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  1. Just to show I'm not really mellowing out, my attitude nowadays is more akin to responding to "You should......." statements with "You should F*&% off" One of my mates pointed out that in a number of my videos, I basically tell the audience to f*&% off. Thing is, they bloody loved it
  2. I do kind of get it now. What you are creating is more of a 3d piece of art and having trains moving through it just adds to the overall creation rather than being the main purpose of the piece and as such, having a load of track on bare baseboards full of sidings that you have to then fill with stock becomes a pain in the plopper. If I am right in this, then you are totally right in your decision (whatever that may be). Don't let mine or anyone else's requirements for what they want from a layout steer your direction, as it may not be what you want from it. Did I really say that? Wow - I must be mellowing in my old age
  3. I think I know what the ommission might be; you are thinking of going without a fiddle yard. Am I right?
  4. Better down that having to cycle up it
  5. Hi there Jeff. Well I've done a grand total of sod all modelling in the past God knows how long, mainly because all my railway stuff is tucked away safely in an attic in Bingley, and I now live in Chester. Regardless, I will be keeping an eye on what you are up to and pointing out the error of your ways when you stray from the path Want to know what has been filling my time? No? Well I'll tell you anyway. Riding bikes mainly, and starting up a YouTube channel that's slowly growing in subscriptions. I started this just before Lockdown which was possibly the worst time EVER to begin a mountain biking channel as for the next two and a half months, I was restricted to riding around Chester so to keep it interesting, had to learn to talk to the camera, quickly. Want to see one of the videos? No? Well I'll show you anyway. This is a very short edit of a run down Boredale Hause. Excuse the bad language; that's just me and I'm not about to stop swearing E
  6. Hi Pete. Bacup is no more, there was no real way of converting it to EM and the baseboards were truly awful. Plus, I became more interested in industrial railways when building The Mill so the next layout is likely to be a gritty industrial line weaving its way past the buildings of Bacup (all saved and stored) with exchange sidings if space allows
  7. Those terraced houses look really familiar; I have rows and rows of them that look almost exactly the same
  8. How about coming on a recce for locations over my way Mark? Loads of railway related books and crannies around the Wrexham/Trevor district and handily close to Llangollen for some proper decent riding
  9. The 2nd? Marry a Spanish woman and they go on until the 6th! Merry Christmas Clive (and everyone else of course)
  10. Really sorry to hear this, Jim was such a lovely bloke and always stopped for a chat whenever our paths crossed.
  11. Not the mill on, erm, The Mill but another one.
  12. You wouldn’t believe how many spare buildings I have that didn’t quite fit into Bacup. A full, huge mill for starters......
  13. Hey buddy, long time no see. I bought RM last week (first time I’ve bought any mag other than MRJ in years) and saw your article. Looks proper good and reads well; job well done. J.
  14. Nooooooooo! I would urge you to stay a member Julia, even if to only occasionally pop in and see what others have been up to. Been a while since we caught up (partly because I moved up North) but I always enjoy chatting and putting the World to rights when we meet up at exhibitions. I'll be bookmarking your blog and will hopefully bump into you soon. Cheers, Jason
  15. until
    Event Name: Shipley MRS model railway exhibition Classification: Exhibition Address: Baildon Exhibition Centre, Green Lane, Shipley, West Yorkshire. BD17 5JH Day 1: 20 September 2014 Opening times Day 1: 10am - 5pm Day 2: 21 September 2014 Opening times Day 2: 10am - 5pm Prices: Adult
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