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  1. Yeap, agree whilst starting out produced good range of decent casting at a price I could afford as a student. Still have some brake gear in spares box and we’re useful in adding weight to scratchbuilt bodies
  2. Made a start on the war surplus crane. GMC. Lots of the real prototypes had half cabs up graded the crew to a full size cab. Trying to recreate the basic angular shape of the real example
  3. Stone cutting mill in position with ground cover base added
  4. Changed up the kibri mobile crane to work in the timber yard. Will be fitted with a hook. Gives it more like a Coles crane of the 1950s. The unmodified version will work in the yard. tomorrow the last of the lockdown kits should arrive and then aim to make a truck mounted crane to work in the Stone yard.
  5. Stone Mill more or less completed with main painting completed.
  6. Rainy day so sat applying rust and over paint with roof colour. Needs a black wash when dry to grind it together.
  7. Thanks, looking forward to Chris spraying the Model to make it come alive and then add the remaining detail to it. Hopefully club rooms will re open soon and can get on with building the layout!
  8. New loco for Bardun. An appropriate loco to be running on the waste container trains.
  9. A couple of back orders, one from March, has meant more progress in the Stone cutting yard. Roof can finally be completed and a dolls house stone cladding company used to create some stone loads for the yard.
  10. i had another look for the article but it’s gone. If I remember it was from a technical paper and no idea what it said! Never found out what happened to the first box
  11. Yes I did have at one time an article that the NRM archive section sourced -it was in German so kind of stopped then
  12. It is Carlton North Sidings Box. I have 4 booking on books 3 from 1962 and 1 from 1966. It is in its rebuilt form and had a German signal frame in.
  13. A bit of a change from the buildings, a Road Transport Images silo tank Trailer. Finished Model will help size up and Position other buildings.
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