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  1. Well that's the easy bits ruled out then. Have you messaged Andy yet in order to rule out the RMweb server end of things?
  2. In case it helps narrow it down. I'm using the same set up as you Jonathan except for BT instead of PlusNet. No problems at all. I think a timeout error 524 is at the server end but it can't do any harm to rule out any potential causes at your end. As ever, it is a case of narrowing down. Here are some thoughts (apologies if I'm just telling you the obvious). I'm sure a few of the more technically knowledgeable will be able to help further. (If you think they haven't noticed your post then add a request to the Windows10 thread.) Ask PlusNet to test the line speed
  3. Well, no alcohol after 6pm in Wales. What was it our thread host said several weeks ago?
  4. Our nearest canal has a mixture of hard materials underneath the bridges. These are mainly cobbles or bricks. The canal is edged with large stones under most bridges but sometimes the builders have used bricks with a rounded edge nearest the water. Most, possibly all, of the locks have an arc of bricks with raised brick slip bars. A number of locks have a brick towpath with slip bars at the lower end of the lock. I can think of one lock where the brick towpath continues for a few metres because the lower end of the lock is close to a bridge. Most of the canal is in open countr
  5. Probably. Mr Wolf's photo matches the practice near us. On the bright side: you can have a straight line now.
  6. A neat solution Graeme. Did you make provision for future access to the interior and, if so, how?
  7. I wouldn't worry about the height too much. As long as it looks about right. There are several bridges near me that I can only walk under without ducking my head if I am stepping on the large stones edging the towpath. If I walk on the towpath itself I have to duck slightly. To be fair, these are in the minority but there is definitely variation. I agree with the comments about horses too. Think pony rather than horse.
  8. Are you still struggling with how to go off scene Rob? Here's an idea. You just need something to distract the eye. Apologies for the crude mock up. I'm sure you'd make a better job of it.
  9. The eucalyptus oil arrived yesterday so I gave it a try on a few old tinlets. The particularly crusty one proved too much of a challenge. Several drops of oil turned the contents into something with a similar consistency to warm Blu Tack which seemed promising but, not wanting to use up too much of my new purchase, I then added some white spirit and have not been able to improve on a rather grainy mixture. Tinlet written off. Some other tinlets of varying ages (several branded Airfix!) have come out very well using 3 or 4 drops of eucalyptus and nothing else.
  10. I wonder if Your Sheepyness can explain this apparent contradiction? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/94613-the-sheep-chronicles-the-final-frontier-these-are-the-continuing-adventures-of-norman-lockhart-connoisseur-of-traditional-british-breakfasts-and-fine-cream-teas-chapter-5-outwool-dipping-a-hoof-into-an-ex-great-eastern-backwater/&do=findComment&comment=2326433
  11. I wonder how close Cavalry Brown is to maroon? https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/product/hobby/model-color-en/cavalry-brown-70982/
  12. FYI Before you waste any time searching the wrong channels, two of the NH Nations Cup matches are on Channel 4 and the rest are on Amazon Prime.
  13. Yes, it was. So much for my attempt at some mild humour. I think Manna may have got it though. I ordered a 10ml bottle last night, so when it arrives I will test it on a particularly crusty tinlet of Humbrol enamel.
  14. Ah yes. I knew that. Some bloke over on the LNER Forum mentioned it last year and I'd forgotten.
  15. I didn't think 'sarky' for a moment. My 'funny' rating was because it made me laugh. BTW I rather like a roof with moss, lichen etc. It softens things in a natural way.
  16. Now that you have added the second paragraph my 'funny' rating seems less appropriate! I had wrongly assumed your attic was on the third floor like mine where I find the ability to turn the windows almost inside out to clean them very handy. We no longer have a window cleaner. The one we used to have passed the business to his son who then decided that too many of the houses in our neighbourhood had bolted gates which made accessing the sides and back too much trouble, despite having a ladder. I started doing it myself years ago and haven't bothered trying to find ano
  17. I found some softer foam and used it to modify the mounting of the paint shaker to allow it to wobble more. I also turned the motor through 90° for additional wobble. After digging out a few tinlets of enamel and trying them this has definitely helped. However, I am not totally convinced. The lumpier paints needed a brief stir to ensure the lumps were small enough to move around freely and even once everything appeared fully stirred I still found myself using the old small screwdriver I use for mixing by hand to check there were no lumps left. I have a feeling I may still use the mixer bu
  18. Hi Gordon. I like the new lighting but how do you clean the outside of the windows?
  19. It will be a real struggle using 4mm scale tools as well.
  20. Well, I've never seen them in the same place at the same time.
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