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  1. Added power cable poles and telephone poles this afternoon. Decided that the loading pad at CHIRM looked too open so mocked up a partial covered shed structure that looked as if it would protect goods being loaded or unloaded. If works will have corrugated iron sheeting adding
  2. Been in a bit of a trough lately but signs climbing out the other side. Decided not going to find an American fork lift for the stone mill so finished the existing model in a seen some use state. Will keep eyes open on secondhand for anything more suitable.
  3. Yes, I wonder if slices from a dish washing scrubber might work?
  4. I have found a number of images that suggest that
  5. Spent the last hour itching and scratching as I seem to have made itching powder by producing the fine strands of the jute string so it’s coming out of the load.
  6. Photos show that the finished stone products were packed in hay or straw so decided to use some teased out hairy string to try and replicate this feature. Not to sure myself and those thin strands look as if they would migrate too easily to the Loco mechanisms
  7. Yes now I think I have decided on the position need to add this feature. Hot day so just sat and completed the Stone load for the gondola. Need to find some hairy string as most images show completed stone pieces packed in straw or hay.
  8. Enjoy! Back on Duty Friday with the lunchtime lay over so fish and chips from the Royal will be consumed.
  9. Added the overhead pipework . Moved the tall tank to the opposite side of the works but will not be glued down to allow access to tracks. Apart from completing ballasting, ground cover and detailing just about there.
  10. Looks an interesting location and a cool Loco to operate on it.
  11. Did some more on the chemical plant. Loading dock and inspection platform. I think some pipe work and that will be it.
  12. Added a single layer of weathering wash to two of the three tankers just take the shine off the plastic though in the image it seems to have added to it!
  13. Worked on base layer weathering of the chemical plant as decided that is what it will stay as with two short spurs. decided that the gravel area behind the diner will be warehousing so all areas now have been allocated to something.
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