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  1. Oops, Setrack - don't you hate predictive text on Mac but I haven't worked out how to switch it off....
  2. Just for info the return loop to the hidden sidings on Aerodrome Park is alternate R1/R2 setback curves. Peter N
  3. Unfortunately your flow chart wouldn't have worked for the Rails SECR Box Van. My understanding is they were sold out before the magazine ads appeared.
  4. Pity Rails didn't have enough stock to fulfil orders after the SECR box van was advertised in the magazines. I shan't purchase anything from them again.
  5. Does anyone have the BS Number /shade spec for for SR freight brown ?
  6. Luckily, I borrowed this book rather than purchasing a copy.
  7. Does anyone know when the SR started using power operated point motors and concrete concrete boxing for lineside traction cabling ?
  8. Simply to say that aside from Foster and Maria (both about 8' long), all the layouts were less than 6' x 4'. A very useful trick is to use the PECO Setrack range for the hidden sidings; even with Godinez two of the three loops(sidings could take an F3\7 0r GP7, six 40' cars and a caboose, if they begin with the curved No 2 radius (18" approx) points immediately after the scenic divider. Hope this is useful
  9. Oops yes, forgot Maria. Baffled by PC complexities but managed to sign in - thank you Andy.
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