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    ECML 1959 -62. 4mm modeling kit building and desparately wanting to get on with model making.

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  1. I know the feeling w.r.t v2s. I've two new chassis v2s, 5 split-chassis versions and a part built branchlines chassis V2. The two new chassis V2s have had the bodies replaced with Graeme King resin bodies. One of the split chassis versions also has one of Graeme's bodies. DCC fitted the split-chassis v2s for the moment run well. Pulling more strongly and quicker than the later DCC ready chassis! I do intend replacing the hideous old bodies with Mike Trice's 3D versions in due course. If (when) the split chassis versions collapse, I'll bite the bullet and build comet versions. When the new Bachmann version arrives it isn't coming cheap! But I'm sure I'll sneak a few of those on to the layout too. How many V2s are needed on an ECML layout? Loads....
  2. Thanks Andy. I'll do that. Most appreciated.
  3. Hi I get a blank screen when I try to down load the sample magazine. I'm using a laptop running Windows 10
  4. An excellent couple of V2's. I wasn't going to tackle mine until next year - but you are causing me to rethink.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your Mike Trice versions painted.
  6. Now I understand why I had difficulty - I've set of comet I can use too!
  7. The quick answer is no you can never have enough. I'm with you all the way. I've still got 5 split-chassis V2s (bought when I didnt know better) with no sign of them falling apart. And I'll replace the bodies with Mike's in due course. When the chassis collapse replace with comet. The branchlines chassis is almost done but not easy as I'd hoped. Which running numbers will they be?
  8. Third, these V2 bodies are obviously contagious.
  9. That looks excellent. Though it's quite something that when manufacturers were chasing prototypes, it'll be next year before a V2 like that will be RTR. A missed opportunity for many years...
  10. davidw

    The Engine Shed

    I'll be after "Sun castle" and "Thane of Fife"
  11. Tony that looks stunning. Pdk tender? No I am just not keeping up sefinecast
  12. My only question is would more be available at a later date?
  13. Hi Mike - please include me. I thought I'd added the request earlier but I can't find it. Bachmann version.
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