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  1. Northern have been a mess since the timetable change a year or so ago, for example lots of cancelled trains for driver training. This is down to the new in my opinion stupid routes for example local stopping trains Crewe via Wilmslow to Manchester now sometimes goto Wigan or Southport. This has lead to extra training, more unit miles on old stock often 142/153 combination on electrified lines.
  2. Unfortunately you have to crack eggs to make an omelet and thus you have to demolish stuff to build new stuff its called progress or circle of life. We have become to self obsessed and forget that we are just part of a society and that needs to come first occasionally.
  3. How do you work out it is unwanted, I and many thousands of others less vocal want it. The cost as stated spread out over the build time is a drop in the ocean of government spend. Cancellation will not put money elsewhere but be used for tax cuts for the rich. If we are heading in to a recession then cancelling this is a very bad idea, as it will help with employment during slowdown, boost economy. During a recession is exactly the time the government should invest in infrastructure and alike to stimulate the economy, may be as good or better than quantitative easing.
  4. It is a possibility, also depends on the hourly rate used, also once writing was on the wall he could have round it up with a charge.
  5. The 50k directors loan could be made up of a lot smallish cash advances over a period of time, hours worked unpaid, unpaid expenses (fuel, flights, hotels, post, envelopes, Internet, phone, heating, drinks, food, exhibition stand rent, flyers etc), could slowly build up.
  6. It has also been suggested that insurance may pay less out, as it will take the combined sum. Fund raising should I would suggest be held back until insurance has paid out or as a urgent hardship fund. This is truly shocking and my thoughts are with loss effected.
  7. Majority of population live along its route or close to the ends.
  8. HS2 should be built quicker, we need to think bigger and start building for tomorrow instead of self obsessing with today. We have become to self important to the point of every individual is more important than the community, state or society.
  9. Modern liability management move risk to small companies or voluntary sector and problem is gone.
  10. I have thought for sometime that Letterspider is Dave Jones, I become more convinced with each post. The only issue is the grammar and obvious proof reading but perhaps that's intentional. I have no interest in a 92 but have in other products, so like to stay informed. Plus I am enjoying reading the latest excerpts of DJM sagas.
  11. I would run this business for 40k a year, way more than I currently earn and most of the time fairly easy going. A few trips to China a year would be the hard bit, along with exhibitions, accounts easy if you stay up to date. Then the fun research, design, advertising and sending out orders (oh that bit can be hard). If I had the money and desire I would start my own again or offer to buy DJM out.
  12. As Grahame put it the astute will back DJM when he chose to duplicate my mermaid, how's that worked out, got all liveries wanted?. Dave has been more than happy to go after others ideas but seems to think his are special and should be protected. I suspect he did cl.71 because he heard Hornby were working on it, so he could play hard done by later if his failed. Cl.92 was revenge attack against RevolutioN for taking Pendolino away, he had wanted to do it at Dapol, may even have been announced. Mermaid to stop Dapol getting the work, Shark a dig at NGS for not giving him work or enough support. Ownership of CAD \ CAM will be with the factory or design house. In my day job I survey buildings etc we maintain ownership of CAD drawings, and have resold them when someone new wants them. We usually try to get permission from originally client as a courtesy. I have a shark on order paid for with Kernow very tempted to cancel, but this latest comedy moment has not quite done it. That said I would not give DJM money directly but do back RevolutioN and Kickstarter, so do like Crowdfunding. Dave has always been a showman, loves being center stage making announcements, but struggles with delivery.
  13. No In reality it should being built from multiple starting points, Manchester, Crewe, Birmingham (heading both north and south) and London. This would have delivered it quicker, improved design, speed up legislation and allowed us to move on to the next priority. HS3 linking into HS2 and running from Holyhead to Hull via Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, if this could also take cars and freight it would provide vital east west connection. High Speed travel and infrastructure investment is being delivered far to slowly in this country to the point that it is obsolete once delivered. We really need to grow up and invest in our infrastructure be it roads, rail, electricity, comma or water as we are being left behind. The needs of society need to out way the needs of the few.
  14. King Limited Edition announced that gets the King over the line and the MK5 coaches announced and cancelled in same sentence. I may be missing something as I was not they so posting from a very sedentary position.
  15. It is done to deflect attention away from him, he has form over many years. I seem to remember him doing it when at Dapol to Hornby and Bachman. His Cl74 was announced as he heard Hornby were working on one, his mermaid because I and Dapol were working to crowdfund one. Cl92 to get at Revolution for taking the Pendolino away from him (first announced as a DJM / Revolution product). He thinks customers will feel sorry for him and back the underdog if he points out that he was going to do it, but these bigger guys have taken it away from him. This is of course only my personal observations and thoughts and could be completely wrong.
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