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  1. I have never used them but aware of Grange & Hodder who do baseboard kits: http://www.graingeandhodder.co.uk/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Alan.
  2. alant

    Dock Green

    He did have shares in Lionel Trains at some point though.
  3. alant

    Dock Green

    Off topic, but I understand Neil Young and his band used to travel to bookings in a hearse with their gear in the back in his early days.
  4. alant

    Howl's Bay.

    Only just found this great little layout. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hi Mark, I have a small cameo layout on the go but progress is very slow. I haven't got round to starting a thread yet. Alan.
  6. Mike, All looking good. What materials did you use for the inset track, looks very effective? Thanks.
  7. Mike, Looking good. Can you advise on where you got the downpipe fittings from for the mill building please. Thanks, Alan.
  8. Just found this link on another 7mm thread here for a wagon turntable: http://www.kitwoodhillmodels.com/o-scale-wagon-turntable/
  9. Some great photographs as others have said.
  10. Just read through this fantastic thread. Thanks for sharing.
  11. alant

    Bala Town

    Happy New Year Andy! Will look forward to seeing your new developments.
  12. I have one of these in the "to do cupboard" so will be interested to watch your progress.
  13. Enjoy your retirement Dennis. Hopefully will catch up with you at the MKMRS show next year.
  14. Not based on the actual shop but a 7mm scale model I built a few years ago.
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