railway Imports Canada
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