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  1. teaky

    Teaky's attic

    If you're interested I could just wait until the next strong gale from the south and just tip it out of the window. No charge.
  2. teaky

    Teaky's attic

    Thanks Gordon. The stairs aren't as bad in reality as they appear in the picture. The area where you place your foot is no different than on an ordinary staircase. It only really becomes a problem if you're half way up and realise you've forgotten something and want to turn around or if you have arthritic knees and need to place both feet on each step. No problems so far with my size elevens but taking two steps at a time is definitely out of the question. It's a pity you've found this thread. I won't be able to take credit for the pointwork now!
  3. teaky

    Teaky's attic

    Despite life getting in the way, as it does, plus some (more) replanning due to change of mind, I am slowly making progress on the baseboards. I am probably only about half way around the room but the boards completed so far are the more complex ones. That being said, they are just stacked up at present awaiting a coat of paint. I decided to give everything a coat of emulsion. Not strictly necessary but it might hide some of my wood butchery and because it is a light colour the underside will be easier to see when wiring. I haven't tackled the storage yet and that will involve fiddling with drawer runners etc. to make a traverser. Then there are some infill sections, a long curved main line section, a viaduct, legs, fascia ... oh crumbs!
  4. teaky

    Teaky's attic

    For Sale: Large pile of top quality birch sawdust. (I reckon there's about £20's worth if you stick it back together into a sheet.)
  5. I trust you made a careful note of the number of rivets in the underside of that bridge Jerry.
  6. Yes that's a good point Colin. Screwfix do seem to have quite a few options. I almost put a link in but didn't know what length you'd used. I was comparing like with like (in fact, the Screwfix ones seem to be rated at 45kg rather than 35kg but perhaps that's just the limitations of the eBay description since the 350mm ones are 35kg). These are what I meant which appear to match the price you quoted. I actually have a few awaiting use in a traverser and, although I haven't put them to use yet, I'm pleased with the quality. I have just measured them and they are 45mm high.
  7. FYI Cheaper at Screwfix.
  8. One of the reasons I spent time finding birch plywood that was not from Russia where the Siberian forest is being felled with no thought for the future.
  9. Sounds expensive but I didn't buy mine pre cut. That's more like the price for a whole 2440 x 1220mm sheet. Hopefully, someone else will be able to advise on cutting costs. Mind you, if you're only after a single sheet cut into two or three pieces, the price is less significant than if you are ordering several sheets. A couple of suggested suppliers: http://www.johnsonstimber.co.uk/sheet-materials/birch-plywood/2440x1220x9mm-birch-plywood-bb-grade https://www.lathamtimber.co.uk/products/panels/plywood/birch-plywood/birch-plywood-specifications You'd have to phone for prices I'm afraid. Do you have a local independent timber merchant? They would be able to order some in and cut it for you. You could always take a tape measure, pencil and saw to the timber merchants and cut it in the car park. (I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have done this on the past.)
  10. teaky

    Teaky's attic

    I went for this one. Not real wood but reasonably heavy duty. Obviously, at this stage I can't yet say how well it will cope with wear and tear. I have dropped a few things on it with no visible damage. It is a hard material and resists dents much better than solid timber flooring but then timber just wears marks as part of the patina of age. I'd expect it to cope with knives because it would be easy to fill and colour any damage. I have repaired some damage to a different colour of the same brand of flooring in a bedroom and you'd be hard pressed to spot it. I have no idea regarding solder splashes but it would probably depend on the size of the damaged area. It is possible to replace a plank if you keep some spares, although it is a bit of a faff if it is in the middle of the room. You could always choose a burnt wood effect laminate.
  11. I didn't realise they could play music too. Darned talented those sheep.
  12. Did you miss this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-50115974 One for next year, perhaps?
  13. Green looks better. Just needs a tender now.
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