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  1. Following Tony's ethos of making things for yourself, I give you my first ever semaphore signal from an MSE kit. There are a couple of things I screwed up along the way and it has proved to be, by far, the most complicated soldering job I've undertaken and the first time I've used solders with different melting points although I will admit to supergluing the lamp in place. The platform is a little crooked but I made it myself and despite my lack of soldering skill, it actually works...
  2. Rail Centres: Newcastle by Ken Hoole has a track plan of Tyne Dock shed as it was in 1929. And shows a 50' and two 42' turntables in the roundhouses with a 60' turntable outside. The 9F had a total wheelbase of just shy of 56' so I guess they may have just fitted on the 60' turntable which was still there in 1956, not sure if it was there in the 1960s. www.old-maps.co.uk has a 1956 map that shows the track plan then.
  3. I've got some Carrs 145 degree solder and it states 'cadmium free' on the packet.
  4. You might want to try a bearing drill like the one here from Knowle Model Works: I've used it on a few wagons now where things have been a bit tight for 26mm axles with P4 wheels. John
  5. Didn't the Akagi (also of Pearl Harbour and Midway fame) also have her island on the port side... John
  6. My own experience as an operator of a large, 36'*20' EM Gauge, layout at three shows now is that total consistency is somewhat difficult to guarantee. We are very lucky in that we have a space where the layout can be set up permanently between shows as well so a lot of testing can be done but we still get occasions where the same train can run the same route 9 times but on the 10th run will derail. Of course, every time this happens, the cause is examined to see if it is a particular wagon or the track and efforts made to fix the issue. One thing we have found that helps is that, once you do have a train that works consistently is to try and ensure that particular train is made up of exactly the same wagons the next time it is set up (easier said than done when you have, for example, almost 100 21T wagons).
  7. Makes me think of making a start on mine as well, once the terror of opening the box wears off...
  8. As I've not seen anything to the contrary, I assume delivery of the PTAs is still expected this month?
  9. To get the track laid and working on the initial 18' scenic section of the layout.
  10. Stopped getting most of them years ago, the only magazine I get these days is MRJ.
  11. Not necessarily. I believe that if you go to the Scaleforum or Scalefour North shows, the entry fee effectively gives you membership of the society for that day and you can purchase from the Scalefour Stores stand (assuming that they have the track bases there). I think the same is true of the EM Gauge Society shows.
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