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  1. Interesting that the builders have chosen to include a BR AWS battery box on the running plate!
  2. He's stood in that area in the past during local council elections - unsuccessfully.
  3. Were any pre-production pictures or suchlike ever released, or perhaps prototypes show at an exhibition? I don't recall ever seeing any.
  4. I'd forgotten I'd pre-ordered a couple of those loco kits and paid a deposit, as I'm sure have many others. I haven't seen any news about them at all since the initial announcement a year ago or so.
  5. Wheeltappers were very much in use and witnessed by myself during my last visit to Poland in 2016.
  6. Richard, I saw that coach on the HRS chatline and I did wonder if it'd be making an appearance here! In an unrelated vein, after seeing your picture of the 812 class I was wondering from where you sourced those distinct HR/CR cab doors? Are they made from plasticard or do you know of a source of whitemetal/brass doors? I'm about to rebuild a half (badly) built Barney sourced from ebay and also in the pile is a small Ben which also lacks them.
  7. The Duchesses weren't the only LM Pacific type to make it to Aberdeen having been borrowed - Duke of Gloucester also did so.
  8. Mal-lig is the correct pronunciation, Mal-laig is generally only used by those from points south.
  9. It's a summer-only service with the vessel laid up for the rest of the year so they don't have to worry about winter weather!
  10. In the late 1960s the regular vessel to visit Tarbert pier would be MacBrayne's LOCHFYNE which ran the route from Gourock to Ardrishaig from 1958-1969, known as "The Royal Route". As far as I can remember no car ferries called at Tarbert at the time the layout would be set. See attached picture of the LOCHFYNE.
  11. Before all this started I was poised to make a booking on one of the Aberdonian tours run by the A1 trust, these being in August/September, and I received an email reminder this afternoon that the trains are still booked to run, albeit with the same precautions in place as elsewhere on the network. notwithstanding the possibility of re-introduced restrictions should they be required. Thankfully they have already outlined dates for next year so I'm going to bit the bullet and go for one of them instead.
  12. That's right, I do have a choice. I have a choice not to undertake a non-essential, otherwise frivolous activity at a time when the risk of infection is so great that the wearing of masks is deemed essential when undertaking that activity. Some people out there no doubt enjoy wearing such PPE for long periods of time, however I am not one of them - I'm sure in common with most of the healthcare staff to which you refer - and therefore my choice is that I simply will not go on railtours or visit preserved lines whilst the requirements are there for the simple reason it'd be detriment
  13. I see the Railway Touring Company have updated their T&C's asking all passengers to wear facemasks when on their trains, as has the Bluebell Railway.
  14. I doubt that the condition of food/drink consumption being "reasonably necessary" can realistically be used as an excuse for somewhat sedentary 3/4 course meals perhaps twice during the course of a charter. Whilst it doesn't explicitly state so, I imagine the gist of that legislation is aimed at small, necessary snacks on long journeys.
  15. I'm surprised the Heljan turntable hasn't been mentioned. Readily available and doesn't look quite as continental as the Fleischmann version, with a small amount of work it can be Anglicised reasonably effectively.
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