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  1. Any plans to shrink them to N Gauge?? Cheers Neal.
  2. Sorry Paul not for me. But an N Gauge version could tempt my wallet open again Cheers Neal. P.S. I will get started on my N Gauge POP 1 soon, promise.......
  3. Tim, That'll teach me to read every word properly, DOH!!!!! Cheers Neal. P.S. Can't wait to get back to the SWAG Meeting in Taunton
  4. I think the frustration is that OO modellers are getting new models being announced and arriving in timely manners, whereas us N Gaugers seem to be the poor relation. I can't recall how many times I and others have approached Bachmann asking for certain models to be shrunk down to N when they are announced in OO to no avail, citing "They didn't sell very well in OO, so doubt they will in N" but then a second run of these models is announced, i.e. Class 85 as an example. Surely if a model in OO is announced as an upgrade on an old model, why can't the N Gauge one be done
  5. Great!!!!! but how about shrinking it for us N Gaugers?? @rapidoandy A lot of us N Gaugers would buy one in a heartbeat. Regards Neal.
  6. Calnefoxile

    Dapol 142

    @TomE You know what, seeing that photo and the model in GMPTE makes me completely agree with you, there's definitely too much gap between the lights and the bottom of the front panel, also the brown strip along the Tumblehome is too wide and yet the windows look fine, so the whole body must be too tall. Shame as I was waiting for the Provincial one, so I might have to think a bit longer..... Cheers Neal.
  7. As a member of the Committe of Bentley Model Railway Group, I'd just like to confirm what Rob @37114 has posted. Obviously as friends of Geoff we are all very shocked at the moment and are trying to help the family as much as we can. As Rob has also said, Geoff was a big force behind BMRG both as Exhibition Manager and Treasurer, and as such we will be making decisions on the future of both the Club and the Exhibitions, however this won't be for a while. So can I ask that all those that have invites to both Calne 2021 & Trainwest 2022 to please just give us time be
  8. Oi You, Nowt wrong with BR Blue, ya young whippersnapper It's these new fangled colour schemes that get me, flaming companies can't make their minds up what livery they want, pick one and stick to it. Cheers Neal.
  9. Paul, Here's a reminder of how my Scratchbuilt version looks. The photo is a bit cruel and it doesn't really look that wonky in real life. My packs were a ball ache to build, all built out of about 250 lengths of Plastruct 1.6mm I Beam Cheers Neal.
  10. Steve B, Totally agree with that comment mate. I applaud Bachmann for improving their Models, take the MK2 Aircons, they are a superb model but there is now a lack of TSO's, where as a surplus of FO's and BSO's. Gone are the days of constant production and more of batch production, I can understand that for the smaller manufacturers like RevolutioN, EFE etc. But I'd expect the larger ones to at least do runs every year of staple models, and by staple models I mean Coaches & Wagons at the minimum. You'd probably only buy 1 or 2 Class 47, for example, but
  11. Matt, If you go to this link http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html they have a load of these books, if they don't have the ones you friend has, they may be interested. Regards Neal.
  12. @37114 Rob now there's a challenge, to see if I can find one of you with a cake in your hand, I'm sure I've got one somewhere Cheers Neal.
  13. How about if you're driving?? Getting off the Ferry/Train into the EU is where checks would be made, but once in the EU there are no borders between Countries, however if you fly into say Germany, then decide to fly on to another EU country, how would that work?? Cheers Neal.
  14. Just watched the video Paul, looks great and can't wait to get mine ordered. Also had a quick look at the instructions, a bit preemptive I know but couldn't help myself, and they look simple enough to follow, whether that translates into an easily built model I'll have to wait and see I think my only questions would be around Paint Colours and transfers?? What colours are needed & where can the transfers be obtained?? I'm going to assume Steve @railtec-modelshere?? Well done by the way it runs really well. Neal.
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