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  1. Anyone recommend a underlay which could be used outside. Tks!!
  2. A range of 0 Guage mk2s ,two manufacturers doing mk1s.....
  3. Oxford mk3s are loco hauled,irishrail mk3s are Hst coaches,different roof detail.
  4. As you can see in pic gap between body and bogie is tight, early days yet as lads said work still to be done, hopfully this will be sorted when locos arrive in new year.
  5. Any one tryed 00 colour light signals outside?
  6. Well Fran that looks like a 89 photo,them lamps did not last long.
  7. What version of twin lamps? as you know it was always single oil lamp in CIE days.
  8. Noel, at the end of the day its up to you,time to relax,not been smart you dont need to up date every few min's, Chill out your doing a great job on the mk2s!!
  9. Have a look at kato bogies with the roller bearings,very cheap @$5 a pair.
  10. Neil, A little stretch and you have a 47ft!! any plans for?
  11. Far as i know the brass sides will fit a lima,also look out for a set of B4/5 bogies to finish off,also dont forget thr gangways.
  12. Just get Bill Bedford brass sides for your donor coach if your doing 3173.
  13. Had a look at them saturday on tour,and from what l was told ..170 pre sold 30 sold on train so theres 50 sets left for shop/net sales out of the 250 batch,not bad going at all,paddy M doing delivery saturday morning before talking up his seat for spin.
  14. Very nice work on the van,try email john at silverfox re the bogies and see can he help.
  15. Have a look at A1 models class 21 grills ,they might do the job.
  16. Year's ago we used class 37 nose grills for the vans,these where available from howes but i think they have stopped doing the etched parts.
  17. Have six of these coaches all mint unused if anyone is interest in for sale,pm me.
  18. Sorry! Have a friend going building a irish 2700 railcar in brass,then want's to make a few extra in resin.
  19. Hello all,Would any of you chap's know of a company that would make a silicone mould. Thanks Mark.
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