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  1. As far as my modelling interests are concerned I left these shores 10 years ago, My model making activities have moved into the stratosphere, a great invigorating experience all round and I haven't begun to look at north American or Asia yet. Brilliant models, bright colours, fantastic scenery. Why so many 1950s UK steam layouts? Oh I forgot Bretxit. Taking this further my thirst for all things continental has taken me on several holidays which have left me asking why is it so difficult for the UK to get it right. To indorse the above comments I am more than glad to share your interests. Craig.
  2. Hi Paul. Many thanks for your response, could I ask you to clarify, do you mean you pulled the cable downward from the mounting under the buffer beam or did you pull outward from the mounting above the buffer beam on the cab front? Thank you Craig.
  3. Gents, Has anyone managed to remove the body, I need to fit a chip but as yet carn't get beyond the HT cables. The instruction sheet clearly says remove them before body removal however they are rock solid at every mounting point. Any advise most welcome. Craig.
  4. Sorry to say no, but If you join the Austrian railway group the layout which go's by the name Wolfstatt is well documented in the journal. This is a work in progress exhibition layout which should be on the exhibition circuit in around two years time. If you are the slightest bit interested in all things continental then membership of the ARG and the Swiss rail society is a must, there are others. You will find everyone to be most helpful and friendly, also everything is in English. Craig, (duff man)
  5. I have been subscribed to both of these guys for a good while, both excellent layouts. As for traction, most continental model loco's will cope with a gradient with ease, traction tyres are fitted to most models. I spent years looking at the continental scene eventually severn years ago I jumped in and have spent that time working on 30ft x 12ft Austrian tail chaser. enjoying every minuet.
  6. duff man


    Hi Jim, Thanks for the info, keep up the good work. Craig.
  7. duff man


    Hi Jim, Your layout is coming on nicely, can I ask on your post of last Saturday the large house above the bus with the flowers on the balcony, Is it a kit or a scratch build please? If its a kit would you mind advising its parentage. Many thanks. Craig.
  8. Hi all, I have just managed to track down a Tintagel Castle however it is suffering from the milky marks in the paintwork that I know isn't unusual for this model. Has anybody out there found a way of either removing this milky film or found a answer to masking it in some way ie varnish etc. Any ideas please. Thanks. Craig.
  9. Hi. Pleased to see you have finally got it sorted. Did you go for the sound loco and matching digital coaches or just the loco for now?. If you have the digital coaches PM me I can give you a couple of tips on getting the rake coupled up, the connections can be awkward and if you are not careful the metal pins can easily be bent, trust me I know from experience. I am sure you will enjoy your new arrival.
  10. Thanks for posting the photo's. Always nice to see some continental shots on here, if you have more please share them with us. Craig.
  11. Hi All. Thanks for posting your photo's, I too have been side tracked by the continental bug following a holiday in Austria. I am 60 years old and have been involved with model railways all of my life, following that holiday and subsequent trips I couldn't hold out any longer and made that faitfull purchase which was now 6 years ago. I now look back and have to say it's been a most rewarding period for me, I have quite happily sold off my Uk stock and built up a sizeable collection of mainly Austrian stock from the main manufacturers. So to you all come on in it's fantastic. Craig.
  12. When I see such things it's not my teeth I worry about it's the wallet.
  13. Hi, Sorry to hear of your redundancy I trust things will work out in the end, life has a habit of being so. Looks like your last visit to A and H was productive I all ways seem to come away with a smile on my face guess it's the little boy in me. I look forward to following your layout up dates through the summer. Cheers for now. Craig.
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