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  1. Although it's too big for this layout I had to have a play with my 4F earlier. Built a few years ago now from a Connoisseur Models kit.
  2. I'd forgotten about this layout Marc and never did get to see it in the flesh. Hope you get around to building another one soon. All the best. Alan.
  3. If you can pick up some old Peco points with adjustable check rails you may be OK. I am not certain though.
  4. Thanks George.
  5. Nothing much layout wise. I have built another Parkside van and halfway through an old Mercian 1F loco kit at the moment.
  6. Wilne Lane Coal Yard - gassing won't get the wagon unloaded!
  7. Prototype for everything!
  8. Thanks Mark. Wagon photos are pics of my own models laminated.
  9. Thanks Paul. I do get inspiration from Gordon and Maggies superb modelling. Alan.
  10. I have made some cards to use as a shunting puzzle. A throw of a dice decides which siding the chosen wagon has to be shunted into. It can take some time to shunt the new wagons and remove the old ones especially with the short headshunts.
  11. Thanks Julian. The bricks, stone blocks and sacks are resin castings from Skytrex. Coal yard items are scratchbuilt.
  12. A few more pics, this time showing the Builders Merchants and lean to Printers next door and the coal yard.
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