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  1. Those Manor shots are certainly more attractive than this clanking ugly brute that caught me by surprise early last month whilst walking the Prom at Goodrington Sands. It would seem to have escaped from the Churnet Valley again.
  2. Model Rail strikes again - I only bought this issue because, on flicking through, I saw the article on "correcting" Bachmann's Muddlified Hall using a Brassmasters detailing kit. Unfortunately it seems to end at step 13 on page 63 with the red arrow inviting you to turn the page, but page 64 is the start of a thoroughly depressing article about creating a 1964 Castle Class wreck. All a pity really as 6999 "Capel Dewi Hall", the end result of the project, was the last steam locomotive to take the family to Paignton and deposit us on the platform at about 4.30 a.m and I can clearly remember thanking the driver/fireman and locomotive's "foreign" name. Still never mind I've already got a Bachmann Muddlified Hall, a Brassmasters kit and the appropriate nameplates.........so I suppose wasting £4.40 on an apparently incomplete magazine doesn't stop me........
  3. Meanwhile in other ANTB news two other "Ladies of Legend" make a welcome return for the Golden Age of RMWeb.
  4. Caption Ganger's chat: "Not the best time or place to start building a dung midden" "You can't move it though, as I've read that them dung middens are a vital social networking system for Rhinos and the equivalent of Faecesbook Facebook for us humans" "Well I'm not letting all that good fertiliser go to waste........"
  5. RMweb Gold members will also get exclusive sneak previews of the new motive power to be employed on ANTB for the 1958 Summer Season.........it's gonna get ugly........
  6. There is another Peter Gray photo of a similar excursion working in "Past and Present Special The Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway" (P.W. Gray - Past and Present Publishing ). It shows 2-6-2T 5178 running bunker first piloting West Country Pacific 34033 'Chard' through Kingkerswell station on the return leg of a River Dart cruise excursion and is dated 26 June 1959. The excursion originated from Torrington and had dropped it's passengers off at Totnes earlier that day and then returned ECS to NA. The ECS was then taken from NA to Kingswear by King Class 6016 which then returned the train to Paignton for 5178 and 34033 to take over for the rest of the return journey (per Trains Illustrated August 1959) - anorak mode off........
  7. Perhaps the excursion is one of those slightly weird excursions that the SR used to run occasionally from places like Torrington to Kingswear and Totnes incorporating a River Dart cruise, which would require re-positioning the ECS to pick up the excursionists at the end of the river cruise.
  8. If they persist in using the mythological/biblical names of the old Broad Gauge "Hercules" Class it will be either "Sam(p)son or "Tityos" as they're the only ones left to use.,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Taking it at steady construction pace I'm finding it goes together really easily thanks to the excellent well illustrated instructions. I've still got some fiddly bits to do including the chimneys and the multiple strips (64 x 1mm !) which hold the canopy roofing material down but I'm sure I can get there with time and patience.
  10. Whilst RMWeb has been down or quiet and during the recent cold spell I have been quite busy in the garage. I've finally cleared all the junk off my old layout boards, recovered/removed the old track work which had probably been there for about 25 years, dismantled and thrown away the old chipboard baseboard tops and replaced them with good plywood tops and done a bit of loose "layout planning": I've also started a Timber Tracks island station building kit, although this seems to have kicked off a rooftop protest probably because it isn't fixed on yet. I just have to hope that my rheumy arthritis stays in remission for a bit although the weather's gone a bit moist again.
  11. I think it's "short" for magnet adhesion which worked fine for about a fortnight until your Hornby "steel" track started to rust.
  12. That photo appears on page 31 of "The Great Western in South Devon" book by Beck and Copsey (WSP) and the accompanying text is : "An Up Ocean Mails express,behind an unidentified 'Saint' class engine, passing a short Down goods train in the charge of a Dean '2301' class 0-6-0 (probably the 'Pick-up') at the western approaches to Brent"
  13. You could buy some thinking time by using the "Dawlish" whale as a temporary view blocker/visual distraction...... But you would have to dispose of it after a few days, before it gets smelly, as the August 1947 weather forecast is for hot sunny spells. (Poor old whale)
  14. With good eyesight, and standing roughly where the leisure centre is now, 58 years ago in the summer of 1960 you might just have caught a rare sighting of a King (6002 King William IV) "on shed" taking water at the "new" Goodrington servicing facilities. (L.F. Folkard) I think sightings of Kings on the Kingswear Branch would be relatively rare by 1960 as the plum jobs would be in the hands of Warships by then. At least the turntable was rescued and re-installed at Churston...
  15. If you like Greater Horseshoe Bats then the caves at Buckfastleigh could be the place for you and only 8 or so miles from Brent: First planes and now bats.....
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