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  1. There might be some here... https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/paulbartlettsrailwaywagons
  2. Ah ok, any idea what the title is? I tried Class 156 and under frame and drew a blank
  3. Hi Eddie, any news as to whether the class 156 under frame bits are available to all yet? Hoping some of it can be adapted for a class 155 too.
  4. Hi Richard, I may have missed it, but will your 25x25x7 bass speaker fit under the fans of a ViTrains class 37?
  5. I thought I’d read that the Hornby-Triangle B12’s boiler was right for the early Belpaire B12’s but not the B12/3 it was meant to represent?
  6. Any ideas when it’s last day is? Not sure I’ll be able to make it in time
  7. Westinghouse pimps? Well I guess it depends if they were Snoop Dogg or Harvey Keitel wannabes
  8. Have you tried contacting the Hornby service department? They were very helpful and replaced my T9 chassis that had Mazak rot despite it being second hand.
  9. Quick question, do you add the supports or does the program do it for you?
  10. In some ways it’s a shame that auto coupling isn’t possible with them as I suspect they’d get a much bigger uptake if they could. Maybe that’s for the next gen ones? That said, they do look a lot neater and easier than tension locks!
  11. And yet now it's working fine. Very strange...
  12. So, interesting moment. I've managed to fit a Bachmann/Zimo 6 pin decoder only to find a bit of a puzzler. Fitted one way round and the light flicker for the smokebox but no motor movement, yet fitted "upside down" and the motor runs but no lights. Anyone have any ideas or fixes before I close it up and contact Dapol?
  13. Regional Railways for me please!
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