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  1. Apologies Guys. I didn't get that problem.
  2. page 104 of "Yeadons locomotive names vol 1" 247 developments already do a plate. https://www.247developments.co.uk/fictitious_names.html I've a W1 converted from an A4 some time ago - I almost named it but changed my mind
  3. Plates were cast for Pegasus,in BR days too but never fitted. Strange, the name was very apt.
  4. All things are relative. And it's possible to argue this all kinds of ways. But a while back I was in conversation with a model shop owner. His view was that year on year less was being sold, impacting his profitability. Why? The eye watering costs. There'll be some who will be prepared to pay others won't. Bachmann (and others) will need to hope that modellers have deep pockets. What one is prepared to pay and expected to pay is widening. Personally at a lower price - what price is irrelevant as this varies from person to person- I'd have purchased many v2s, at least
  5. Anyone seen any decorated samples yet via collectors club. I suspect that's the only way we'll see models at the mo?
  6. It is possible to "fix" the Bachmann version, as I think you've done. Other that building a kit which for some brings in other issues, Hornby's Tornado is far better sorted with respect to the lining up of the cab and tender, it also has a cartazzi with better relief though only suitable for few of the originals? A friend has a Hornby Tornado, I was surprised how strong it was. It bettered the latest Bachmann version (early examples were awarded the wooden spoon in that respect anyway). But I was also surprised how good the lining was better than Bachmann. i felt it w
  7. Pity Hornby don't revise their gresleys and include an RF. Still happy with hunt couplings?
  8. davidw

    The Engine Shed

    TBH I was expecting to see the Thompson s before the W1/hush hush. Probably more demand for the latter.
  9. I routinely remove the ribs on mine. Bachmann and Hornby
  10. I'm not after Southern coaches. I'd really like Thompsons in maroon. But I dread the RRP if they ever appear....
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