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  1. Thanks I will take the body off at the weekend and switch the decoder round, at the time I thought the markings were not too clear
  2. I also recently put a Hattons 8 pin four function decoder in my new Heljan Hymek and cannot get the lighting to turn on, I am using Gaugemaster Prodigy express the motor works fine just the lights. Was considering removing the body and seeing if there are any switches that have been turned off.
  3. You need to click the watch later symbol on the video (providing you have a Gmail account ) best if you view the magazine in google chrome. Go into YouTube and you can watch the movie in full frame. Also cast to your TV (by your phone), mine works on Now Tv and amazon fire stick.
  4. As I subscribe to the digital edition, could cancel my paper subscription and only buy when there is a free gift worth having. Easy to download the videos from the digital edition and then burn to DVD or memory stick
  5. My gift was no longer available , brought a copy from W H Smiths with the laser cut kit , considering canceling subscription as always the subscriber misses out.
  6. Same here did not work with Handbrake would not copy the files.
  7. Could not extract video from the disk, played in my DVD player but sound missing in parts very anoying
  8. Thanks for the link on page 81 it says how to get the DVD but as usual has not been proof read, the web address just goes nowhere, again us subscribers loose out, how can it be cost effective different editions.
  9. Recently ordered the Peco catalogue by post went onto the PECO website £2.00 postage, Rails of Sheffield £4.00 postage !, ordered from Gaugemaster not only was the post free but to my amazement the package was tracked. Receiving a text message from Royal mail on the day of delivery and also another one to say it had been delivered. Excellent service Gaugemaster although the service was called economy there was nothing economy about it.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday as well, very nice model, have a TTS sound chip waiting to be fitted.
  11. I have the same problem on my iMac and the only way is to add to watch later, when are they going to sort out the terrible sound !
  12. The linked worked payed by Pay Pal the credit card option from memory did not work, I wonder how long the £1.99 per month will last for.
  13. Recieved mine in the post this week disappointed at the banner on the front saying free 60 min DVD when in fact it is only 36 min. Poor value for money considering the publication is padded out with full page adverts and photos very little text. Suggest the publishers take a look at the Build a Model Railway publications from Model Rail. Much better value at £4.99 more text with better photos.
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