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  1. It won't very exciting Jim, I'll have to get an overall picture. It'll basically be a 'B' shape with two pairs of sidings off the straight back for loading/unloading stock. But hopefully it will have 4/5 nice vista's for viewing/photography. Its basically all about running trains. Set two up and sit back with a drink of choice watching the world go by!
  2. Very much missed this year Terry, looking forward to attending next year.
  3. Tested the scrap train on the curves we've laid so far as I was worried it would be a bit tight but they hare fine. Just need some dry weather to lay the rest of the track and wire it all up. I always forget the buffers spin on 156. Needs little bit of work when I get the motivation.
  4. This has been my go to for bus info but its mostly 4mm unfortunately, might be able to find shat you're after. http://www.modelbuszone.co.uk/index.html
  5. Yeah, the castings are shall we say a little rough round the edges & not really worth the £65 asking price. Steve is doing some of his road vehicles in 3D printed Resin and they look much better, here's hoping he'll do the National too and it may be worth the price tag!
  6. Modern busses (anything 70's to now) in 7mm are a bit of a nightmare to find and at a reasonable price, this is a re-worked Hachette coach. Not so much 70's but late 80's early 90's. Original Euro spec in the background. They're still about on ebay and I can point you towards the chap who did the transfers if its of interest.
  7. I don't see why not. The main thing is cleaning up the resin castings so things fit together well. You'll need to cut and file part of the white metal castings off with a razor saw and a file but other than that its not difficult to get decent representation of a wagon not available RTR. I have just been through my build pictures and I've covered most bits so will likely do a write up for the MIOG website in the coming weeks. I've another project I desperately need to finish first though. They are also available direct from Graham, I am tempted to do a few more myself.
  8. Starting to think I maybe should do a separate thread for the garden, but here will do for now. A break in the weather today has meant Cam and I have got the outside of one of the curves in, we couldn't resist a test run to make sure it wasn't too tight so out came the Corpach Paper trip!!
  9. I've used him quite a bit. He either gets back to you straight away or it'll be a few weeks!! But I am never in a rush.
  10. Last year me an a mate laid a base for the shed which kept costs down, then the shed was put up, that wasn't cheap! Another mate has done the flags in front of the shed while he was furloughed and now we've basically had a 30'x12' raised bed put in that we've now got to fill with rubble and soil. As much as its hard work we've manage to get a lot of rubble from a couple of people on the street but it just means a lot of barrowing and we're on a hill!! Good job we didn't have an expensive holiday last year!
  11. You're not the only one needing to save some pennies. I've got to pay for the garden renovations and I have three Hattons and Tower orders for track and parts this last couple of weeks! Good job I've put some asside.
  12. Having seen Baggies Departmental Grey 08 I think you need a plain Grey 33 now!!
  13. I do like departmental grey loco's, tempted with an 08 myself. I have an early one 'spare' at the moment but I'd need to find a suitable candidate. As for double arrows I am sure Vince does them either on his website or via ebay, I think he does the smaller ones for 08's too, Proto Neo .
  14. Hi Julian. Its a GJH Plant kit, the body is basically resin, two sides, two ends and a roof. There is a bit of warping on them and quite a bit of filing but other than that its not too bad. The suspension is white metal and needs some buts cutting off with a razor saw and tidying up with a file. But that is about it, it doesn't come with the Railfreight/Speedlink boards but they are easily cut out of plasticard. its far from my best work but it is certainly passable. I have photographed all the stages for a future write up for the MIOG website which I should really crack on with. If you want
  15. Cheers George, battering was done following Ian's Youtube Vids and then Cam had them for a final dusting with the airbrush.
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