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    West of the West midlands i.e. Cardiff
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    ECML 1959 -62. 4mm modeling kit building and desparately wanting to get on with model making.

    Music principly classical but some more contempory and being a Christian I'm involved with my local church.

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  1. Now that's what I call a v2. It'll be interesting to see in a few years what Bachmann's new version will look like.
  2. I really am stunned by the research that has gone into your carriage workings.
  3. davidw


    Thanks for posting that....
  4. Your coaches are stunning. Like you I find that the Hornby ones are so close but a bit disappointing. Hope a retool is tackled soon.
  5. Looking good. Which train is that going to be rostered in..
  6. Sadly the average 'Joe Public' can rarely see beyond cosmetic issues with models. Those who are prepared to tinker with a model are in the minority, and becoming rarer.
  7. davidw

    Hornby B1 question

    It's very easy to move the coal plate. I did it on all mine
  8. Sorry just re read you post you're not likely to need them.
  9. I've two sets of brake third sides if you need them.
  10. Many thanks for such a quick reply...
  11. When will the print version be release to newsagents etc? Thanks in advance
  12. Looks really good. I've four in the to do pile.
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