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  1. More PE origami has seen the catapult all but finished: 60 parts in total for something 4" long and there is still another one to do... John
  2. Working on one of the Iowa catapults, load of PE on this one which is about half finished:
  3. The next planned outing for the layout is Expo EM in May next year. John
  4. Q7 63469 comes off the Washington Branch ready to pass signal 9 and enter South Pelaw Junction. Before the 9Fs were introduced on the iron ore trains, modified Q7s and O1s were used to haul the iron ore trains (with 8 rather than the later 9 wagons that the 9Fs could manage) from Tyne Dock to Consett. N9 69429 descends the steeply graded connection to South Pelaw Colliery with a short rake of loaded wagons which will be martialled in to a train in Stella Gill sidings: V3 67690 passes heads past South Pelaw with a Consett - Newcastle passenger train. The passenger service ended in May 1955 after competition from the buses made it no longer viable. Q6 63443 lends a hand banking a train up the hill towards Consett. All photos by Tony Lambert.
  5. Lots of photo etch going on the 1/200 Iowa: John
  6. I've been redoing the 'water' on a 1/350 ship display I built years ago. Originally it looked like this: And now, with some work still to do, it looks like this: John
  7. I guess I'd count as one of the naysayers and there are still a few problems, in addition to the wheels, on the samples in the video. However, I have not just been critical in this thread, I have actually had some contact with KR and sent some photos of the real wagons as well but they have decided not to correct all the issues (although they did, thankfully, do the interior which they weren't originally planning) I pointed out which, of course, is their prerogative. Had they done so I could easily have been in the market for these wagons although, as it happens, I already have a full rake of 9 of the Bradwell kits and another 9 built from the Alexander kits so I, for one, was prepared to pay the extra. I am, however, modelling a location on the actual line they run on so, perhaps more so than most, the accuracy is important to me... John
  8. No, you wouldn't, the kits are around £35 per wagon.
  9. As always, I appreciate that they video does say that these are pre-production but, for me, there are still a few issues but I've already passed these on to KR so I'm assuming that they won't change now. One thing that really stand out though is the wheels - the wagons appear to be fitted with standard sized wagon wheels and they should be the smaller 'lowmac' style wheels. John
  10. Nice shot, I was going to have a look down Tyne Yard to see it passing last night but got waylaid...
  11. A shame it had to be dragged from Doncaster to York by a Thunderbird 47...
  12. Perhaps I'm reading the OP incorrectly but I read it that he is wanting more information on the O Gauge model and not the real place that inspired it...
  13. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, it was the mention of the memorial that threw me, I’m very well up on the history of the NJ and her sisters but I’d not heard of it’s museum being referred to as a memorial as well.
  14. Couldn't agree more about her looks. As for a interest in both, this is in my 'to do' pile (along with the USS Iowa and Hornet in the same scale), Bachmann MK1 to give an idea of scale...
  15. My bad, I'd not seen the New Jersey Museum referred to as a memorial before but I see from their website that it is. With regards to battleship colours, to this day there are endless arguments as to which colour the USS Arizona was painted when she sank at Pearl Harbor.
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