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  1. That looks better than my efforts by a mile. I will have to start again and see if I can do better. I couldn't even work out how to stop the red light from illuminating at the same time as the white lights (it worked ok with the old bulb)
  2. Another one to add. Some of the Merchant Navy locos are on the list already but I have just found my United States Lines 35012 from the Orient Express set has the bogie rot issue - just fell apart in my hands. I don't think the loco has a catalogue number but the box set is R1038.
  3. Thanks for the reply and your patience in answering questions. All wired up as per the left hand drawing. I connected the lamp in effect between C and D. I tried swapping b and d over; the problem did move to the other LED. I will just try reversing the LED polarity although I'd already swapped the LED out so would have to have got it wrong twice. WIll also replace the resistor. It's all good practice! I have run out of decoders so I will order a couple more and try a new one as well. Paul
  4. Hi all, Follow up to the request for help. I managed to wire up a TCS M1 decoder with the harness cut off and the loco runs (well). I even wired up some new LEDs for the headlights with a resistor on each. However ... whilst the light at one end works fine (only on in direction of travel) the other end doesn't work at all. The LED is definitely working. One curious thing (which to anybody with an understanding of electronics may help) is that placing two wires and a bulb across the + and - wires leading to the LED result in the LED turning on. Any ideas please?
  5. That's amazingly helpful. Thank you. I will give that a go this week.
  6. Hi, Please could anybody point me to a few pics or video that explain how to DCC fit this Hornby 56. The motor and wiring looks rather different to the guides for fitting DCC to Ringfield motored locos. I can't see any guides on here that show this particular type. Thanks
  7. Went out for a first ride on some 745 and 755s on Friday. Missed all the excitement with 424 ... except for the knock on delays. Quick photo of 755412 waiting to leave Ipswich for Beccles.
  8. Great. Thanks for the info Paul. I have spotted second hand copies of a couple of those online so will follow up.
  9. All round to yours then? Seriously though I see a few Rhatische Bahn books on the shelf. Any you'd recommend please? I assume they are all in German?
  10. Stunning layout. Would like to see this in the flesh. Hopefully before 2019.
  11. A really good issue from what I have read and skimmed so far. At least some of the "best buy" items are things I probably wouldn't have noticed just from browsing websites.
  12. When you post it might be helpful to say what it is that is good value since RMWeb truncates long links. To save others clicking the link it is an auction for a Hornby R3430 - LNER 4-6-0 Holden B12 Class ‘8573’. £80.00 is the starting bid so it can't really be a good price until you know what the final bid is going to be. If somebody puts up a loco at a starting bid of £1 that doesn't make it a bargain. Buy It Now prices might be a different matter.
  13. Discount codes for Train Trax who sell a range of Kato products Orders under £100.00 spring5 this will give a discount of 5% Orders of £100.00 or over spring10 this will give a discount of 10% Link to website No connection except as a customer.
  14. Thanks for the pics bigherb. Any more ? Looks like the railway track didn't go into the quarry here or has it just disappeared.
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