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  1. Had yet another sort out and clear out of unfinished projects and stock and still have too much so narrowing down into modern stuff that will run on club layouts, US on garage layout and finally steam and early diesel on the two boards have left after purchasing some boards second hand. Track plan similar to one I started some time ago but did get onto due to becoming ill and working on club projects. Taking advantage of wife being in Germany for a few days so can bring in from the cold garage!
  2. Been down the road with a modelling mag out of that stable before - Morill still waiting to get a full year out of the subscription
  3. Roof added, main structure more or less complete. Must think of a name for the depot
  4. Roof added, will be finished with fine wet and dry paper to represent tar paper
  5. Think I found a blue green that seems to match a few of the depots
  6. Looking forward to seeing the layout in action at Wakefield 2020. it will be exhibited with Overlord so a bit of a Military theme going on
  7. That’s it for today. The rear of the building does not need to be modelled as depot will be hard up against the rear back scene.
  8. Front aspect of depot. Passenger room to left, office then freight depot with double doors. By the time period passenger room now for railway staff.
  9. Too wet and now too cold again for the garage so having tracked down some board and batten sheet will make a start on the proposed depot building. This will be based upon plans of Paoli.
  10. You have the major ones there
  11. Hard frost this morning so not a day for the garage so afternoon with a representative from the Cotton Belt
  12. Bardun is going on the road, Spalding 2022. Best get it built!
  13. The layout made it to the show and although electrically gremlins reduced its running time it received favourable comments along the lines of how the scenery and additions to buildings had lifted it from the TV programme. As such that was the main aim along with the opportunity for members to get involved. Thank you to all Who became involved in the project in whatever capacity and for whatever contribution. the layout gremlins will be sorted and it will remain in the clubrooms in order for members to run trains at least until the planned extended test track is sorted
  14. I think it stands a very good chance of being finished to at least a first level and then the extra detailing etc that comes after a layout had had its first full exhibition
  15. Will catch up with you at Milton Keynes as Troutons due to be exhibited there
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