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  1. no I have not decided on the loco yet i think i need to start looking at pics
  2. Well the embarrassment of starting before you and not being any where near finished has spurred me on . A fruitful day has seen the bunker end done i had one slight problem when i tried the bunker floor in . it fit so tightly so struggled to get it out , Just one example of how well designed this kit is the cab rear is just wedged in place till i finish detailing the cab
  3. David instead of paint have you considered fibre glassing the inside of the tank and coal space ?
  4. I have been trying to get my home made rivet punch made and to do that i have had to get my lathe working lol almost done , this weekend i am down in london so i fully intend to do some loco modelling enjoy the caravaning
  5. I really need to get my backside into gear and crack on with mine
  6. JOTO hobbies in Rugby is closing down, a sad day for people in Rugby and its surroundings sory just seen this has been reported
  7. If you looking for a change perhaps rebuild the girder bridge into a bow topped one
  8. for every grey cloud there is a sliver lining. it would be very rude not to send the ex a thank you card for clearing all the unwanted c**p from your life ..her included
  9. have you decided on pickups yet o went for the slaters plunger type and they fit very nocely with a lil dab of cyano to hold them in place
  10. mm thinks i spot a bo bo there is no chimney or dome or wheels !! joking aside looks to be a superb model home my future efforts can come close
  11. regards the bubble the instructions said dont mess with them as the will go
  12. same here been there done that got the scar toprove it
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