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  1. Paul, Yes much better. Getting quite excited now seeing the chassis progressing nicely. Hopefully get on in time for Christmas and give me something to do over the 2 weeks leave I have then. Cheers Neal.
  2. Paul, You could try Bob Davies at N-Train https://n-train.net/epages/deba4b2c-2faa-4fd7-967f-c57d7bf70bd2.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/deba4b2c-2faa-4fd7-967f-c57d7bf70bd2/Categories/NWheelz Cheers Neal
  3. Now you're just spoiling us Paul Gimme a chance to get hold of an N Gauge POP 1 first before I consider POP 2 Anyway I've juts completed my attempt at HSFV1 (I'll pop a piccy up later, not at home at the mo) Cheers Neal.
  4. The Double doors may well be that tall, depending on what they were originally built for, if they were built for a a private Horse Carriage, then 13ft is about right if you include the driver. Otherwise great modelling as always. Cheers Neal
  5. They're looking great Paul. Actually getting quite excited about this and so looking forward to building the kit. Cheers Neal.
  6. So Lab 3 was at one end, which one was at the other end?? Also, wasn't the POP Train hauled by the Prototype HST Power Cars, once the production HSTs were being rolled out?? Cheers Neal.
  7. Looks fabulous Paul, can't wait to see it in the flesh sometime soon, maybe........ Where did you get your trees from?? As I think I'm going to need lots for Rennsteig, although it's TT I reckon HO ones will look right as trees are various heights anyway. Cheers Neal.
  8. Hey Paul, I've been wondering how & where Kit @Mr_Tilt will fit on the N Gauge version We really need to persuade him to get a 3d Scan/Print of himself done for posterity Cheers Neal.
  9. I'm getting there with track laying, the scenic section is now done and I've just about finished laying the Fiddle Yard after I had to order some more track and points from Modelbahnshoppe Elriwa, whcih turned up 3 days after ordering it, which is pretty good from Germany. I also ordered some more Freight stock from Contikits and that also arrived within 3 days, but unfortunately one of the wagons arrived slightly damaged, but looks like I could repair it if I can get the parts. If you look at the photo, you can see that the bogies have fell off of the model most of the
  10. Blimey @PaulRhB you're fairly rattling on with that. I'm still at Track laying stage on Rennsteig, mind you I did have to order more track from Modelbahnshoppe Elriwa, whcih arrived within 3 days, not bad from Germany. Cheers Neal.
  11. That'll be a first, N Gauge cheaper than OO, maybe the major manufacturers need to make a note of this Cheers Neal.
  12. Paul, Is that going to be the same price for the N Gauge version?? Cheers Neal.
  13. Paul, They’re looking good. Now for the N gauge one, I have a Clayton looking for something to haul Regards Neal.
  14. Now that's a great shout. There is a 3D print of one available on Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/FGLVBX2CT/pwa-uk-fertiliser-wagon-n-scale?optionId=40857173&li=user-profile And the chassis is here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/QZYAH68S2/ukf-van-underframe?optionId=62554127&li=user-profile Cheers Neal.
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