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  1. Always shout 'mint sauce' in their direction. Useful to the nth degree.
  2. Reminds me of an incident up by the Monsal Head Hotel: Myself and a buddy had embibed some of its precious liquors, returned to car and then when leaving the side road turned onto the main road and on doing so a ewe and a couple of lambs cleared the wall and jumped into the front of the car. Well, we were young then, much hippy types in appearance, so the local peeps thought we must be guilty. They would have lynched us in former times. Can't help remembering the incident when I am walking up there on occasion.
  3. Update to my earlier posting - the Portugal Postal Authorities started the return process (!) but never got round to actually returning the parcels. The intended recipient is making arrangements to collect. Apparently there is not much air traffic between UK and Portugal.
  4. Ha, that's interesting...by which means does one remove the lens? An external or internal method (separating body from chassis?) and how is the lens secured?
  5. Hi, Parcel shipped international tracked to Virginia on 30/3, arrived 7/04. Better than to Portugal, sent international tracked, which took same 6 days, but the postie in Portugal opined that the recipient was 'not known at the address' (Quite wrong) and duly returned it. I have yet to receive the parcels which have to be sent back to Portugal.
  6. Yes, an excellent read. Dent and Peaks being favourites of mine, but so is the North Staffs. Well done editor and contributors.
  7. Woopeee! Perhaps there will be a call for a re-run with the SYP arrangement being applied to a different loco, let's say D600.
  8. You could always go for a maroon version from Cheltenham Models, they fit the number and name plates, leaving only the head codes to be fitted (yes, they are a pain).
  9. Picking up on that reference to the 2-BIL, they did an EMU, but I thought it was a 2-SUB. Maybe my memory is wrong. The important difference between the old model (which ran for years) and the new EMU was that the unit had a route indicator blind which lit up. When I bought the latest model I found that major (and impossible) surgery was required to modify the route indicator blind so that it could be back lit. Adhesive route blinds were not a good idea, but this must have been yet another part of the design-clever rationale that took over Hornby.
  10. Pleased to see the 78xxx, the A2/2 would join the layout - if it didn't have the one design fits all cartazzi (or whatever folks might wish to refer to it as?)
  11. I don't know if I have missed this somewhere, but a Travelling Post Office Van (original livery) was due out. Has anybody seen it and if so what was its running number?
  12. Impressive; would like to see Rapido stray into the trolley bus area, for example the three axle trolley buses as found in Huddersfield. One would go nicely with other Huddersfield omnibuses I have.
  13. What a thought, having got D400 and D429, both with 'weird' pcb/wiring. Bogies at 12 O'clock high........
  14. All I want is some early EE Type threes, coloured in beautiful green with split headcodes, not forgetting the central headcode panels. Accurascale must be well ahead with these as the Deltic bogies and Type 3 bogies were much of a sameness weren't they?
  15. Yep, so replacing the insulators...............I'm having enough fun replacing Bachmann Class 85 pans, which became worn/damaged.
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