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  1. I'm sure Andy Y will be along shortly with separate threads threads shortly but three new announcements from Ben Jones have just been made during the Q & A. All available to read here on the MIOG news page: http://www.modernimageogauge.co.uk/latest-news
  2. I think its killing the band width, the picture seems to be better if you scroll back a few minutes.
  3. As a late addition we have a segment from Intentio now scheduled for 11:30 Sunday. Intentio Website.
  4. Australia can be very funny with imports, particularly anything involving chemicals and plant/animal base items, wood in particular!
  5. That's a fair shout, though would it not be easier to go with HO models on EM (or ever so slightly wider!) track. This is one of my Bulldogs sat on EM gauged track, I have never got to the point of building a full layout yet!!
  6. Ben will be live form Heaton Lodge Junction with members of the MIOG team tomorrow at 12.00. The Q & A will be live streamed on the MIOG Facebook page and Youtube channel with an update on progress of their O Gauge modern image program and maybe a surprise. MIOG Facebook Page MIOG Youtube Channel
  7. Is there a particular reason for it to be 4mm scale? Lima did both the B & S Class loco's in HO many years ago and more recently Auscision Models have done A's & B's and Trainorama have done the S class? I some of each though I am still not convinced of the Traino S class hence I only have 1, they are a pain to re-gaueg too.
  8. NSW Indian Red maybe? Now you mention the grills that's why we discounted 667, I had forgotten. The /5's are a minefield some with different grills on different cabsides. You may want to manufacture the headboard brackets above the centre panel too. I know Chris was trying to get some made.
  9. They are based around a Sterling Single Machine gun. I once had two old guy come up to my while kitted up and I heard them talking about the blaster and it looked looked something they'd used, they were quite surprised when I explained what they were based on and that they were indeed what they had used all those years ago.
  10. Fully agreed! I can't wait to get down low and see something actually cross the bridge on our layout.
  11. No problem Paul. Fingers crossed!
  12. This thread might be useful to you both if you've missed it. APT POP Kits No real interest in the APT personally but this chap has designed a 4mm kit for the APT POP train which I would assume has the same bogies, I wonder if he could scale them up to 7mm to 3D print?
  13. Think that's the first overall picture I have seen of HG. Your other pictures make it look so much bigger!
  14. Flangeway have announced one and its not too bad a price, they're aiming for just under £95. Quite a bit less than my MM1/JLTRT kits!
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