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  1. I hadn't clocked that this used to be St Albans, as it were. Much more awkward to get to for us, living on the MML, but the venue was very good. Struggled initially to find the right parking, and it was well filled when we did, but lucked in, with a parking space right outside the door. It was so close to the entrance I felt like Mr Bean. A really nice show. Good balance of exhibits as between scales and prototypes and vs trade stands, of which there was a good selection, and special thanks to Maggie and Gordon Gravett for their contribution, which appears to have been a tremendous success. Little Ruth is now determined she is bringing her own layout - and is showing great promise with scenics, thanks to good teachers... Top marks from Ruth went to the layout with the real water, and the other big 7mm layout with the 'Duchess'. 'Modbury' particularly stood out, for me, and I was really pleased to finally see a bit of China 'in the flesh' - some lovely modelling along that back row of buildings and much more to come, I'm sure! Lots of friendly exhibitors who were patient with what seemed like a higher than usual quota of children, not all of whom were being dragged there by modeller parents! Thank you to all the exhibitors who made a little girl and her Dad very happy with their outing. Just one little thing, if I may, and that's closing time - there was some doubt, it seemed about what time this was! When you have a little person you rely on being there late (or very early) in the day to have that bit more breathing space for your step(!), and I do understand it's a long day for operators, but please, humour us and keep running trains right up to the end! Anyway, thank you everyone and I'm sure we'll be back.
  2. Tim produces a cracking product and has dug me out twice at short notice approaching Christmas. It's quite ironic that the really quite ridiculous OP has led to lots of people attesting to quite the contrary, and very happy to vouch for a lovely chap and a super product. What a shame the OP missed out on that, is all I can really say!
  3. Thanks for the idea - just had a sneak peek - one of the two on the rear axle looks like it might not be making the greatest of contact but all of them are standing proud of the chassis. Can't do much with it until the children are in bed! The noises, slowing down and what then seemed sound almost like gear-related noises were not encouraging, which is all the more perplexing when it ran better than that out of the box. I've made the assumption that like BachFarish, there is lubricant applied at the factory. Other than an exploded diagram there's nothing in the box about running-in etc. so I was applying the usual hour each way at a moderate speed...
  4. Mine ran in very nicely for almost an hour, impressively smooth, but is now suddenly starting to get slow, noisy and lumpy in both directions, worst and stalling in reverse, so have had to give up for the night and put everything away. Gaugemaster controller. Freshly cleaned (with a Peco rubber) Kato Unitrack laid on a Tim Horn baseboard. Nothing controversial. I really don't know what I do to deserve this. If anyone else can offer any insight I would be grateful - with them being scarce I don't want to get left without one any more than be lumbered with a dud! Everything seemed really promising as well. Spoke too soon!
  5. You mean, 'is snow in Gresley a bigger event than the open weekend'? I don't know, but my Dad used to joke about comparing things to 'a wet night out in Swad'...
  6. I have a Rheneas in my hands, or rather running in on the kids' layout while they are asleep, pending Christmas and a decision on whether Daddy is going to keep it for himself! I gather stock at Tootally Thomas is very much limited so if you had a pre-order, crack on and pay for it, and if you didn't, get on the blower!
  7. No 'Fairburn Wobble' on my 80119 which arrived from Widnes today. Thank goodness. There is a distinct difference in the amount of movement in the radius rod and expansion link between the two sides of the loco but it runs smoothly and tracks straight. After a really dispiriting run of 'duds' in one way or another it looks like I've got lucky! Finally I have a Std 4MT tank and an Ivatt 2MT mogul - the two locos I wrote to Bachmann to ask them to make when I was about ten years old!
  8. One wonders what they might have in store in 'N' if this goes down well.... although one doesn't hold one's breath.
  9. The new issue of RM alludes more positively to the likelihood of S&C appearing...
  10. As a kid I always used to notice that. Generally in 'Junior Modeller' where 'track is a mixture of PECO and Hornby'. I felt it was very partisan and unfair, whilst not thinking through the commercial connections!
  11. The plunger pickups on the Airfix 14xx are by themselves enough to elevate an otherwise innocuous model to this august group, I reckon.
  12. I might be wrong (I'm working off the top of my head) but I think all of those things happened in 1990. I have pictures of the Jubilee, SNG and subsequently 60009 as 'Osprey' going light to Branston to turn. 'Bananas' went to Coalville open day in '89 and was on the patch a fair bit at that time. SNG on the 'Peaks Express' was quite a regular event on a Sunday at that time, if I remember rightly. In fairness, I was eight...
  13. Oh yes, we're talking the days not long before the MML/CT empires were smashed ;-) If you're going earlier then I must put in a request for Garter Blue SNG with chrome lettering/numerals, on 'The Peaks Express' Sunday turn, 4472 post-Australia with Bill McAlpine sat on his verandah behind it, and 'Bahamas' going light engine to Branston to turn! #MisspentYouth :-D
  14. I used to sweep those stairs! Worked in the BO and on the platform at Burton a decade or so ago and grew up spotting in the field behind Rumenco. Gimme a shout if there's anything I can help with :-)
  15. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have seen the RM article and been taken by surprise, only to find none available. Hopefully with this being a new tool they will get some welly out of it now that demand is established, even if it is only as Skarloey. To some degree, Bachmann won't mind where they end up, so long as they sell!
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