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  1. 56009 in the evening sun on my old layout: John
  2. Perhaps it should but I have photographic evidence that it wasn't always the case, at least not in a consist of empty wagons, on their way up to Consett.
  3. After last week's look at some of the signal installations, this week we are firmly back in the territory of locos and rolling stock. First up, work stained J27 65835 approaches the junction on the Washington Branch with a train of empty plate wagons and a trestrol heading for the Low Yard at Consett steelworks where they will be loaded for the return trip. To the left, a crippled 21T wagon has been dumped in the sidings, a common practice at the location. Next, 9F 92063 powers up the incline past Stella Gill shed with a motely train of coal wagons again,
  4. Having just, via a YouTube video, discovered the drawing program Inkscape, I've been developing the track diagram that will eventually form part of the control panel and below is the start of the first draft. Light grey circles are turnouts, dark grey are signals and red are ground signals, the numbers equate to the relevant lever in the frame although quite a few are missing at the minute. The drawing is based on the signalling diagram from 1963 so some of the tracks won't be on the model and will be removed from the drawing before it is printed...
  5. Got the distant colour light head fitted to the lower platform, still need to hide the wires going through the base. I'm not sure why but the photos of the weathering on the tubular post make it look like it is badly pitted but, in reality, it is a smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom... And it works
  6. It depends on how 'anal' you want to get... The SLW 24 has the following panel on the roof that has an open slit below it. On the Tyne Dock 24s, the slit at the bottom was there but there is no sign of the panel as on the model as per the Bill Jamieson photo below. The panel appears to have been removed and the roof is completely flush. I'll be honest, I didn't bother to modify this on my two green Tyne Dockers. My two un-numbered 24s arrived yesterday and I have to agree that SLW have, one again, raised the bar in te
  7. Motored according to the PDF they released yesterday.
  8. I may not be able to access the layout but the loco fleet expanded this morning. Thanks to the very nice Mr Sutton of SLW, these two beauties arrived this morning. They represent the locos after a visit to Glasgow Works in the early 1970s which resulted in the nose doors being removed and the centre headcode discs mounted centrally. With a very small amount of work, they are perfect for the Tyne Dock 24s after TOPS numbering as shown here: 24105_ore-empties by Robert Carroll, on Flickr The original versions of the SLW 24s were superb but these are even better with im
  9. The NER certainly liked it's signals, so here are a selection from around the layout. Scratchbuilt using MSE parts and various brass strips and angles, they are all faithful replicas of the real signals at South Pelaw and Stella Gill. All the signals, including the ground signals are fully operational and are interlocked as per the prototype. Control is via servos controlled using the MERG CBUS system. All photos by Tony Lambert.
  10. If you can get a hold of a copy, there is an excellent article on layout lighting in issue 274 of Model Railway Journal entitled 'Theatre and Model Railways', well worth a read... John
  11. Nothing at all wrong with downloading images for personal use, as you say, once they are on the internet there is nothing to stop anyone from doing it and doing so involves no breach of copyright. However, there is a big difference between uploading an image to the internet and it being 'public domain'. Where the copyright breach comes in to play is where the person who has downloaded the image does one of the following: 1. Sells copies of that image on eBay - there are thousands of images for sale on eBay where the seller most certainly is not the copyright holder.
  12. Thanks Mark, I'll give that a try on the next one... Cheers John
  13. I've been working on the next signal, which has a base of angle and strip supporting a tubular pole. The pole supports a home semaphore signal with a colour light distant head half way up which replaced an earlier semaphore distant. The base is scratch built from brass angle and strip and the upper half, ladders and platforms from MSE etches. A fair bit to do and a lot of clean up needed but I'm getting there...
  14. The east end of Newcastle Central still has at least three double slips today.
  15. Our photographer has wandered back up to Stella Gill and the first photo shows the NCB 'shed', once part of the larger Stella Gill Coke Works complex. The line to Consett can be seen behind the shed and Stella Gill Flatts signal box is visible to the right. This is a rather large building although, to fit it in to the space we had available, it is around 50% of the length and 90% of the width of the real thing. The building remained after the coke works was demolished in the 1960s and, until relatively recently, despite being half derelict, was in use by a fertilize
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