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  1. Sound works out as a ~£60 upgrade on the base model if you go with Bachmann sound. A Loksound decoder could set you back ~£120. I am happy with the Bachmann sound, but will of course replace the speaker, as I would do with a Loksound anyway.
  2. The most recent Bachmann sound fitted locos use ESU select decoders. They are actually pretty good, but cannot be reblown like ESU loksound v3.5/4/5. I have often replaced the speakers for ESU select decoders to great effect. Roads and Rails (no connection other than satisfied customer) sell suitable replacement speakers.
  3. Thanks very much for these helpful and informative replies, gratefully appreciated!
  4. I wonder if any members have example workings of Class 55 Deltic Locos on Royal Mail Travelling Post Office TPOs? Whitely and Morrison's Power of the Deltics book shows a Deltic (Unclear which one, undated photo) in plate 165 "Overnight mail pauses at York" (Photo: Rayner). RMweb member mcowgill states in a Deltic thread "I remember at least one Deltic made it across to the WCML at Stockport with the York - Aberystwyth TPO in the 1970s". I haven't found any other specific workings, including on RMWeb and I accept photos may well be rare. If anyon
  5. I've taken a photo of the pizza cutter wheels from my sliding door GWR coach. They obviously have a detailed brake disc element to them, but really deep flanges, that makes them unsuitable for fine scale trackwork. Are these present on XC/Scotrail coaches? Is it possibly an oversight from Hornby, or is there a reason they have such deep flanges?
  6. I searched this forum before asking this question, and had not seen anyone mention it. Is there any particular reason why the GWR Sliding Door Mk3s are fitted with pizza cutter wheels (deep wheel flanges)?
  7. I have no problems with this steampunk range. Looks like it could be fun.
  8. Indeed, that's what I would expect, but sometimes, changes are made, and just wanted to assess if anyone had experienced any snags. I have the chips from the Western Pullman set, and 'm looking forward to fitting them to a BP. Once I do it, I'll share any problems I encounter, here.
  9. Has anyone transplanted the Western Pullman Zimo chips from the current set to the original Blue Pullman iteration, and if so did the end result work as expected?
  10. Many thanks GWRRob for letting us know. I guess it would be prudent to contact Hornby then...
  11. What purpose does the baking powder fulfill with repairing the split plastic axles?
  12. Here is another photo of the new teaks, compared with my re-painted Margate teaks having followed the instructions of Mike Trice (of this Parish) to the letter.
  13. Here is another photo of the new teaks, compared with my re-painted Margate teaks having followed the instructions of Mike Trice (of this Parish) to the letter.
  14. Many thanks, the main page for my dairy layout is here:
  15. This is how these look on a layout. Gloss finish is noticeable. I have of course turned the full brake around to hide the lack of the guard window.
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