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  1. Have you tried contacting the Hornby service department? They were very helpful and replaced my T9 chassis that had Mazak rot despite it being second hand.
  2. In some ways it’s a shame that auto coupling isn’t possible with them as I suspect they’d get a much bigger uptake if they could. Maybe that’s for the next gen ones? That said, they do look a lot neater and easier than tension locks!
  3. And yet now it's working fine. Very strange...
  4. So, interesting moment. I've managed to fit a Bachmann/Zimo 6 pin decoder only to find a bit of a puzzler. Fitted one way round and the light flicker for the smokebox but no motor movement, yet fitted "upside down" and the motor runs but no lights. Anyone have any ideas or fixes before I close it up and contact Dapol?
  5. Regional Railways for me please!
  6. Excellent news Dave, one question though. Will you be considering a run of a true NER locomotive? Or is it a case of wait and see how the first run fair? Might have missed it in the thread.
  7. And when I accidently removed the hood handles, mistaking them for painting glitches , Hattons were the ones to send me the bits.
  8. Interesting you should say this, I've also got a Desmond and experienced the same issues. I chose to replace the chassis with a brand new China built one solving oh so many problems. It now runs well at a realistic speed but still has the ability to do super-speed for when the niece and nephew come visit!
  9. Just wondering if anyone with the GCR 9J can take a photo of the underside of the tender for me please? I took mine out to run it tonight and can't decide if the brake rodding at the very front is broken or just bent a little out of shape. Hope it's the latter! Thanks in advance.
  10. Who'll be first to take a hacksaw to it and back date one to the blue era then?!
  11. If you're looking for inspirations for smaller mainline loco's how about some of the following: http://www.lner.info/locos/Y/y.shtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GWR_0-4-0ST Similar to what you already produce and true scale models of 0-4-0 layout are something of an underrepresented area!
  12. Shame Bachmann aren't being more forthcoming about the "phantom" J11. Would go well with my O4 but with no word, do I risk waiting?
  13. Just pull! There's a little bit of glue holding the parts in but it is fairly straightforward to remove. Might be worth taking a pic so you know where the bits go back in mind... Any breakages then just contact Howes, they've only come up short once and that was for the Class 15 which Heljan didn't send (m)any spare parts for, but they were still sort of able to help me out with my problem.
  14. May just be the angle of the pic, but is the front not tilted up on the real thing?
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