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    ECML 1959 -62. 4mm modeling kit building and desparately wanting to get on with model making.

    Music principly classical but some more contempory and being a Christian I'm involved with my local church.

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  1. Good morning Tony, Many thanks for such comprehensive answer. I wasn't specifically fishing, merely musing. Having seen the representations in your photos of the dedicated trains. The later liveries in the flesh on LB there would certainly be a wow factor to such vehicles for a manufacturer. That said I'm sure there's demand for maroon Thompson's. I'm aware that Isinglass is looking at Pantry Third and hopefully others. Regards David
  2. That is stunning. I wonder if we ever see an equivalent ECML train?
  3. Looking like you've captured the look of a well used loco very well without bein too heavy.
  4. In the LNER context, the cartazzi didn't swing.
  5. Thanks I built 60516 from a DJH kit. I'm temped to do that with Steady Aim and rename renumber the DJH kit. Especially as there seems to be more Steady Aims about that Sun Castle
  6. Just a thanks seems insufficient for such a thorough answer. Most appreciated
  7. What paint or painting techniques did you use on the sleeper?
  8. Great pictures. For 60516 how easy was it to lower the number plate to the smoke box door strap?
  9. I was referring to the CK. Apologies if Tim is doing coaches. Thanks
  10. Is that a converted Hornby?
  11. Fantastic job on CoTH Tim.
  12. Definitely prefer Hornby lining. Bachmann needs to be toned down. Reminds me of a bumblebee.
  13. Ah I remember commenting on it on a previous occasion.
  14. Looks like a decent turn under the cylinders too.
  15. Very clever. I'd never have thought of it.
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