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  1. Rebuilt the crane Using a Ford tractor unit as the basis. Smaller combination fits better in the setting
  2. Completed Class 60 on duty on Chris’s Burnroyd layout
  3. 37 ready to add to the infrastructure roster and Class 60 ready to be rejoined with bogies and underframe
  4. Mr Burnage has been busy again adding to his ever increasing loco stock roster
  5. If OO fits your resources and allows stock to be run then it’s your layout after all. It looks scenically a great layout
  6. Issac has come for his first family meal since he was born last week. Mum and dad have just gone to bed to catch up with some sleep!
  7. New addition to the family to daughter Sarah, Issac George 9lbs 3 oz. so less time spent in garage on layout but time this morning to site the garage, team track loading pad and add a little more detail to the lumber yard.
  8. Looks like the pipe wagons have a new load to carry. Best keep eyes open for suitable plants to make the loads
  9. Awaiting ballast delivery so a session making timber stacks, tractor units and cranes
  10. It is intend based upon that site. Any info most welcome that you are willing to share
  11. Great info supplied about the cement works. There is a cement sack packaging plant and loading platform which loads into vans. Looks like an order for the Cargo wagons is in order. Did not realise that as well as a wagon wagons there is a loco shed as well. hunslet Shunter kit from Judith Edge purchased and offer made for a club member to build for use on the layout.
  12. I think Chris might have a thing about Colas Class 37s
  13. Chris been busy again. One of these is a beat up Lima model I donated with some parts. Looking very good.
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