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  1. Prototype for everything!
  2. Thanks Mark. Wagon photos are pics of my own models laminated.
  3. Thanks Paul. I do get inspiration from Gordon and Maggies superb modelling. Alan.
  4. I have made some cards to use as a shunting puzzle. A throw of a dice decides which siding the chosen wagon has to be shunted into. It can take some time to shunt the new wagons and remove the old ones especially with the short headshunts.
  5. Thanks Julian. The bricks, stone blocks and sacks are resin castings from Skytrex. Coal yard items are scratchbuilt.
  6. A few more pics, this time showing the Builders Merchants and lean to Printers next door and the coal yard.
  7. Not my own idea but something I saw elsewhere, making small "cardboard" boxes. 1st pic shows the box marked out on a piece of manilla envelope. Hopefully the pic is self-explanatory; 2nd shows the completed box and the 3rd shows a squashed box along with some other junk in position on the layout.
  8. A few more pics showing progress to date.
  9. Belated greetings to you and yours Mark also! I have made some progress, will post some pics in due course. Embankment by the garage is completed, the factory siding now has a fence and I have started on the goods yard entrance gate. Also started on the builders merchant premises and have squeezed in a small small lean-to housing a print shop. Still very much work in progress though.
  10. I did ask David White sometime ago and seemed to recall it was in storage at, I think, Butterley. It got damaged though unfortunately although he said the viaduct section was saved.
  11. Only just discovered this thread. I also remember the old layout at Slaters and have walked the route a couple of times. Thanks for sharing the build.
  12. A few more pics below. The Garage/Workshop shares more than a passing nod to Chuck Doan (Google him if you are not familiar with his superb modelling). The exit to the fiddleyard shows unfinished embankment and the coal yard is still to be completed.
  13. Thanks Mark. I have been following your progress with the build. Stay safe yourself.
  14. "Back of a fag packet" layout sketch - not to scale though. The two headshunts are deliberately short to take just a tank loco and one wagon to make shunting the front siding awkward. The loco pushes 3 wagons in from the fiddle stick and then swops them with the 3 already in place. It's possible to have 2 wagons in either the front or rear factory siding.
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