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  1. Only if compared to rrp. Here, for instance, the Bachmann factory fitted sound works out cheaper. https://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/70457/35-126SF-WSL-Bachmann-Class-20-3-20311-Harry-Needle-Railroad or for even less, https://www.themodelcentre.com/35-125sf Best regards, Paul
  2. Depends on the type you use. Generally, ZIMO direct plug-in types have no heatshrink wrap, but any that are not firmly fixed by the interface, i.e. all 'wired', some versions of 6 pin, and all 8 pin decoders come wth a substantial heat shrink wrap. Best regards, Paul
  3. Hi Rod, CV543 allocates the sound to F key 11. The double buzzer should be sample ID 16. So, CV543 = 16 should get the soundback again. Best regards, Paul
  4. Depends what you've been reading. There's space enough for a ZIMO sound decoder, speaker and a substantial stay alive to provide reliable running. Best regards, Paul
  5. Thank you, I tried that initially. The problem is that in Edit mode there is no 'Delete' option for the incorrrect link so I couldn't remove it and add the correct link. Hide is about as good as it gets, but there are comments attached now. so I'll leave it visible. Not to worry, you can get to what I was referring from that link and the caveat below, so it still serves the purpose. (but I willl not bother trying to link threads in future, LOL). Best regards, Paul
  6. I'm sure that was tongue in cheek, but if you can bring yourself to have a go, DIY Dents here: Well, that didn't go as intended, and I can't see any obvious way to delete or amend it now it's been posted. For the dents, please refer to page 309 of the thread linked to above. Best regards, Paul
  7. Hi Andy, That's better. Did those CV changes sort out Dapol's new version lighting ? Best regards, Paul
  8. Yes, just like the real engine did when I recorded it. LOL Best regards, Paul
  9. These are both features of the decoder/sound project/cv set up rather than a Bachmann* hardware issue. As such, they should be able to be changed to suit individual preferences if required. *of course, Bachmann may have specified the sound project defaults. On the other hand Recent Bachmann and GF hardware (the PCBs) include a method of lighting control which is counter intuitive to regular users of muti-function output decoders. So, although the system works fine for the model as supplied, the normal logic of simple remapping becomes more difficult if you wish to modif
  10. Hi Colin, But on the other hand, all 29 Function Keys have either a function or a sound (or both) assigned to them, no gaps as happens with other projects. LOL. Best regards, Paul
  11. Hi Graham, Yes, that should be the one. Thank you for the positive feedback. Best regards, Paul
  12. Digitrains have a recent, completely reworked, version of a Class 03 sound project specifically developed for the ZIMO MX659N18 (Bachmann Next 18 model) which you will find hard to beat for authenticity and controllability. Slightly biased maybe, but you asked for 'the best'. LOL. Best regards, Paul
  13. Jim, I thought the slow moving was great, but I really liked it when you 'gave it the beans' Do you have a link to that motor, please? Best regards, Paul
  14. Tractor, Yes, but why would you want a DCC ready model? No sound? All prices are the same as the Class 24 equivalents. Best regards, Paul
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