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  1. Something else I've just noticed, there's no mention of any Societies being present e.g. N Gauge Society, 2mmSA, EMGS, Scalefour, DEMU etc. I know the NGS & DEMU haven't been invited, but have any of the others?? I think that's a bit of a poor decision, makes the show look just like a Traders show with a few layouts chucked in, hardly trying to extol the virtues of Railway Modelling, at least Warners invite Societies to their shows. Regards Neal.
  2. They most definitely were there in Stand number 1.......
  3. I saw KR Models at TINGS this past weekend, but whenever I looked over their stand was empty. I'm assuming the were pushing the King to us N Gaugers (Not my bag, hence why I didn't talk to them) + my arms are probably too long for them Did anyone else talk to them and get any info from them?? Cheers Neal.
  4. No I haven't......I clearly said 'Costs' and I would've assumed that you would've realised that that would've meant ALL costs, sorry I didn't spell it out clearly enough for you to understand. I never expected any show to run at a loss just for the delight of the Punter, if the Trade starts to tell the Organisers that their charges are too high, you are quite correct the Organisers can either say 'tough, that's the cost' and the show dies and the Organisers are completely out of pocket and we, the Punter, lose another show!!!! Or the Organisers find another venue that is cheaper. In this case there is no other Venue and so the Organisers can pretty much charge what they like and if the Traders don't like it the show dies. Finally something we agree on..... regards Neal.
  5. I had Lunch on Sunday with Chris Deith, the headshed of Meridienne Exhibitions, and he confirmed that attendance on the Saturday was lower than 'normal' but that they were satisfied with the attendance so far, he also confirmed that Avril sent out invitations to all of the Traders & Exhibitors listed to attend the 2019/2020 shows and a few traders & Exhibitors decided to not attend mainly due to Covid, he obviously wasn't going to tell me those who decided not to attend due to costs and I didn't ask that because as a Society, DEMU, don't have to pay (Neither does the NGS, 2mm Association etc.) All in all I think that Avril & Chris managed to pull a decent enough show out of the bag, it never was going to be an all singing & dancing Exhibition as per previous years, yes I think there is a discussion needed about the Trader costs, but that has to be between them and Meridienne and nothing that we, as punters, can do about that. I do agree that more 'nuts & bolts' traders would be nice but as they are, in the main, 1 man bands then costs are obviously something that needs to be taken into consideration. I suspect that the 'big boy' traders/box shifters like Rails of Sheffield, Cheltenham Models etc. will still take more than their costs and so will always attend. Is there a way round the costs, well yes there is don't attend and tell them in no uncertain terms that "you're not attending as it's too expensive for the pitch" I also think comparing TINGS with Warley is unfair, TINGS is specialist show, Warley is normal, if much larger, Exhibition covering all aspects of Railway Modelling. All in all I really enjoy TINGS and this year it was great to just see people in the flesh and not via a webcam on a zoom session. Just my 2'penneth worth. Regards Neal.
  6. Simply put NO, nothing, nada........ My suspicions are that if they do announce anything it'll be at their Members Club day on the 26th Sept, along with the sales of all their repairs that used to take place at TINGS. They really are trying to alienate as many people as possible, whereas Dapol are actually trying very hard to please punters with their sale of their NQP stuff at ridiculously cheap prices, people were picking up loco's for £50 that just need a couple of wires soldered back on..... Cheers Neal
  7. Unfortunately Farish Yeoman ones. Cavalex aren't doing the Yeoman ones just yet. I have a rake of Farish Redland ones as well, so a decision needs to be made as to whether I sell them and try and replace them with Cavalex ones Cheers Neal.
  8. Well that's 59001 ordered for myself. It just about squeezes into my era to pull my PGA's Regards Neal.
  9. Just received this email from Meridienne regarding TINGS 2021: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Original message -------- From: Avril Spence <[email protected]> Date: 16/08/2021 13:40 (GMT+00:00) To: [email protected] Subject: International N Gauge Show COVID update Good Afternoon Neal, I wanted to contact you to confirm that the International N Gauge Show in just under 4 weeks’ time is definitely going ahead as planned and we have every confidence that this is fully achievable. We are aware that the Warley Show has recently announced the cancellation of its November Show at the NEC. This has caused some minor ripples for our N Gauge Show and we would like to explain why we remain confident that we can deliver, when you are seeing other events later in the year cancelled for various reasons. We are now within touching distance of the event which takes place in just under 4 weeks’ time and all our plans are fully in place. As you will be aware, the country is currently in Step 4 of the Government Covid Recovery Plan, pandemic response and the environment remain stable with no immediate plans for government change. Like other organisers, whilst we are confident in our ability to deliver events right now i.e., during the summer/autumn months, the same cannot be said for later on in autumn/winter when the uncertainties of what Covid might look like, may well impact on the event industry forcing organisers to postpone or cancel events. For this reason, you may be aware that we have already cancelled some of our own events due to take place in October/November since it is impossible to plan for an event when quite simply your crystal ball is broken. We want to make sure that you have full peace of mind for yourself and your team when attending N Gauge, so please rest assured we have followed government guidance and have all the necessary COVID-19 measures in place including: · Face coverings: visitors are encouraged to wear a face covering during their visit unless exempt. · Hand sanitising: stations are available throughout the venue · Practise social distancing: visitors are encouraged to keep a safe and comfortable distance apart - our gangways have been widened to permit this. · Contactless transactions: are preferred, making your visit as contactless as possible. · Advanced cleaning and hygiene protocols: remain in place. · Continuous fresh air ventilation: newly installed ventilation system supplemented by natural air ventilation throughout the venue. · Check-in at the WEC - NHS QR CODE: for visitors wishing to use the app We have updated our website www.ngaugeshow.co.uk with the requirements for our visitors as well as Facebook posts. The attached full document is also available at www.warwickshireeventcentre.co.uk and all can access it. We hope this gives you the full confidence that you can come along and enjoy getting back to business as normal in a safe and controlled environment. As always, any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. I and the team look forward to seeing you all again in just a few weeks’ time. Kind regards Avril ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards Neal. COVID-19_Response_-_Fully Open web version.pdf
  10. What!! like an upgraded Peak or 90 Would be nice..... Regards Neal.
  11. Here's something to ponder, with Warley being cancelled and this usually being the Show that any big announcements are made, will Farish bring them forward to TINGS?? Cheers Neal.
  12. I wonder if they're keeping their powder dry until TINGS in September. I seem to recall somewhere either hearing or reading that BachFarish are preparing to announce something at TINGS, although I could be completely wrong and only dreamt it in the ideal world that is my head Cheers Neal.
  13. So do I because that'll mean older models going onto Ebay for me to snaffle up so I can use the chassis under some more MK1 EMUS...... I have some spring drive versions, but I haven't mustered up the courage to attack the springs to shorten them yet Cheers Neal.
  14. Steve, Ignore this muppet and ensure you do DISTRACT them with more 2mm stuff. Congratulations on the new job mate. Cheers Neal.
  15. Andy, This is looking brilliant mate. I have 1 question on the stock on the layout, and it may have been asked before but I can't remember nor find it, where did you get the Interfrigo Refrigerated van from?? Oh and by the way, just bought your book on the MIdland Region and an excellent tome it is too, my only comment is that for some reason photographers seem to concentrate on the West Coast Mainline when referring to the Midland, when the Midland is 'traditionally' the line from St.Pancras North through Leicester and on to Derby. I don't suppose you have any photos from that route do you?? Say enough for a 2nd edition concentrating on that route?? Kind Regards Neal.
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