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  1. Full list of Marwick dcc sound projects from Wickness Models https://wicknessmodels.co.uk/information/soundscape-decoders/
  2. https://wicknessmodels.co.uk/product-category/dcc-sound-decoders/
  3. This is one I completed recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAXdFmwCwmc
  4. This sound project is a collaboration between Wickness Models and Marks Trains, the project incorporates all the benefits of our RealDrive Projects and includes specialist ambient soundscape of your choice. This model shows many of the features including multiple playable horns on a single function, the soundscape and the two separate soundtracks for Electric and Diesel running. Here is the Sound Bulletin with extended instructions on prototypical lighting https://wicknessmodels.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/RealDrive-73-Airport.pdf
  5. The Cairn Valley section is now complete. Also update on the Kirkcudbright Branchline Bridge Of Dee Station, a few pictures and links below http://www.theportroad.co.uk/index.php/port-road-galleries/kirkcudbright-branch-line/bridge-of-dee-station http://www.theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations/irongray-station http://www.theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations/stepford-station http://www.theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations/crossford-station http://www.theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations/moniaive-station
  6. The Cairn Valley Section is now almost complete http://theportroad.co.uk/index.php
  7. Its working here but if you would like a second link its here https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/images/bis-instructions.pdf
  8. ‘MarWick’ Brush Insulating Sleeve – For easy DCC conversion of early Graham Farish locomotives. A joint venture by Mark’s Trains and Wickness Models. A sleeve designed and manufactured to aid the conversion of early Graham Farish ‘Poole’ built locomotives to DCC. With no chassis drilling required, no mess, and a quick and easy installation. Fitting instructions supplied and can also be downloaded here
  9. Some new progress on the Port Road Site, we've moved slightly sideways at the moment looking at the second branch from Dumfries, which was the Cairn Valley Light Railway, here is the first article http://theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations and here is the second on Irongray Station http://theportroad.co.uk/index.php/locations/irongray-station
  10. A few of the Icons I've created for upload to the ECoS in UK Outline https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/shop/sound-decoders-2/ECoS-uk-loco-icons
  11. Youchoos Sound Decoders from Wickness Models at very competitive prices now sorted by Region. The decoders are available here with loads of speaker options https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/shop/sound-decoders-2/zimo-sound-decoders And here is an article on the MX648 powerhouse of a small sound decoder https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/wickness-information/dcc-sound-information/the-zimo-mx648-sound-decoder Finally the Wickness Models advice guide on fitting https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/wickness-information/dcc-sound-information/dcc-sound-and-testing-advice
  12. The most recent range of Graham Farish small diesel locomotives are excellent on dcc. The new chassis type with enclosed can motor is capable of producing genuine shunting speeds in n gauge. Converting these to dcc is both affordable and very worthwhile Please have a look at the link below https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/wickness-information/specific-manufacturers-on-dcc/graham-farish-locomotives/graham-farish-small-diesels
  13. Finally had some time to update the Port Road site some more, there is a new menu structure dividing the line into sections(not complete yet but we have Dumfries to Castle Douglas and Castle Douglas to Creetown) in the menu structure with all the stations and features as sub categories under these. There are new articles on Dunragit Station which is the most interesting one as although closed it is still on the remaining active part of the Port Road line just a few hundred yards from where the main line was severed in 1965. There is also a new article showing pictures of the current state of Gatehouse of Fleet station. Links below and a couple of pictures http://theportroad.co.uk/index.php/port-road-galleries/castle-douglas-to-creetown/gatehouse-of-fleet-station http://theportroad.co.uk/index.php/port-road-galleries/dunragit-station
  14. Peco Jubilee N Gauge fitted with Uhlenbrock 73400 micro decoder, modification of the chassis is necessary to get the fit. Motor also has to be removed, isolated and replaced as part of the fitting
  15. The Wickness Soundscape Class 24-25 Project. This is a Bachmann Class 24 fitted with the new Wickness Soundscape Class 24-25 project on Loksound V4. The project has prototypical horns, fan, compressor etc and watch out for the prototypical coasting start up from the station mid video, all the usual extras are there, an example function sheet can be downloaded here https://www.wicknessmodels.co.uk/images/-Wickness-LSV4-class24-Example.pdf
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