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  1. Hello Either would do for me Mark but the Metalair ones would be my first choice. Cheers George
  2. Hello How about the Alcan alumina PCAs. Different to all othe PCA types and never been done by any-one else. A lot of people model the WHL and they have lasted a long time on there. Just a thought, sorry for ant inconvenience caused. Cheers George
  3. Hello Very sad news indeed. I had known Geoff for a number of years going back to the Chippenham era. I remember he was very understanding whjen I had to pull out of the show once and ended up in hospital. He phoned me up there and said ' don't worry George it's only a mopdel train show, lifer's more important than that'. RIP old friend. Cheers George
  4. Hello Without his indespensable and wonderful books I would never have been able to build some of my layouts. Another sad passing. Cheers George
  5. Hello I knew Keith from his Weston shows but also as exhibition manager at Nailsea Model Railway Exhibition. I was at Weston last year and as usual we were well looked after and had a good time as well. He was a good man and will be sorely missed. Bye old friend. Cheers George
  6. Hello Andy Thanks for that. Another one bites the dust. Last time I spoke to Sam a month or so back she didn't know. Happy Nw Year to you and hope to see you some time or other. Cheers George
  7. Hello Has any decision been taken whether Doncaster show is still happening. I assume not but as it is not far off and I was supposed to be exhibiting and had heard nothing I just wondered if any-one had any information. Cheers George
  8. Hello You can get the Samaritan transfers from Kingfisher models. Cheers c George
  9. Hello The Airfix kits or their JB version are available on Ebay. Just Google 1/76 military model kits. I bought up quite a collection over the lasr couple of years, in fact too many. I have beem doing the models to go on the Hatton's Warwells of which I have seven and am now waiting for the Warflats to arrive in January. This is for a layout that might never happen in which case they will be going spare. Kits built so far include Stalwart, Saracen, Scimitar, Scorpion, Bedford 4 tonner, Land Rovers (mainly with trailers), 105mm guns, mainly from Airfix. S&S F432, Samaritans and others still to build. The only problem with the latter is there are no instructions which means I don't know where the white metal bits go. I also have various vehicles from Oxford diecast. Ny period is 1989. Cheers George
  10. Hello Thank-you very much for that Mark. I was a bit worried as it looks a bit too wide but the photographic evidence is more than good enough for me. Cheers George
  11. Hello Would the Stalwart vehicles have been moved by rail on Warwells in the 1980s? CHeers George
  12. Hello Thanks a lot for that, saved me a few bob. Cheers George
  13. Hello When did they finish in the North East? Cheers George
  14. Hello Just finished a repaint of 37063 into Rfd livery circa 1989. One of my favourites too. Just needs a bit of weathering to finish it off. Cheers George
  15. Hello So if there were no 150s in the late 80s, or indeed any other time, in the area what units would have been used in the late 80s? Cheers George
  16. Hello The farm I worked on in the 60s had a number of these mostly in a field where they provided accommodation for sows who free ranged round the field. we also had a couple in the yard which were used storing animal feed. They all came from George Cohen's scrapyard at Kettering. Bodies only, the chassis went for scrap. Cheers George
  17. Hello Just a short note to say that the latest layout from John, Richard and I is featured in the latest edition of Railway Modeller. Named Framplington it is based on Framlingham iSuffolk and is set in 1965 shortly before closure. It was booked to appear at High Wycombe and Warley in November but as we all know that is not going to happen. It will hopefully appear at High Wycombe next year.as well as Shenfield and Spalding. These are all subject to future events. Cheers George
  18. Hello Thanks to Andy and every-one else involved in this wonderful event. We are now home safe and well and looking forward to putting our feet up. The Wrecking Crew and I look forward to seeing you all in the real world sometime. Cheers George
  19. Hello Everything is going well for us, Fenchurch St Peter is behaving well as are John, Richard and the Celebrity guest operator. A wonderful weekend. Do we get a virtual exhibition badge Andy? Cheers George
  20. Hello If any-one wants to see the layout it is featured at the BRM Virtual Exhibition courtesy of this Forum. Catch it now as I don't know when it will be out and about next. Theoretically it is Doncaster next year but we will have to wait and see about that. I apologise for the two funny men in the interviews while Paul does all the hard work in the background . He's a star. Cheers George
  21. Hello I have received word that the re-scheduled Trainwest 2020 in October has now been cancelled. Cheers George
  22. Hello Thanks for that John Cheers George
  23. Hello On the list of layouts we appear to have a lack of information about Fenchurch St Peter. The layout is built by George Woodcock and John Norton, it is 4mm, it is set in1967 and the location is Fenland Eastern Region. Cheers George
  24. Hello Thanks again to Ian and the rest of the AMRSS crew for a great weekend and thanks for inviting us. Hope to be back again in two years time where we will be debuting our new layout. See you then. Cheers George
  25. Hello After our visit to Glasgow last weekend we are looking forward to our trip to Preston this coming weekend with 'Fenchurch St Peter'. As ever we hope to see some old friends and perhaps see some new ones. Say hello if you pass us by. Cheers George
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