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  1. Struck down with tennis elbow. What nonsense is this?

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    2. Mallard60022


      Seriously BM, if you have the resources it could be well worth seeing a proper sports Physio. NHS Physios are general practitioners and in my experience rarely have the time to help with this sort of problem. May not be able to do a lot but can give good advice and maybe suggest how to 'support' the joint. You may be lucky and have Private H.I. or some sort of arrangement through work? If not SP's charge around £60 - 80 for an assessment and first appointment & then around £40 for further appointments.

    3. Black Marlin

      Black Marlin

      Thanks for the information and advice. Fortunately ibuprofen and rest have worked wonders and the arm is back under control :-)

    4. Mallard60022


      XLNT. I can't use Ibruprof and similar due to taking Blood Pressure tablets.

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