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  1. "Permanent Way will be British Finescale Code 40 Finetrax." Well done, that man! David
  2. "We don't blow whistles at people from Newbury, General Manager" - G T W Fiennes David
  3. Mea culpa, Jack! I would only plead that I was unaware of any controversy of the various directions of the early emblem unlike the rather more well-known B.R. tribulations over the later version. As you were, Mr Benson. I wouldn't allow a malnourished lion to come between me and your excellent modelling which I continue to enjoy. David
  4. That's a lovely loco, Jack, but shouldn't the unicycling lion be facing the front? David
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/apr/15/construction-on-hs2-can-begin-government-says David
  6. That ferry van is seriously good, Paul. Ferry vehicles are the great neglected area of wagon modelling. The general lack of readily available information may have something to do with it. David
  7. 'Like' doesn't quite seem to to do it all justice . . . Fine piece of work, Chris! David
  8. Hi Jeremy, Like others on here I was a keen follower of 'Euston' and I look forward to seeing it possibly being resurrected in the future. In the meantime I'll be following your new Swiss opus. I know very little of Swiss trains other than they always look very nice but, hey, it's trains so what's not to like! Hope to see perhaps a little less of the high speed people wagons in future and some pics of locos and proper wagons David
  9. 5A fuse wire. How much do you need? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-amp-fuse-wire-36-SWG-Tinned-Copper-Wire-40-meters-FUSE-WIRE-5-AMP-0-2mm-/113965764804?hash=item1a88e390c4 My reel already has a place in my will . . . David
  10. Good to meet up with you again on Saturday, Mark. Onwards to Scalefour North . . . not with Waddenhoe Road obviously! I felt quite the outsider conversing with three people from Northamptonshire David
  11. A Class 14 chassis seen in the raw nickel. It wasn't a dream after all! David
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/29/sajid-javid-expected-to-back-hs2-despite-spiralling-costs If the Treasury is onside . . . David
  13. The Forest beckons! Hurrah! Anything to do with Model Rail's 16xx tanks? Back to Torre. Superb work, Martin, and without consuming acres of domestic space. So glad to see the recent updates. Look forward to seeing more of your progress. David
  14. The gentleman was called Keith Allen and the articles were published in Railway Modeller at intervals between November 1980 and January 1983. David
  15. What a delightful little scene, Fraser! I especially like the colouring of the stonework on the goods shed and the wall behind it. As a matter of interest there was a one page article ('Prototype of the Month') by none other than P.D.Hancock featuring Lasswade in the May 1953 Railway Modeller. I hasten to add that I didn't purchase the issue new but I was given it by a family friend around 1962. It has always stuck in my mind as an attractive little prototype. David
  16. Hi Mark, Attached are some photos that I took at the Ribble Steam Railway in 2013. They are of B575554 which was built with Morton unfitted brake gear by Pressed Steel in 1956. Its condition at Preston shows it to have been rebodied at some point and also given four shoe fitted brake gear with two brake cylinders. These were, I believe, to be of slightly different diameters but under a 4mm wagon I wouldn't worry too much about that! The more puzzling aspect for me about such an arrangement is that, unlike their 21T counterparts with two cylinders there is no changeover lever for loaded/unloaded conditions nor a self-adjusting brake to achieve the same result. Perhaps Paul could come up with an answer. It had obviously spent its final years carrying spent ballast for the civils as it has the twin cuts in the sides to prevent overloading. It also has a distinctly non-standard end-door stripe! As Paul has mentioned it shows the curved bottom edge to the side which was a feature of many rebodies. The end-door is at the 'wrong' end compared to when it was built where on the clutch side of the brake gear the door would be to the left. Also note that the tie-bar between the axleguards is made of angle and not flat strip and the hand levers also have reinforcement for part of their length. Coincidentally there is a photo of B569425 from the same Pressed Steel lot in BR Wagons Volume 1. It is in traffic use in 1978 and shows all the features of B575554 apart, obviously, from the cut-outs and that odd white stripe. Hope this helps. David
  17. Jerry, It's always worth trying European suppliers as I've bought a few CT chips from the Netherlands and France. I found this supplier has one in stock: Austria by the looks of the .at. The only downside can be the shipping charges but if you're desperate . . . Buy now before circumstances change! David
  18. Many thanks for these photos of one of my all-time favourite layouts. I don't believe that I have ever seen any photographs in colour before and it is now possible to appreciate the subdued tones used in the modelling. My first acquaintance with Berrow was in 'Berrow Revisited' which appeared in a 1960 edition of RM and I always looked forward to further articles about the branch in the following years. David
  19. As Dave said, the quality of the photographs is quite outstanding. The composition of each one is sympathetic to the subject. No comparison to my own smudgie Brownie shots of the same period! David
  20. Thanks Andy and Stewart. I had come across Element Games previously but I had forgotten them until you mentioned them. Nearest Boyes seems to be in Royton (Oldham). I must admit that I had always assumed that they hadn't ventured to the frozen North! David Edit re:Boyes. From the map it appears that the Pennines has been the main barrier to turning up in the North West!
  21. Thanks. I'll keep you in mind. David
  22. A question basically as the title. Does anyone know of a stockist of Vallejo paints in Greater Manchester? Unfortunately my local shop in Bolton which stocked them closed down a couple of months ago. Buying paints online is a bit of a pain due to the shipping restrictions and its always good to have a rummage through the available colours. David
  23. A disrespectful term for Italians? You have to be of a certain age to remember its use. David
  24. Excellent resource, Andy. Thanks for posting. Could I also give a mention to Chris Crofts' seminal articles in MRJs 12/13/14 from 1987. Entitled 'Scratchbuilding Model Wagons' the series is mainly concerned with post-1923 mineral wagons and has lots of prototype information as well as building 4mm scale models. David
  25. Justin, 2-551 is a very old production going back at least thirty years. It is from the same era as 2-511 which is the (not NGS) LMS van. It is rather basic, befitting the era in which it was produced. It has no inside detail and the lack of bottom doors is unsurprising. I have no experience of 2-553 but it appears to be as the description, being the eight-plank version of the RCH 1923 standard. It is also, I would guess, a Cambrian moulding which, with one exception, I avoid like the plague! Both will work with the Association's 9' underframe although 2-551 will need a buffer beam but some Evergreen strip would probably be your friend. The Association has needed a decent 1923 RCH mineral for years but it seems unlikely to appear any time soon as we seem to have given up on plastic moulding and I'm not sure that etching is a good solution for wooden-bodied open wagons. 3D printing without those terrible ridges may be a solution., Those of us who model the largely 16T steel mineral era are hugely spoiled by the Stephen Harris kit but were I to need any wooden body coal wagons I would be more inclined towards the NGS Parkside productions for seven and eight plank wagons. Edit to add that the 1923 spec allowed for the end stanchions to be either metal T section, as 2-551, or wood, as 2-553. David
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