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  1. seems an age away now. All in the club rooms. A member went down the other week to check on the clubrooms and said it was like discovering the Marie Celeste, things just left on tables, layouts slowly gathering dust
  2. As a matter of interest how long did they produce Coalite at the Askern site?
  3. Can confirm that none of the wagons in the top stockyard at Grimethorpe Coalite summers of 74 and 75 did not look that. The ones were the Coalite was still hot had all the paint burnt off in great big patches and the handrails were often not attached everywhere they should have been
  4. Missed a few more days of modelling as a tidying up blitz. Quite a bit of stuff has ended up in the bin as being more ruthless what to keep. If if in thirty years never used the bits then not likely to be doing so in the future. Have been doodling what might be done with the 9ft space as well as writing some stories if I decide to publish another book of short stories
  5. Day 59. A few days missed modelling as writing taking up quite a lot of the day. Have spent time looking around for a permanent home for Kiln Lane but sadly nothing has been found suitable without it compromising too much storage or blocking access to things like the bathroom etc! So it will be stored in the garage and brought out when needed. What has become apparent that by adapting some book shelving i can fit in a 5 ft board x 12 in plus a 39 in fiddle yard so might explore that possibility.
  6. Day 56 Another nice day so,limited modelling to painting the fruit vans and fitting the tank fillers to the stone dust car. Need to order another packet as the other packet is the small version
  7. Yes but I do feel slightly strange going into a Games Workshop. They look up as to say I think you are in the wrong place but when you explain what you want then very helpful.
  8. Found some tank top fillers that might work to replace the missing ones on the stone dust hopper. some time in the garage producing more concrete pads for CHIRM
  9. Day 55. Back in the garage working on the US layout CHIRM. Cut, painted and base weathered various sections of concrete
  10. Day 54 out side on jobs so very limited time to model though in clearing some space in a cupboard came across some tank fillers that might work for the ones missing on the stone dust hopper.
  11. Day 53 Delivery from Wizard replacing the wrong couplings and a hour spent making up mounting wires and preparing the couplings. Instead of using soft iron loops for the dropper I use a staple which when nipped together looks a bit like three link and still gets attracted by a track magnet. Also dusted on some AK cement powder onto the accurascale palleted sacs to knock off the shine.
  12. Looking to put on a smaller show than usual in the autumn. The limiting factor is going to be the availability of venues. Schools are not likely to opening their doors to community events until there is a great deal of certainty that infection rates etc are going to be very low etc
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