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  1. Available in next few months with a bit of luck, just trying to sort out production. They will be sold through DCC Supplies, as kits a few details still to be confirmed.
  2. Here's a pic of the models on display today, thanks for all the positive feedback.
  3. I know about the Osborne's dray but had already invested time and money in to it and decided to carry on
  4. I have printed and base coated the bulk of the range and built a display for TINGs on Sunday. The display (none on sale) will be on DCC Supplies stand as early as I can get in. I realised I missed 2 off the Commer V Range and Ford Cargo Tractor units on their own but their are on their with trailers. I also forgot to take a pictures before packing away, as I am off to Statfold Railway tomorrow on my way down, for Road, Rail and Ale Festival. Some of the range will hopefully be on the DEMU stand all weekend at TINGS as well.
  5. Most if not all the early models had large flat sides and plenty of advertising space. The main market was selling them to companies as promotional items so needed several places to get the brand on. That then created a collector and after sales market, which in turn lead to a standard range. Odell was from matchbox from memory, so perhaps thats where the first ideas came from. Oxford Diecast started in the same way with the bull nose van designed to fit the box, not sure what else they did before they went over to scale models.
  6. Lledo vehicles were not designed to a scale but to fit a standard box. The horse drawn vehicles my all look to be a similar scale simple because 1 set of horses were tooled but may vary. The vans and lorries are I suspect all different until the introduction of the trackside and vanguard ranges just before the demise of Lledo. The trackside was introduced to bring scale consistency for the OO market. The Vanguard range was a compromise where the vans and cars were 1 scale and the lorries a different one, but always the same. When Lledo started them and Oxford Diecast were both in the limited edition / promotion market and scale didn't matter. OD were quicker to realise the move for scale models and left Lledo behind. Lledo to eventually become part of Corgi after bankruptcy. OD were also quicker to move production to China where as Lledo still produced a lot in the UK right up to the end.
  7. Here's the first 2 trailers and a tractor unit for the 1930s Karrier bantam
  8. Here is the latest project, I have drawn these myself and have been working on them a while. This is the first test print and more options are printing now. Its the 1930s Karrier Bantam. I have done 3 Cabs and 2 headlights (prewar and wartime, need to look at postwar option.) These lasted well into the 1960s in some locations and I know one is being restored in Yorkshire. All parts need additional CAD work.
  9. I must say never heard the 150 billion number, cost has gone up as from my understanding rollingstock now included, more tunnelling to keep parts of the country quiet, land and property price increases, inflation etc. Your prediction is also wrong already, as it has approval to Crewe which is North of Birmingham. I suspect it might get to Manchester but eastern leg hangs in the wind.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, I am focused on N Gauge for the time being, unfortunately its not a case of just scaling up to OO as wall thickness and detail would be wrong. I intend revisiting all cabs overtime with more options once initial batch released. It also comes down to what photos, sales brochures I can find, or actual vehicles to photograph. The Dodge is interesting as it is slightly different so may follow eventually as funds allow.
  11. I was not happy with the Commer Fire Engine and the Sherpa Fire Pump so grouped them together with some extra Commer Fire support vehicles. The sherpa was a basic size issue of parts so needs printing to see if it all fits together. 1st up is the reworked Fire Engine now version 6 2nd is and escape ladder based on one built for Carlisle. 3rd is a Marine rescue support vehicle, which could be used for police, mine rescue or other uses with modification 4th is a Fire support truck again would lend itself to other roles as well. I will be test printing these this weekend.
  12. Hi Ian This is a new range I am working on and will be available hopeful in the Autumn, waiting on a few things before I get masters printed and cast. I will post in the "Road Vehicle" thread and update my Facebook page when the models are ready and how to get them.
  13. Here's the horses sculpted, Shire horse stood and walking both stallion and mare, Cart horse stood and walking both Stallion and mare. Only the Stallion shire horse was done with a nose bag as it did not show up well when printed at this scale. I'll try to remember to print one at some point.
  14. Here is the final batch of horse drawn vehicles that I have been working on including shire horses. The horses are in standing and moving poses and one even comes standing with a feed nose bag.
  15. Here is the latest models I have been working on, I hve designed the vehicle myself over the last year and had a sculptor do the horses and riders. All need test printing and final modifications. Hearse body will be in clear resin.
  16. Thank you, I am currently printing a full set at 1:148 but the steering wheel at 90% and 80% to see what is best.
  17. Here's the latest versions and some new ones, all 8 versions are here, enjoy.
  18. Yes but I got some done for another project close to scale and there disappeared when printed, that said I'll have a think about it.
  19. Yesterday test print before the gown van arrived, I have sent back feed back on most of them.
  20. not sure its brave, heres the next one a gown van for your frock shop or cloths factory.
  21. Next up will be a milk float, I am test printing the other 3 now.
  22. Version 3 of the LWB high roof, its very close and version 1 of the next option.
  23. Thank you I have just sent version 2 back as my adviser and I are not happy with the LWB version. The SWB is very hard I think it is what it is now, the curves are very hard to get on a small model and are ending up on the renders looking angular. Hopefully over he weekend I'll get a the pair printed and have a better idea of the shape.#, no point printing the current version of lwb.
  24. Here's Version 1 of the high roof long wheel base, not checked this myself yet.
  25. Version 9 - 8 went straight back for a mod.
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