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  1. That is how I'm planning on doing it when I get round to building SNG as preserved.
  2. You are correct, the number of posts per page remains the same regardless of the length of each post.
  3. A couple of shots of 08671 awaiting it's next turn of duty: And 56009 in the late evening sunlight:
  4. 29 July 1998 according to the Gresley Society: https://www.gresley.org/sir-nigel/memorials/#:~:text=The plaque was unveiled by Sir Martin Wedgwood%2C,traction%2C at 126 mph. The record still stands.
  5. A couple of shots of my current, non railway, work in progress, the Trumpeter 1/200 scale USS Iowa with Pontos detailing set:
  6. 9F 90261 heads an empty iron ore train past Stella Gill about to cross South Pelaw Junction on it's journey back to Tyne Dock:
  7. There's a 62 page thread on the layout here:
  8. It may just be possible in P4, Dave Bradwell reckons his 9F chassis in P4 can go round a 3' curve although probably not at a scale 100mph John
  9. OLED panels are getting better every year as regards screen burn not only with the panels themselves but also with some of the software based solutions such as screen wipe. It was huge problem back in the days of plasma screens as well especially when most of the satellite channels had brightly coloured logos at the top left or right. John
  10. I’ve subsequently won a couple of P4 Class 60s that had been in the auction at substantially less than they would have cost at RRP...
  11. And now we have one...
  12. I'm not 100% certain but I believe it allows them to be as light as possible (some of them have a mesh rather than a solid surface as well) whilst still being large enough to handle two aircraft at once. John
  13. Should do when it's finished, I've also got HMS Hood and USS Hornet in 1/200 to build as well...
  14. I have one of those in the stash, as well as Tamiya's 1/350 Enterprise but I really should get this monster finished first, Trumpeter 1/200 USS Iowa with Pontos detail set:
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