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  1. Thanks Fran. I've ordered the grey orange one's don't mind having to respray. Cheers John
  2. I've got a few colour photos as well, it's just that the grey in the CAD images looks a bit bluer than in some of the photos. John
  3. Just so I'm absolutely clear before going ahead with an order, it is the British Steel Grey/Orange wagons that are the correct livery for the Consett iron ore trains? John
  4. I've built the 37 kit, one for a 24 and I'm currently in the middle of a 45. Before I'd did the 24, I'd not even soldered two bits of brass together but the kits are superbly engineered and come with excellent instructions. John
  5. Not sure how they did it elsewhere but, at the unloading facility at Consett steelworks, the wagons remained coupled while being tipped... John
  6. A couple of shots from my website courtesy of Bill Watson: John
  7. johndon

    Roy Jackson

    I was lucky enough to get to see Retford last year. I'd not met Roy before but, pretty much as soon as I walked in to the layout room, he clocked me and came over to say hello. Didn't get to chat to him too much as I was bit overawed by Retford but it was really appreciated that he'd welcomed me.
  8. My 10 year old grand daughter is fascinated with grandad's model trains and comes along every Thursday night when I go to work on the layout. She's been able to use the DCC controller since she was 5 and is more than happy to stop off at Tyne Yard to see what is there and what is going past on the ECML or to come along to local shows, she even did York show with me a couple of year ago. 5 years ago I never thought that the interest would last but here she is last week: She is also absolutely determined that she will get to drive the first train on the new layout. Whether the interest will last much longer remains to be seen but I'm enjoying it while it lasts... John
  9. The rolling stock roster for the layout got a major boost yesterday. Following a tip from the owner of my local model shop, Durham Trains of Stanley, I am now the very proud owner of these, a full rake of loaded Tyne Dock to Consett iron ore hoppers. Built from the Dave Bradwell kit, they are superbly built, painted and weathered (although I will do a bit more with the weathering) with loads of real iron ore. They also have a very clever, but simple, coupling mechanism that allows all the pipework between the wagons to look like it is all connected. The bogies are sprung but they are currently OO so need a set of P4 wheels. Not cheap but, for what they are and knowing how much work they take to make, I reckon they are an absolute bargain and one that I simply couldn't pass up... John
  10. I believe that more articles will be on the way in due course. John
  11. Next outing for the layout is Expo EM at Wakefield in September. http://www.emgs.org/events/?event_id1=103
  12. Boards are built for the initial scenic section and the Templot plan is down with a couple of trains for show... John
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