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  1. Playing stupid here but if I am saving 62% should it not be less than half price? but none are so you are correct.
  2. Rock bolt plates, at a guess a mesh has been put over the cut face and bolted into the rock wall and covered in concrete. The square metal plates are like large washers, with a nut / fastener on the outside.
  3. N Gauge 2 shelves down as well, not sure what it is. Actually cement wagon I think
  4. I have had a letter and order from Mr Parker only sent last Saturday arrived yesterday so very fast turn around. No new kits this year, still sorting out the OO gauge range but hopefully new N gauge releases next year. He did hint at 1 but not sure if that is confidential so won't mention it here for now. I'll write to him again this time next year for an update.
  5. Thank you just printed an order that included several out of stock and money for new ones, which I assume there are none listed. It was October last year when he was on about releasing new items in N & OO this year but Covid must have got in the way. I'll adjust my order, ask how he is and what his plans are for new items.
  6. Although I agree with your post Ben I think Roger was pointing at Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, that said I have had over 95% delivery rate on kickstarter so would dispute his 10% success rate. Revolution has succeed for many reasons and one may well be moving away from kickstarter and its perceived issues in model railways. Yet Kickstarter is still very popular in wargaming for example but then targets are generally a lot lower.
  7. He was a while ago (late 2019), he was talking about new items in N and OO for this year, but that was pre covid. I have been meaning to write to him with an order to get an update of the N Gauge range, Mike will probably beat me now.
  8. "NEXT FAIR: Sunday 18th October CANCELLED Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN" Appears to have been cancelled when I clicked the link
  9. 6 months does only really cover the autumn and winter the expected worst period, through to 12 months from start of original lockdown in March. April could be an awkward month to open backup, depending on weather, how bad its been and vaccine success / delivery.
  10. Thank you Ben I had an Idea Gaugemaster have been doing this for quite a few years, seem to remember some sets done with Dapol Loco's and rolling stock. I did however remember the track wrong I thought / assumed Peco but now you mention it I think it was always Kato. Cl.73 springs to mind GWR class 14 and autocoach set could be wrong.
  11. Gareth Dennis on the BBC This guy is good at promoting HS2 and answering the critics, glad BBC had him on.
  12. So the BBC took the official start day of HS2 construction (previous works classed as enabling works) to give a negative story and and never opportunity to the stop HS2 mob. This project was planned and designed outside of a global pandemic, to then try in a middle of a pandemic to argue it is no longer needed as no one will ever travel again is utter rubbish. Yes travel patterns will change in the next few years but how in 2000 were the planners meant to know that in 2020 exactly travel would dramatically change for ever over night. Please can Stop HS2 stop using hindsight and giv
  13. Can't remember why but I seem to think Mr Sonic has nothing to do with DJM, I could be wrong it's just a vague feeling.
  14. Message on Facebook on Friday saying issues with emails, not sure about phones, may have been busy sorting out email issue. I would try ringing again next week.
  15. The DJM and Kernow factories are one in the same, DJM set up and introduced Kernow to the factory. The DJM factory had both sets of tooling (and others) and had a good relationship with Kernow so asked for help is my opinion. From what I have been told tooling rarely moves factories and if it does can get damaged or bits go missing. I would expect some level of communication between the ranges so you want get competing products but with equal measure I would not expect this to be a short term project.
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