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  1. Would agree it appears to be a dead 9F, but unless it was a local/trip/specialised working would it still not be required to have a brake van in the rear?
  2. In all fairness to Call the Midwife with reference to totem colours, in the early 80s the BR(Sc) running-in boards at Mallaig were painted lime green!
  3. Now there's a thought! I've got two Nucast D40 kits and a Small Ben kit sat in the stash and I was giving thought to them seeing the light of day soon, knowing there's a bodgable chassis will speed things up. There's Barney and HR castle kits sat in the pile too, and if I can find a reasonable chassis for the former it'll be a goer.
  4. I've just done a forum search and it would seem Bachmann first announced a "year of consolidation" to deal with their backlog as long ago as the 2014 announcement and appear to have repeated the same phrase at every range announcement since. Sadly, it appears we are no closer to resolution now than we were then.
  5. No mention of the ScotRail Mark2's (announced Jan 2019) which is surprising seeing as they're reliveries rather than new tooling.
  6. As I remember the 56XX is very close to the N15 dimensions, might be worth a look.
  7. About 8 or 9 years ago I was in Karachi and chatting to one of the military attaches to the High Commission. He told me he'd just flown in from Islamabad (with a domestic airline) where there'd been severe flooding and it had turned into something of a humanitarian disaster. Anyway, there was a severe commotion on the flight and when he had a look some of the passengers had decided to try and set up a cooking stove in the main aisle and the stewardesses were trying to put a stop to it, however the passengers concerned refused to take heed as they couldn't understand what they were doing wrong. This on a 737. With much of the population living in rural areas with limited education and already lax safety standards, unfortunately tragedies like this are a sadly common occurrence.
  8. Just received my (DCC sound) provincial 156458 this morning and I have to say I've very impressed indeed. Even with a rudimentary DCC test with my somewhat function limited Bachmann EZ controller it's an impressive beast - looks and sounds the part, and the customer fitted parts not too fiddly at all. A very well done to Charlie and everyone at Realtrack and Rapido, it's been worth the wait. (P.S. Original Strathclyde orange and black in the next batch please!)
  9. I've recently acquired a whitemetal kit built loco on ebay and am looking to repaint it. Ordinarily I'd use Nitromors or suchlike and if some bits fell off then so be it, however this model does appear to be rather well put together by a combination of soldering and some kind of glue and I'd prefer to keep it intact as much as possible. Can anyone recommend a substance or procedure to strip the paint without damaging the glue? There were some posts on this matter in the past, but the most recent I could find via search was some 6 years ago and I was wondering if something better had become available in the intervening period.
  10. What parts would they be? The only thing common between a J36 and D34 is the gauge of track and maybe the tender wheels.
  11. It looks like New Holland Pier, presumably with coal for the paddle steamers?
  12. Looks to me to be the southernmost of the two viaducts on the Horseshore Curve, just south of Bridge of Orchy on the WHL. The train is heading North and is quite likely a normal Glasgow-Fort William train. The Scottish Region still had some Gresley Buffet cars on their books until the late 70s.
  13. I'd imagine this is the one you should be looking for: https://www.hattons.co.uk/165560/hornby_r3338_class_b1_4_6_0_61310_in_br_apple_green/stockdetail.aspx There are quite a few examples for sale on ebay.
  14. Rob, My small NZR collection: Ww480 and Kb970, two generations of South Island motive power. The Ww is from the On-Line Models kit, whilst the Kb came from JG Kits of Christchurch. I have a few NZR coaches too that came from South Dock Models - one day I'll start ordering some wagon kits to make up a suitable freight for the Kb. I've been keeping an eye out for the Ajin Ka but have yet to come across one and I doubt many reached these shores. I sometimes wonder if my models are the most northerly NZR examples, or perhaps the furthest away from NZ?!
  15. I suppose the cash for all the upcoming parliamentary and electoral bribes has to come from somewhere, so HS2 shall be the sacrificial lamb to provide it. Of course a decision to cancel would also delight a certain segment of the electorate who care little of the future implications of this and many other things.
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