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  1. Good to see things up and running. I noted your comment above about no more buildings on SMS but I have just wondered whether your second fiddle yard could be some kind of transfer shed, something like the steel terminal on our Russel St, would only need the frontage and back rakes of wagons in. You could also change the orientation of the last siding in SMS to give two roads into a building. Red siding below changed to the blue line: Empty wagons in, load, shunt to SMS, re-form the train out to run out to the other FY and empty? Just some random thoughts!!
  2. A logical step form the OO version & should do well. Look forward to seeing these but I already have a pair of MM1/JLTRT ones.
  3. Those 33's do look rather nice. I have been very tempted myself, but resisting so far. There is a rake of MK2 coaches and a couple of 47's to save up for!!
  4. Mine arrived yesterday too. Should be back to the layout all being well next week so will have a play.
  5. Thanks Simon. I am no wagon (or even bogie) expert, but are they standard Gloucester bogies under the UKF van? If so I have a set of GJH Davis & Lloyd bogies here I can throw under it. I would have thought Shapeways will be quite expensive to just have a set of bogies printed and sent. Look forward to your PM.
  6. Hi Peter, I have already put them to one side for you, but thought I'd see what I can make of my set first. I have a been provided with some really good detail shots for the pipe runs and have got my 26024 back with the JLTRT tanks so will be having a tinker later today. The Steve Beatie ones seem to be a good match to the JLTRT ones, but are missing the chassis fittings so the frame comes up about 2mm shorter, I am thinking I may mount them on a piece of 'I' beam or just a length or strip to lower them slightly. Brackets all need manufacturing then the pipe runs adding. Will post an update when I have got them sorted.
  7. If you can find me a reasonably priced O gauge bus from the late 80's/early 90's I'll gladly buy more than 1!!! The best I can find is Steve Betties' Leyland National kit which is £65 and the castings don't look great.
  8. Now they could come in very useful. I have just ordered 4 to see if we can make use of them. There are two options so will see how we go. Thanks.
  9. Fuel tank cut up and re-built for 26005: Transfers gone on 08570, this has now had its first coat of Varnish so we'll see how it looks tomorrow: That's all for now.
  10. HI Pete. Did you ever get anywhere with a 7mm version for the Dapol 08?
  11. 37402 just released from a Margam Paint job. Seems the forgot to re-fit the eth jumper.......
  12. Now that after next weekend we will be able to meet up to six people inside as long as we keep at least 1m apart, layout building will hopefully re-commence. In the meantime Cam as been doing up a couple of Heljan 37/4's up in the condition after Margam took their paint brushes to them. Here are 37402 & 37425 posed on the new layout with the scrap train. And 402 with a little photshop trickery:
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