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  1. Hi Captain, I think this was discussed earlier in the thread. The versions that Hornby have currently produced are suitable for the BR period only. The reason (I think) is the shared commonality with the also produced A2/3 locos. Personally I hope that the earlier version is at some point produced. In that way 60503/4 will also be possible. Not available currently. But who knows what future plans there are with Hornby other manufacturers or even 3D print possibilities.
  2. No it wouldn't. But other issues may. I'd like to see it inthe flesh. Not long to go.
  3. Is that Bachmann? It's was never a poor model. Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks for posting these pictures Gilbert. Livery application is very good. Boiler shape great as is the loco 'face'. Rivets seem a bit heavy as is the boiler bands - aren't the rivets on the smoke box slightly set back from the smoke box front? If it's it's not by much. Still not convinced of the valve gear. Agree on the cab window comments But I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Greatly improved model. Thanks again
  5. Q1. The double chimney A2 is built into the smoke box moulding. With a lipped or stovepipe moulding clipped on. The moulding built into the smoke box can however be removed with files (neater double chimneys are available from the likes of Graeme King. I think the single chimney is easier to remove. But I can't remember TBH. Q2. The peppercorn locos had 118 boilers by the end of their lives. But originally many carried the 117. I think the only visible difference was that the 117 had a round dome placed further forward. Power of the A2s is a good pictorial reference. HTH and that my information is correct David
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've resided a number of old tooling Thompsons. The underframe continues to let them down. The mods you've done are excellent. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.
  7. Good use of an old coach. How did you. Remove the moulded battery boxes?
  8. I did speak to Bachmann pre Covid. It was implied that we'd see them before the V2. Doesn't seem to have happened. The hobby is "loco-centric" may be the judgement is there's more money in locos. Bachmann coaches are tending to be very pricy - aren't they all. Fortunately I've two full comet kits done with a couple more to do and loads of resided old tooling and new tooling Thompsons that I've resided. I'd still like a few more though and I don't really want to go to the effort that's been needed on those Ive already done!
  9. Yes. Pity maroon and BGs and RFs weren't done.
  10. Has anyone actually seen one yet?
  11. RRP on the Hornby d16 is now £154 and some pennies. Though it can be got significantly cheaper at retailers... I got mine at £65. Though that was a little while back I'm not sure if this information helps or not. David
  12. That sums up the "problem" very well. Far more disposable income is required to purchase far less that what we could in the fairy recent past. If the disposable income isn't there. Certainly salaries/pensions/investments haven't performed or risen in a corresponding manner. Then the price of certain items do give me a sharp intake of breath. Unfortunately, prices are only going one way. Personally it causes me to appreciate what I've actually got, perhaps that's a good thing......
  13. I would buy 2-6-0 5 GNR K2 (61720-61794) 6 LNER K3 (61800-61992) 4-6-2 10 LNER A1 (60114-60162) Yes the Bachmann model though tough and robust is looking a little dated. Personally I really hate the cartazzi representation 11 LNER A1/1 (60113) wouldn't buy - as I've already got a very well built one from GRKing and Morgan Gilbert 13 Peppercorn A2 for the same reason as 10 I'd also go with the thompson A2/2s 60503/4 and the A2/1s
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