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  1. I think I have ordered one, should I have an email confirming this? Don't want to miss out on a late crest King! Might just have to order another with double chimney if it comes round. Will there be a weathered version?
  2. m90g


    Well I have finally taken the plunge and bought one of these little 4F’s and what a beauty it is. Popped down to the Ian Allan shop in Waterloo and if you are a loyalty member they give you a fiver off for every hundred you spend (hence a duchess was £114!!, now sold out). I purchased the Seaside Excursion set and got the lot home and set up. After setting up the GF track (1st radius), and a little running in, she proceeded to do a good scale 20 mph easily. The daylight between boiler and frame show up the counterweights on the wheels really well. The inside motion is well represented and there’s a large ashpan underneath the boiler. The attention to detail on the little thing is amazing. Anyway, intrigued as too how much she would pull, I fitted her up with 5 plankers. I ran out at 17 so then added the BCK and SO that came with the set. Still, she managed a good scale 20 mph around 1st radius curves! Although small and lightweight this thing pulls well (perhaps the wheels are magnetic??!! !). There is space for a little bit of lead weight in the cab, and the addition of a lead driver and fireman would up the weight; I haven’t popped the body off yet to see if there is space inside. My only concern is the very fragile tool holder and coal rails that go on the tender – they are very fine pieces and I’m not sure there is space in the usual container to store them when fitted.
  3. Well done Dave, very good choice of widespread engine. I'll have one in green and black (late crest), or were they all repainted into green? Plus I'll be cheeky here and suggest that with only one more axle a prairie it could be, of short and long wheelbase versions? :-)
  4. m90g

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Roy, Yes indeed, it does look better than the usual Dapol weathering of lots of dirty puddles. i've had a look at my colour book collection and there are few westerns with nyp, it didn' t last long before they were repainted, hence i' m thinking that many didn't have enough time to develop much intensive weathering, which i' m afraid this one has. Most were repainted by '62 or 63 at the latest. I was gong to keep this but am not sure now, I can return under the sale of goods act as it. has been misdescribed. Best wishes MS
  5. m90g

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Well Mr Postie has just turned up with a little package from Liverpool. Enterprise does indeed have no yellow panel, its as crimson as I bet Dapol are about to feel on this one. luckily, I wanted to covert to D1001 or another early example with no SYP. The weathering looks on par with the blueys, pictures have already been posted elsewhere. Still, another job awaits, where can I get metal nameplates for re-naming? MG
  6. m90g

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Richard, Yep, still no photo. Went ahead and ordered one anyway, she can accompany my desert sand one...... Rails has also appeared to have sold out, i hope not through my scratchings on here. Being one of only a few weathered maroons, it will sell out quick if its as any good as the blueys are.
  7. m90g

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Just seen the weathered example of Enterprise in maroon, on the Rails website, and it appears to have no yellow panel on the nose! Not sure this is right, anybody have any thoughts? W.E went yellow panel whilst still in Desert Sand?
  8. Agreed, Great little show, good to shake off the new year cobwebs and only a mile or so from home. Managed to pick up some 2nd hand books from the RCTS stand, and some great bargain n gauge stock from the members stand. The bloke behind the stand reminded me of my old school teacher! The Cromwell Road layout looked great, those Heljan Westerns were shown off to great effect. I only planned to stay one hour but ended up staying for two. Good luck for next year. MG
  9. And of the old gas works at Hayes/ Southall. Not a trace of all that stee work / pipework now remains - its a giant purple car park!. MG
  10. m90g

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Really? Mine makes exactly the same noise, and its running in on the kitchen table. I couldn't believe it at first but it definitely has the hum of a twin high speed engine. Perhaps Dave had tuned the twin drive reducing gears to produce this !? MG
  11. Sorry chaps, her indoors has pulled rank and off out on a school parents xmas do, so I'll have to stay at home looking after junior. Have an enjoyable night and merry christmas one and all. Myles
  12. Gents, Another meeting and perhaps another place to meet next time, more centrally. If I haven't started it, and if I remember, I'll bring my new Warley acquired GWR "Insixfish" kit from Ntastic. Its pretty simple, (Dapol chasis included) but would welcome any input to make it up to 2mm standard as opposed to ordinary n gauge.! Regards, Myles
  13. David, Well done, your answer rocks. Its deja-vu all over again (West London 2mm) Myles
  14. My god !, that brings back memories of going to the Doncaster open day in 81/82 when they were all in the yard, most of which had by then been withdrawn. Fantastic foto, congrats.
  15. Saw the ngs stand at the show and this looks good. I can see a few of these appearing on a local ebay near you when this get released. I'm going to have just the maroon one though.... MG
  16. Surely not Tom!. There's an interesting "Hall" I wouldn't mind having a look at, possibly purchase and "improve" as per other previous discussions on RMWeb. And, a big plus this; car is now working without a major expense bill which it could so easily have been. Hopefully, see you there on the Sunday!. Myles
  17. Gents, It was good to get together and to kick something off. Apologies again for leaving early but last night was a 50th birthday of a colleague, and “er indoors†wouldn’t have allowed me to play out 2 nights in a row! I managed to get the 7.06 with about 30 seconds to spare. Luckily it was a Turbo, if it’d been an HST I wouldn’t have stood a chance, the doors would have been locked! As perhaps the only representative of N gauge, as opposed to true 2mm, I agree that we should open the field to all people in this gauge. The more hands and heads together we can get, perhaps the better things will be. I would obviously prefer a week-day but don’t let that hinder things if you want to change. Perhaps we can catch a wider audience if we keep it local to Paddington with people in the same commuting position as me. It would be good to roll up our sleves and get stuck in but perhaps for the moment we should keep it to an informal group, until numbers increase and we can afford something more substantial than a few rounds in the pub. As my dad says, and I understand now completely, money doesn’t grow on trees! Myles P.S Sorry, but I won’t be able to make the next one on the 24th. I’m holidaying down in Tenby that week. Manorbier Castle here we come!
  18. Cool, I'll see you there, and try and guess which is Tom and which is Nigel. Might only be able to stay for a hour, hopefully long enough to find you ! M
  19. Hello, Am an N Gauge modellor with a WR/MR BR bias, cira 1950/60. Late steam / Early Diesel.

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