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  1. Thank you, layout thread is here Pete: Russel Street Not a lot going on at the moment but two full write ups of projects have gone on the MIOG website: Heljan AIr Braked 26 MM1 Snowploughs Lots more to come and hopefully some proper progress reports in the coming weeks. Al.
  2. Top man, wasn't so worried about the E & G stock more that the Vac coaches had Vac gear and the Air coaches had Air! Al.
  3. Looks like I'll have to start saving for those MK2's. Interesting to read that they will come with alternative gangways for MK2/MK2a's, I wonder will they also come with alternative underframe parts with the MK2s being Vacuum braked (except those converted with Disc brake for the EDB-GLQ Push Pulls) and the MK2a's being Air? Al.
  4. Good luck with this, looks like some major surgery. I shall be awaiting the re-release next year.
  5. Thank you for posting this last night. As stated above due to an act of vandalism earlier today our free bus shuttle operating from the East Lancashire Railway **will not** be operating for the entire timetable tomorrow. If you've made plans to travel via the shuttle please make alternative arrangements to attend the exhibition.
  6. We have now confirmed the use of a vintage bus for the weekend to operate a free shuttle service from the ELR Rawtenstall station to our venue. Below outlines the timetable we will operate which coincides with the ELR arrivals. All being well this is the bus you'll be looking for: Al
  7. Not a problem Richard, I just wanted to make sure we'd covered all basis and there wasn't some miss information out there! Assuming you're coming I hope you enjoy the show. Al.
  8. Right! I have just spoken to a lovely lady at the ELR who has confirmed they are DEFINITELY running this weekend (obviously subject to the usual caveats). Apparently they had a glitch with the website last week where some dates were not showing properly so this could be something to do with that. But just to re-iterate they are running both days this weekend! I’m personally really looking forward to this weekend operating Russel St and talking to folk. Just a shame I’ll not get a spin to Bury and back!! Regards, Al.
  9. Richard, where have you seen this? I have just checked the ELRs website which says the next service will be Saturday 2nd November using the blue timetable? ELR have also posted the loco roster for this weekend for Saturday & Sunday: Steam - 34092 City of Wells Steam - 52322 Diesel - 104 &122 DMU Also to note is that on Saturday 50015 should be out on a driver experience (not for public use) and in the evening 33109 & 47765 should be top & tailing the ghost train (special tickets required). (note all the above information is provided in good fair from both the ELR Website & the ELR Diesel group website). Al.
  10. That 101 is rather tasty, I really need to crack on with mind. Somewhat stalled once I have got to the interior and underfloor gubbins! Al.
  11. Couldn't decide whether to put these in here or on my WB but as Cam has done the weathering on the 37/4 and pretty much painted the plough I figured here would be best. 37423 now ready for traffic and my IS snow ploughs have had their final assembly. Layout has also been dropped and ready for the MIOG show in just over a weeks time, should be a good weekend! Al.
  12. HI James, Apologies I hadn't noticed this thread had been updated! As others have said the transfer point between standard gauge & broad gauge was Albury until the through standard gauge was installed. Albury nowadays all being standard gauge. I'm currently messing with UK O gauge so the Aussie stuff is taking a back seat (but there may be some progress over Xmas), keep an eye out for Broadford as its still doing the rounds, 80's/90's with both Standard and Broad gauge so there are lots of NSWR & Vic trains running, I'll ask Iain what dates he has lined up for it and pop them in here. I was fortunate enough to be helping Iain with it at Wigan the other week so one of my trains got a run out. Regards, Al.
  13. I did see it on one of the FB groups, I'll have to have a route round later on.
  14. So with the move to the South Coast are we likely to see some kind of third rail venture with the upcoming Heljan 33's in residence?
  15. No problem Chris, the brake shoes are always falling off mine, I just dab a tiny bit of super glue on them. Also I am sure I have drilled and replaced pins on at least one of my 26 bogies! Not a lot going on here at the moment, its all been about getting the layout ready for November, however a few bits are coming together. The supermarket for Russel Street in place, this is what has been taking what little modelling time I have had lately, and all my motivation! Cam has got transfers on the ScotRail BG, this is a Heljan BG repainted with the periscopes and ends steps removed, Easybuild B4 bogies & slaters drophead buckeyes. I'll probably add an air break pipe and some eth gear at some point. While we were sorting stock out for the exhibition this week Cam came across this TOPE with an identity crisis and in a bad way (the body isn't even attached in the first picture). We're not sure of its origins, some suggest it could be GJH plant but the body is quite thin for resin and half the bits don't appear to be there (handrails/end bracing etc) but we'll see what I can make of it! Its already had its CATFISH identity removed and the body re-set on the chassis, I think its looking better already. NOw need to manufacture some brackets and handrails and find some new data panels. Hopefully there may be another update over the weekend.
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