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  1. Comet do do Dia 330 it's a new release. You'll need to ring to request it.
  2. Not quite as imminent as I was lead to believe.
  3. Thanks as 92167 entered service in 58 I really couldn't understand how it was going to carry an early crest.
  4. Apparently "Cock of the North" is imminent? The others about 6/8 weeks behind.
  5. The range of announcements for 2021 is clearly very large, and Hornby need to be congratulated on continuing the momentum, in very tough trading conditions. But in answer to the question. I find myself a little indifferent. I model a fairly specific time and place. I've plenty of 9fs, and A3s (Why another BR green Flying Scotsman - there were 78 others?). I'm glad to see another A2/2 due December. Certainly the P2 will have a wow factor though it disappeared way before my period. The DE releases will appeal to many. I've no doubt Hornby will produce stunning models. T
  6. If 92167 was constructed in 1958. I think it unlikely to have an early crest? Possibly a tender swap with a 9f in service..... Though it couldn't be because of the mechanical stoker. Any thoughts?
  7. The Bachmann version is a really good model. I listened with interested to SKs comments that he'd seen the CAD for this and it bettered the A2/2 which had received accolades as being outstanding - the 9f would better it. This is one I'm looking forward to seeing. But it'll need to go some to better what's currently available. I doubt personally I'll get any. Why- because I've 7 Bachmann versions. Purchased when more affordable.
  8. It would be great to have seen a double chimney late crest A3 as mentioned without deflectors, with GNR or high sided A3 tender. These go for stilly money on eBay....
  9. Bachmann do the BCK. I've at least 4. Maroon and C/C
  10. TBH I think there were very few BFKs. Personally I'd have anticipated a further mk1 catering vehicle. But we are where we are. I wonder if the decision was based on their use in departmental sets?
  11. Hi Have you managed a repaint of an RTR coach from one livery to another. ie Crmson cream to maroon?
  12. The first and loco, W.P.Allen, lacked imagination, though there were other howlers.
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