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  1. Huge shame but fully understandable. Hopefully someone will take it on. I would love too, but too many projects and my scenic work wouldn't do it justice.
  2. Learn something new everyday. Never having spent much time on Units around the Southern I always presumed the DEMU's were diesel and electric with shoe gear, similar to ED's.
  3. It does look a lot better but I shall wait till I have seen one in the flesh.
  4. Funny I have never seen a Voyager with a Pan or Shoe gear?
  5. Well I wasn't expecting to be out in the garden this weekend, but after an afternoon sunning myself in a beer garden yesterday, the yellow thing in the sky is back out again today so the opportunity to give 37418 a test run has been taken. Still a lot to do in terms of weathering but it is now chipped and a runner. Hopefully crack on with it this week.
  6. You might have been better off posting this in the 7mm section!! Pete Besant or PRMRP Does 142/144/144 pacers: http://www.prmrp.com/pacers.html Peter Clark does 150/1, 150/2, 156. 158. 159. 165, 170, 171 plus a selection of EMU's & DEMU's, I am sure he had a Voyager listed at one point. The 220/221 Voyagers are listed under DEMU's for some reason! The 156 is a WIP and not complete as yet, but it looks a nice kit. I have one to build. Peter Clark Kits I also put this page together for anything Modern Image but it does need updating: Modern Image Rolling Stock List
  7. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but what a fantastic layout.
  8. Are they flickering to the naked eye? I suspect not, it will be down to the refresh rate of the LEDs and the frame rate of the recording, digital recording of LEDs often shows flickering, I have had it myself.
  9. Here you go Paul, I should really add air brake gear but I've not got round to it. It is a Heljan BG but running on Easybuild B4 bogies.
  10. Looking forward to it, will be nice to get out and about!
  11. Might not be the best build in the world, but I am happy with it. Skog's carriage & Wagon Works 3D printed Shark. Augmented with Accurascale Buffers, Dapol Screw Couplings and Slaters Swan Neck Vac pipes. Cam is getting this one for dirt, but for now I am calling it done. While I had my photo booth out (still not sussed how best to use it yet) I took a few pics of stuff I had to hand:
  12. Its roughly 12'2" x 21' for the running loops. A little tight on the curves but don't have any issues with RTR stuff. Kits are being a bit of a pain but I think it is more my building than the kits themselves. Bogie stock is generally fine. I think a lot of it is to do with weight.
  13. Had a few visitors today for a session in the garden this afternoon, had to dodge a couple of showers but the sun did come out a couple of times. Didn't get chance to phot everything in between making brews and chatting. I'll see what pictures some of the others took and drop a few in here at some point.
  14. Pacer looks good. I need to get my 156 built but I get the feeling that I'll be asked to put one of these together at some point.
  15. I keep thinking about the MM1 47 vice the Heljan one, but I think I have too many other projects to finish that adding loco's too it when I can add then RTR (though maybe not as accurate) is a better option for me.
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