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  1. 7 hours ago, jamest said:



    Apologies if I am being stupid here - on the lincs system you can couple anywhere? It does not have to be over a magnet?


    I see how the wire pulls down over a magnet to uncouple but I'm struggling to visualise how they push past each other to couple away from a magnet.





    It is possible to couple anywhere as the force of the hooks pushes each away when they are pushed together. In practice though you will have uncoupled over a magnet so one hook is normally held down.

    One advantage is that it is possible to vertically lift a vehicle by hand from a train when in the fiddle yard for example.

    Also if you have long trains the couplings act like 3 links in that each vehicle picks up in turn when pulling away.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Barnaby said:

    Knock knock Alan ................is there anything happening here just now, like a short shunting video?


    Having tried to make a video on my new occupancy "Portobello road" i now realise there is a little more to it than just point & press., but I still ask just in case.






    Hi Mark,


    Not done much on the layout for some time now. Lost the modelling mojo for a while but have just picked up building the 1F kit again.


    I have plans to add a couple of small trees on the embankment at some point.


    Not thought about a video, maybe give it a go but my phone camera is not up to much.


    All the best.

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  3. 23 hours ago, hayfield said:


    These are scratch build aid kits from Fair Price Models and are in my opinion both well thought out kits and excellent value for money. The quality of the product will depend on how much detail is added by the builder


    There are other laser cut kits where brick and other details are cut into the surface, but again it will be as good as the standard of finish applied




    Well worth a look




    What you have seen with what I have built so far is not even the full kit, these two other sheets can be used. I will use the windows and if I was using brick paper I would use the other strips for giving raised brick courses, however as I am using brick embossed plasticard the relief will be in plasticard


    Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware of their kits. I model in O Gauge and have had a look at their Ebay shop. Some potentially useful kits on there.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Tricky said:

    Modest progress of late, but still proceeding quicker than in recent weeks, so not complaining! 

    I’ve added gutters and down pipes, fabricated from brass tube; glazed the windows and also added some timber strip which will support the platform planking. 

    I’ve also started a lantern which will come out from the wall on a fancy bracket, more photos to follow anon. 


    I do like the angled window surrounds.

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  5. 18 hours ago, brossard said:

    Now, time to see what the track plan might look like.  I plonked down some track and Peco templates to get an idea:




    Opening out the passage way worked well.  The track spacing is on the money.  I am envisioning a 2' long board addition that would include a sector plate for repositioning locos from one track to the other.




    I have a notion that there should be a crossover for the run round.  Alternatively this could be accomplished by a sector plate upstream.  Any other ideas to maximize operational interest?


    The black line delineates board width at 18".  Canal would continue on to this board with scope for a butty boat or two.


    BTW, turnouts are based on Peco 00 Small radius.  I blew up the template by 199% to compensate for the wrong gauge.




    As suggested by the printed mockup, a lot of the track will be covered over.


    Tooth sucking and navel gazing phase now.




    You can download 0 Gauge templates direct from their website if needs be.


  6. On 16/10/2021 at 16:22, JeffP said:

    Next question.

    What is wrong with the instructions for the cab windows, please?

    I noted on the thread that one builder used three cabs before getting it "right", but don't have that luxury. Spare cabs are now non-existent.

    Despite reading and re-reading the thread, I'm unsure.



    I have a cab if you want it, just PM me your address.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Bungus the Fogeyman said:

    Any further progress Alan? I know you said that updates would be a bit 'feast or famine', but I'm really enjoying your layout progress!


    Disgusting of Market Harborough

    Nothing much layout wise. I have built another Parkside van and halfway through an old Mercian 1F loco kit at the moment.


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  8. 3 hours ago, Andrew P said:

    Cheers Andy, My good lady bought me ANOTHER one for my Birthday, A Squire 60's Classic Vibe with Alnico Pick ups, so now I have 2 x P Basses, and 2 x J Basses. The Red P/J now has a white Scratchplate, and the Daphne Blue, another 60's Classic Vibe with Alnico's now has a Cream one for a more 60's look.




    Very nice Andy.


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  9. 15 hours ago, Simond said:

    are you sure?




    NLS map of West Float, Birkenhead docks, Around 1900.  

    The nearer sidings look like they end about 6’ from the running lines!


    it’s all long gone now.  There are warehouses on that site.




    Prototype for everything!

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  10. 50 minutes ago, Barnaby said:

    Hi Alan super modelling as is the norm here. 

    Just as an aside where did you find your source of wagon photos from?  I'm just about to add the wagon details for a google search.



    Thanks Mark. Wagon photos are pics of my own models laminated.


  11. 2 hours ago, pwr said:

    Your modelling is very much in the style of Gordon and Maggie Gravett who have inspired me so much when I saw Ditchling Green.




    Paul R

    Thanks Paul. I do get inspiration from Gordon and Maggies superb modelling.




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  12. I have made some cards to use as a shunting puzzle. A throw of a dice decides which siding the chosen wagon has to be shunted into. It can take some time to shunt the new wagons and remove the old ones especially with the short headshunts.



    2021-03-15 19.40.27.jpg

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  13. 24 minutes ago, Baggies1961 said:


    Love your layout and attention to detail. Did you scratch build items in the merchants yard?



    Thanks Julian. The bricks, stone blocks and sacks are resin castings from Skytrex.


    Coal yard items are scratchbuilt.



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