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  1. Dear all Dose anyone know of or can point me in the direction of a supplier who can provide a Alpine mountain backscene. I have searched all the major manufactures ie Faller etc and haven't found anything suitable. I'm looking for something early summer with clear blue sky and snow capped mountains. This needs to be Alpine not Rockies. Any help would be much appreciated. Craig.
  2. Thanks for posting, always nice to have something new to look at over a coffee. Craig.
  3. Hi Richard. Pleased to see you have got yourself sorted, it sounds very nice so a job well done. If you are interested my son and I are holding a open day on October the 2nd unless covid restrictions stop us in our village hall in Leicestershire just of M1 J23. AT the moment we have four layouts attending all Austrian Ho with plenty of Vectron action with full length trains on one of the layouts. The Austrian and Italian railway groups will also be in attendance. This is just a informal get together of like minded friends with no admission charge. If you would like to come along you would be more than welcome, just let me know and I'll get the details to you. Anyone else who reads this will be made most welcome should you wish to have a day out. Craig.
  4. MRCE by Roco will have last mile diesel, there are others which include I think Cargo serve. This particular model is available from Scograil at a bargain price, no connection .
  5. Hi, Think Scograil in the UK have them in stock, A friend who had them on order was contacted for payment last week. Craig.
  6. Hi Nice piece of nostalgia. Craig.
  7. I have the rtr version in OBB livery with sound etc. It's a stunning little model. If you can consider running to the asking price I'm sure you wont be disappointed, the moving jib is a work of art to witness. I have added a four wheel wagon in orange livery to compliment it. Craig.
  8. spotted it near luton around 11am. I was south bound so a didn't get chance for a good look. wonder where it's heading for?
  9. Dan Taylor Modelworks, etched mirrors in various styles on one fret, about £7.50 a fret.
  10. Nigel Thanks for your quick and extensive reply, plenty for me to think about and grapple with there. My decoders are Zimo, esu, lenz, Don't like Hornby/Bachmann.
  11. I have used this system for around four years now without any real problems, however I have encountered problems trying to double head. My loco's are a selection of factory fitted, retro fitted, some with sound. All of my loco's work fine as single units and operate happily with up to four operational at any one time including loco's with sound. My problem is when I create a consit all sorts of things happen. some loco's lights refuse to work, some loco's loose the sound, some locos refuse to move even, sound on a couple of loco's becomes distorted. As a experiment I had six loco's operating at the same time with no issues under there own individual address. Any thoughts, advice, would be much appreciated. Craig.
  12. Hi, Thanks for posting. Always interested and yes please if you have more.
  13. I thought Dutch mountain cheese was excellent compared to red Leicester LOL
  14. We can only thank our fellow countrymen who voted to leave. If you want it bad enough then you will like me have no option other than pay the price or go without. the chose is is our's.
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