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  1. I believe the speed issue is how the 56 was designed, the 58 is the same. Very good slow speed running though! Cheers mark
  2. Just checked and in every photo of a 47/7 I've got, not one has ploughs fitted from plain blue to privatisation liveries.
  3. These trailers are 16' 4" (12'1" body) on a 4' 3" fifth wheel. If you lift the axle on a Scania unit it raises the 5th wheel by 3". This makes your trailer 16'7" tall.. Only bridges under 16'6" have to be marked and even 16'3" bridges are in a grey area! You are totally right about the thankless task! Enjoy your retirement! cheers mark
  4. That is how it should run. i got mine checked at the shop and it was confirmed this is correct. It is to do with scale speeds and inertia. Cheers Mark
  5. I've got a few 47's from Farish, all bought new and every single one of them was smothered in oil from the factory. 47535 managed to split 5 out of 6 axle gears. Apart from that they are all good runners.. Cheers Mark
  6. This is a great idea.. but I do feel the coach numbers should be changed. If the numbers were changed I would definitely buy another set. Cheers Mark
  7. To be fair to Dapol regarding the Class 50, The Dutch one is available from DCC Suplies. Also they have not long released the first batch and have already said they are doing a second run which should include revised Network Southeast. It was originally planned for later this year before circumstances overtook them. Dapol have said that three tone Railfreight is not a good seller for them. As for Farish, I can't believe they have not released a BR Blue 47 with headlight.. Roll on the Mk2's though! Cheers Mark
  8. I'd have a few Mk2 a/b/c too.. Cheers mark
  9. So the Mk2a should be 0.16mm lower than the Mk1 but in Farish' case it is over a mm different and quite noticeable. When you look at a photo of a real Mk1 and Mk2a coupled together the height difference is not noticeable. Cheers Mark
  10. That Glasgow QSt- Colchester train wouldn't have carried BFPO mail. All BFPO mail went via London stations, collected by Postal and Courier services Royal Engineers and taken to BFPO London in Mill Hill. This was known to the post office as Home postal Depot. Cheers Mark
  11. scruff

    Dapol class 86

    It looks like the delayed class 86 loco's from Dapol are about to hit the shops. Cheers Mark
  12. you have done some excellent work there Mark.. looking forward to more updates, with photo's of course! Cheers Mark
  13. Excellent work on the 87's Duncan, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours too! Cheers Mark
  14. It is no good them chucking everything out at once though because most people have a budget for their hobbies. This would mean they would have stock sitting unsold on shelves if they are not careful. Still, they must know what they are doing! Cheers Mark
  15. I know what you mean.. they are a royal pain in the butt! I had to swap my wheelsets around but I now have a Mk2a bso that is unusable.. never had the problem with a Mk1 though.. Cheers Mark
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