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  1. Really sorry to hear this, Jim was such a lovely bloke and always stopped for a chat whenever our paths crossed.
  2. Not the mill on, erm, The Mill but another one.
  3. You wouldn’t believe how many spare buildings I have that didn’t quite fit into Bacup. A full, huge mill for starters......
  4. Hey buddy, long time no see. I bought RM last week (first time I’ve bought any mag other than MRJ in years) and saw your article. Looks proper good and reads well; job well done. J.
  5. I was moving house that weekend; you could have been shouting in my ear and I wouldn’t have noticed! Resident of Chester now, in case anyone was curious.
  6. It’s been a while but the layout was out on Sunday 14th, at a get-together in the Trough of Bowland. Surprisingly, given that it was four months since it last saw power, I had trouble free running all day. Only one photo but I kind of like it.
  7. PM me; I do love the WD and have the EM conversion kit ready and waiting but it doesn’t really figure in future plans for small industrial layouts.
  8. Hi Ian, I may but not sure which yet as I want to plan out what will follow and what buildings will fit. As for swapsies, that could be an option. Loco wise, there’s one Black Five still in OO, a Standard Five, a Crab, Ivatt Mickey Mouse Mogul, Jinty, Patriot that had the weathering started, a 4F, a WD, an Ivatt Mucky Duck (missing a front step - it’s somewhere but being elusive - and cab side windows replaced to get rid of the fishbowl effect), Stanier 2-6-4T, Fairburn 2-6-4T, Clayton (!!!) and a Derby Lightweight DMU awaiting re-numbering.
  9. I never said it would be easy. I’ll try and get photos.
  10. So stage two of this realignment is to sell off a load of the OO locos and stock that is just taking up space and capital that could be invested elsewhere (Judith Edge and High Level will be seeing some of it). Just about all of it is weathered and locos & wagons converted to 3 links. Before I hit up eBay, if anyone is interested in buying any locos and stock that ran on Bacup, pm me.
  11. Never mind a few bits Jim, I’ve basically saved a town’s worth of buildings including a Mill (not yet complete) of considerable size that was built for an extension beyond the station, which was shelved when we had to move house and the space was no longer available. Somewhere, I also have a rather large sheet of Wills walling that I started to hide the joins on but never finished.
  12. That’s just not me at all Larry; I just love the grubby nooks and crannies in old industrial towns, a rundown railway weaving its way between filthy buildings and crossing streets, a water feature so dirty that no life would want to survive in it, remnants of earlier industries either crumbling away or repurposed. Small industrial locos shuffling a ragtag collection of wagons amongst all this. Uplifting? No, but reality often isn’t.
  13. Well, the deed is done. I managed to salvage all I wanted to including some full scenic areas, all buildings, most of the turnouts, all point motors and key for the future, two baseboard frames (one 6’ x 2’ and one 5’ x 2’, including C&L alignment dowels). 11’ x 2’ to start something new is pretty exciting (over twice the length and also wider than The Mill) and small enough to be exhibitable. My mind is already working overtime with the possibilities of what could come. With the buildings I already have, expect something Northern, grotty, urban and industrial,
  14. Onwards and upwards is my motto. I felt that although far smaller in size, the modelling I did for my part of The Mill (joint effort with Chris) far out surpassed what I did on Bacup. I put a lot more effort into just about every aspect of The Mill, partly due to it being an exhibition layout and therefore under close scrutiny of my peers. Rest assured that whatever comes next will be documented somewhere on RMWeb
  15. It’s been a long time since I updated this thread, mainly because Bacup has been in separate pieces since moving house three years ago. Whilst exhibiting The Mill at Railex a couple of weeks ago, quite a few people asked what was happening with the layout so I thought I’d update everyone. Basically, I don’t have room to put the layout up, it’s suffered somewhat from being stored (track at baseboard edges, nothing serious) and to be honest, my interests have moved on to EM gauge, industrial settings & locos and smaller layouts - The Mill is more fun to operate than Bacup! So as you will probably guess, Bacup is to be dismantled, track sold on (if anyone would buy it) and scenic items salvaged for future use. All the buildings were constructed in such a way that they can be reused (many are fully detailed on all sides, despite not being visible on Bacup), something planned from the start as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it out of the attic in Oxford. As such, many will reappear on future projects, albeit improved upon (see below). I have already started to convert locos and stock to EM but a recent thought is that I don’t think I’ll ever build a layout big enough to justify a large number of locos & stock so I am contemplating selling a lot of it off. With all this in mind, I have started on a mini-project closely linked to Bacup and that is painting the window frames on the buildings. Once I found out that white paint was so rare in the late 50’s, the glare of those frames really annoyed me but I didn’t have the time (or inclination when construction of The Mill began) to deal with it. I now intend to revisit every building and sort it out so that when they come to be reused, it’ll be one less job to do. The below shop and adjoined houses were among the first buildings for Bacup. It may not look like anything has changed but to me, the window frames are infinitely better through getting a lick of paint
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