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  1. Wanted to produce a really dirty weathered version and so here it is! Have some liquid pigments so will use on the other side as a comparison against the rail weathering paints used on this side
  2. Bagged cement on pallets is part of the outward loads from the plant and a couple of Cargowagons are on order to represent the traffic. Will provide some variety in the sidings amongst the hopper wagons. Going to be aheavily weathered, graffiti version.
  3. Many thanks for the information. Very useful in helping the team gather stock to run on the layout
  4. Interesting loaded train of 5 plank wagons with old sleepers as well
  5. Tiers and second lockdown has again severely curtained progress on the layout as club rooms closed and no meetings of the group can take place. However the team remains active with Neale busy learning how to programme his 3D printer to make various bits and bobs . Ultimately he is hoping to create the masters for the casting of the household waste containers. There are examples out there already but with an estimated 45 plus containers bought in is going to be a costly option. Chris is busy scratch building open bogie wagons and re livering locos I am busy researching
  6. Thank you for the replies. There is enough evidence provided to add the traffic to the proposed layout and an additional traffic flow of ash to a landfill site to fill in the cement works quarry. If we ever come out of lockdowns etc might even get round to building it!
  7. it is interesting how the term has changed. My understanding is that the solid refuse fuel is made up of all the bits that cannot be composted or recycled. Some plants turn it into a pelleted form before it is taken to the power station or cement works. Effectively rubbish is being burnt rather than put into land fill.
  8. I believe the Ferrybridge units could burn up to 1.35 million tons? Which sounds an incredible amount
  9. New layout serves a cement works which uses SRF. There is a new SRF power station about 1 mile away. scenario is to use the old existing landfill sidings to bring in SRF. Good to know can use the same containers. Had not thought about the ash before.
  10. I pass it every time I volunteer on the NYMR and have seen lots of lorries but never a train
  11. There have been an increase in the number of power stations using solid refuse fuel as the main power source. 2 plants for example have been built at Ferrybridge. There are tracks and overhead crane in place but never seen any rail traffic there. Are there examples and if so what containers, wagons are used?
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