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  1. That's look fantastic Tom. I would be most interested to know what exposure times and orientations you are using for the Mono (I've got one now, but not the X!).
  2. Another PO wagon being designed. I was looking at the prices of new RTR wagons and decided I needed a different route to the remaining c. 50 I need. Kit's, while cheaper, still ended up totaling an eye watering amount so I decided to have a go at the CAD. I've still got a way to go, but I think it is shaping up nicely so far.
  3. I've not been doing too well with keeping this thread up-to-date recently. While the new job has been taking up much of my time, some things have been slowly progressing. Such as the CAD for these O2s. On the left is one of the GNR built O2/1s, while on the right is Gresley's prototype O2 as it was c. 1933-35.
  4. My own recent efforts have been limited recently due to having finally started a new job. However, I have been able to get somethings done including the CAD for these two 2-8-0 locos. A pair of N gauge O2 bodies. On the left is an O2/1, while on the right is Gresley's prototype O2 '3461'. I don't recall seeing a model of 3461 before so this may be unique (almost certainly in N gauge). Both will end up with scratch built chassis using my newly acquired Proxxon MF 70 mill - surely a merging of new technologies and more traditional techniques(?). An O2/2 and O2/3 will eventually follow this pair.
  5. Ask Tim, I'm sure he'll include it on his next 2mm model!
  6. I've been getting the hang of my new Proxxon MF70 mill and, as I'm starting to gain confidence with it, I've made a start designing a loco that will need a scratch built chassis. I've not quite finished the CAD yet, but it is getting close.
  7. I recently purchased a Proxxon MF70 milling machine and have been learning how to use it by machining up a tender chassis for one of my C1 Atlantics. Very much a warts and all photo - especially where I managed to drill one of the fixing holes in the wrong place! The top of the chassis needs 1.1mm removing from it to get the tender frames at the right height and then I'll drill out the holes for fixing the frames to the chassis and for the tender drawbar. This has been a big learning process and there are a lot of things (techniques) I'll do differently on the next one. However, for a first attempt, I am happy. All the wheels sit level on the track and it sails through the hand built pointwork in the fiddle yard.
  8. Hi Julia, Actually, it was your one that led to me wanting one of my own. Maybe it'll be converted to CNC one day, but not today! I would have purchased that vice last Saturday if my budget would have allowed. The one I have came with the machine and, while OK, I can see that it isn't the best in the world. I'll see about getting one next month.
  9. What a great idea Julia! My latest purchase due to the combined factors of receiving my first paycheck (new job) and Axminster having a sale on. Purchased this morning and I hope to start playing and learning how to use it tomorrow.
  10. Hello Tony, According to the Graham Farish website, the RRP for the N gauge Coronation is £184.95.
  11. So this weekend saw the next two coaches glazed, gangways made, couplings added and a repaint of the Brake Third roofs. Below is a photo of the four coach set (one still to make) undergoing testing with an appropriate bit of motive power. Since the photo was taken, I've addressed the lifting vinyl roof brackets in the end coaches by securing them with a sport of superglue. I've still got the footboards, corridor handrails, etc to make up but their pretty close to complete now!
  12. I've spent a good part of my weekend painting some cheap plastic figures to populate my Cambridge Buffet Express coaches.
  13. Going back a little I present, not a Restaurant Car but another catering vehicle. This is my Buffet Car (based on the LNER rebuilds of the GN 58' Open Thirds) which I populated this weekend. Still a way to go, but my Cambridge Buffet set is (ever so) slowly making progress.
  14. Having reassembled the tender drive components and resolved a couple of clearance issues, J6 No. 3602 moved under its own power this evening. I've still got the whistle and new (shorter) drawbar to make, along with a little more detailing and weathering, but I'm really happy to finally have this one running.
  15. The J6s have now received their identities. I've still got quite a bit of detailing to do and rebuild the tender drives, but I think they're coming along nicely.
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