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  1. Hello, not updated for a while but I thought it was worth a mention as I recently purchased 2 new Graham Farish Class 56 locos GWR green and the West Coast (not sure of the colour?) both very nice runners. I followed the running in process as always and removed the bogies to give a light oil. To my surprise I found not the usual black gears but nice new white ones. Please forgive me if this news was already common knowledge, if it was sorry I missed it. I'm hoping it's as a result of Graham Farish listing to our concerns and fixing the problem. are G/F now manufacturing their gears using a bet
  2. I have been looking forward to getting these wagons since announced by Dapol a long time ago? (I couldn't remember, or find the date) I received 22 a few days ago, 16 green and 6 white, along with some other n gauge stock. I set up my Kato oval of track. Whilst I was running in two new G/F 56's locos I unboxed my 22 HIA's First impressions, the wagons have some weight to them and the livery is nicely applied one was missing a coupler at one end, it happens occasionally! Several of the wagons I noticed, the panels have not been glued into place as well as others, which is a shame and more notic
  3. Hi Andy, I apologise I did not intend to offend. I will not let my frustration get the better of me in future, I value and appreciate this forum and in no way want to insight any conflicts. Andy has kindly reactivated this topic so those of us who do have this problem can discuss and hopefully find a solution. Is it wrong lubricant, storage temperature, faulty part etc lets use this opportunity to discuss and see if we can find a common denominator. Pete I had another look on BR Lines this time at their spare parts for sale. Interesting part No. GF2503 Pack of 4x 12 tooth gears £3.60 (Late
  4. It's interesting that in the few days this topic has been active over 500+ people have viewed it. I would say a topic about split gears in Graham Farish locos is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Especially when it's a subject which has been talked about on this forum alone 80, no sorry now 81 times previously, it's a fact! This got me thinking does this mean that the majority of these views are from people who have had or are currently having problems with split gears in their Graham Farish locos? I know one person is currently unsure there is a problem, would be interesting to find
  5. Like others have stated, my locomotives are stored in an invironment without any significant change in temperature! No special treatment or hot water bottles for my Kato, Tomix, Dapol or CJM locos! Oh and no split gears and that my friend is The Guardian, The Independent, The Financial Times of facts :-) Pete
  6. You have been very lucky, may be worth giving your large collection another spin time permitting and see if you are still very lucky! If you don't mind me asking what lubricating oil do you use? Interesting point to note, my Kato, Tomix and Dapol loco's are all run approximately the same amount, oiled the same way and stored together in my excellent Parkwood Arts Park 'N' Stack boxes. Only my Graham Farish Loco's suffer with split gears?? Pete
  7. As a matter of interest, I had a look on BR Lines web site to establish the price fellow hobbyist are charged for a repair to their Graham Farish Loco's with one split gear! To post a small parcel 2nd class proof of postage only is currently £2.85 (no insurance) BR Lines charges £14.50 plus cost of parts say £1.00 for a gear and VAT £3.10 plus return postage £3.20 total £24.65 plus the risk the loco being lost in the post! Wow! This is in no way a criticism of what BR Lines are charging and £14.50 + VAT includes a full service (plugs oil and filters! sorry couldn't resist!) But seriously nearl
  8. We just need Bachmann to come clean about it!
  9. Looking at some of my G/F loco information sheets, they state "Lubrication, when required, sparingly lubricate the motor bearings using plastic comparable light oil and the gear train with model grease. Suitable lubricants are Bachmann E-Z Lube item 99984 or Woodland Scenics "Hobbylube" Lite Oil item HL654." I have been using MaGeR which states its "Plastics Compatible" Pete
  10. I fear this may have to be the way forward unless Bachmann announce to resolve the problem on the strength of these posts! Thats if they actually read the posts?
  11. Interesting that Stephen's first post was removed by administration, I'm not sure why? Unfortunately I don't think Bachmann listen to individuals, from the telephone call i had with them 27.10.2016 in which I believe I stated a reasonable case. I was basically fobbed off and frankly felt offended hence my first post! I feel given the overwhelming evidence written here and other forums of Bachmann customers continuing to suffer problems with gears splitting in Graham Farish Loco's, to be told by Bachmann Customer Service "the reason the gears were splitting in my locos, is because I am not runn
  12. That's interesting, i don't know anything about On30 does this scale use the same axles and gears as n gauge? Pete
  13. Thanks, I will contact them and see if they still have any for sale. Pete
  14. I use MaGer Lubricating Oil States its "Especially for Model Railways & Sot Cars etc." "Plastics Compatible"
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