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  1. You can extend the start delay delay on the B unit with CV273. Higher numbers increase duration. There is no equivalent adjustment for shutdown. Best regards, Paul
  2. Mark, This would be for a ZIMO sound decoder: motor, functions and sound all in one. No separate sound card. Not yet decided on how the chuffs will work. Normal plan would be to phase in and out the two ends but in reality, these locos seem to somehow sync pretty well in time (unlike garratts) so the normal approach might not sound authentic. I might even make this user-selectable so you can choose how to operate it. I'll post here when I make some progress, but they will probably be available from EDM in due course. Best regards, Paul
  3. Hi Rich, Yes, I've recorded a couple of quarry Hunslets. I was working with the double Fairly recordings today, that's what prompted me to visit the Narrow Gauge section. Justa coincidence that I camw across active threads with FR locos and wagons mentioned. The gravity train had a chap with a flat cap and a bugle in charge of a small gang of brakesmen who clambered over loaded slate wagons applying brakes as directed by the bugler, so of course it will include these sounds. Best regards, Paul
  4. Hey Rich, I know it's a long way off, but I have a recording of my trip on the Gravity Train which would make an interesting 'no loco' sound project you could use with the slate wagons until you have a loco. Mind you, you'll need a very long layout. LOL I also have recordings of Manning Wardle, Lyd, (full sound project almost completed) a double Fairly, DLG and three Garratts on the WHR. Best regards, Paul
  5. Just a note to mention that I am currently working on the creation of a sound project for the double Fairly, from recordings I made on DLG with Paul Martin driving. Best regards, Paul
  6. Dave, You're quite right, I've clipped the list too short. CV458 = 7 should also be included, otherwise, the cab light will only illuminate in one diection only. Sorry to anyone if that caused confusion. Well spotted, Dave. Best regards, Paul
  7. Please amend the CVs listed below to the values shown. This should correct the direction of travel and the incorrect lamp illumination. CV29 = 7 and Best regards, Paul
  8. Ian, It's an indication that the decoder is from the early batch, but the real issue is that the factory changed the wiring at the production stage without telling us. I'll post the 'correction CVs' shortly. Best regards, Paul
  9. Andy, Thank you for your kind words. We enjoyed having you and David with us. Hope to see/hear your Class 37 on Seven Mills now that its dodgy sound project has been reblown with somethng sounding like a real loco. LOL. I think you took in more about DCC functions and sound than you let on. Your questions showed that to me. Best regards Paul
  10. John, I'll answer your PM in more detail shortly. To eliminate all other reasons than someone has 'adjusted' some CVs, first thing to do would be a decoder reset. Use CV8 = 8 which will reset all CVs to that supplied originally. This is not a reset to factory defaults. Running the in the wrong direction and lamps illuminating inappropriately is not a disaster, it can all besolved by CV changes. At least you know that the motor and all LEDs are wired and functional. Best regards, Paul
  11. I created the sound project for the SLW Class 24, so if you want something as similar as possible, then my Class 25 would be the ideal choice. Hear it in action on Jintyman's 0 gauge RMweb thread here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/115561-jintys-wb-for-7mm/&do=findComment&comment=3559643 And here on one of Andy Peter's threads are Class 25 and Class 08 with my sound projects on board. There are a number of options for the precise decoder model. These Heljan Class 25 models will run in most situations with one motor removed and using exactly the same decoder as fitted to the SLW Class 24, a ZIMO MX645P22 (PluX22 interface) with an adapter which make the decoder installation a 'plug and play' afair. (see earlier in Jinty's thread for details). Best regards, Paul
  12. That's because the default speed curve is not a straight line. To get a linear progression, CV5 = 254 and CV6 = 127 Best regards, Paul
  13. I would set CV5 and CV6 and any others you have changed back to their defaults, (1 in each case) and use the default 3 point speed table. (CV29 Bit 4 = 0) The simplest way to reduce top speed on ZIMO decoders but retain full range on your Throttle is to reduce the value in CV57. This is not the primary purpose for this CV but ZIMO recommend this approach. Suggest starting at values around 60, lower to reduce top speed further, higher to increase top speed. There are specific reasons why this is prefered for ZIMO sound decoders, but the action applies equally to non sound decoders. Best regards, Paul
  14. I did not say they had any aditional rights. I said spiritual home. That's my view, based upon the fact that they have been continously selling ZIMO decoders longer than any other UK retailer - by several years. Best regards, Paul
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