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  1. The 3d print that Hornby display is clearly the A2/3. There's been much discussion on Wright writes on the Thompsons and I know TW has been consulted. I'd therefore be surprised if there was errors.
  2. 60108 needs a double chimney. That and front steps can be got from Graeme King. He regularly contributes on Wright writes.
  3. I too was thinking of 60501, but it may also require a chimney change and repositioning on the smoke box number plate. It's a bit of a mine field.
  4. Sadly not those - I'm after the FO-FO for the Talisman. And roofs for the coronation triplet set. though It would be intereting to see how his 61.6 corridors come out.
  5. Excellent I intend seeing him at Expo Em about some of his coaches.
  6. Is the "Isinglass Dias 307 twin third" a 3d Print? If so do let me know how you get on
  7. Was there much or any external difference between prototype and production RBs?
  8. Thanks I'd forgotten those details
  9. 1. Yes but, 60523 for 60500 very late in life as there was a boiler change. Also Dante may have had a round dome. It's amine field check with photos. 2. 60502 from 60501 possible. Check chimney style. 60503 are non starters with the proposed tooling. I believe Graeme Kings parts a Bachmann A2 and A3 boiler has been used to create 60503. Hope that helps
  10. I think as well that the handrails wrap around the smoke box and there's a pronounced kink in the steam pipe in many photos.
  11. Thane of Fife is close to 60506. Minor differences.
  12. The Bachmann V2 in the post above is very old tooling. Circa 1990. A completely new V2 without these issues will hopefully be seen late 2020
  13. Between the V2, A2/2, A2/3 and new O2 derivatives itd going to be expensive. Loving the shed photos
  14. My first loco kit was the DJH A2 similar to the A1. I wouldn't say it was easy but very enjoyable. Since built a second A2 an A2/3 and A2/1. Sadly I don't have the time to build that I used too. Good luck if you choose to progress to loco kits. These days I mess about with more coach builds.
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