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  1. Meanwhile possibly at the other end of the musical spectrum a lament for the millions of bog rolls currently kidnapped and incarcerated in various dark places. I've pasted the lyrics as Mr. McPhee's vocals probably wouldn't get many "turns" during the blind auditions on The Voice and there is a brief reference to trains..... The album title is "Who will save the World".........good question...
  2. At last a return to something like decent form by Leicester City last night, after a fairly dismal run of League results during the last six weeks, since our eight wins on the bounce run ended. Strangely enough after 16 rounds of matches we had a 14 point cushion over fifth placed Man. Utd. and now, after a distinctly average further 8 matches, we still have a 14 point cushion over fifth place Man. Utd. , so not too much damage done in terms of securing a Champions League spot. The next three matches will be difficult - Wolves away then Chelsea and Man. City at home, but I've got a bit more hope that we could get a couple of decent results if we turn up. West Ham looked a poor side at the King Power last night, largely bereft of ideas and seemingly lacking basic fitness and energy and David Moyes looks to have a mountain of work still to do.
  3. Those rumours have been going on ever since Unai Emry got the boot. I can't see why he would move to Arsenal, unless he is absolutely desperate to manage a "Big Club" in a total mess, and is promised £500 million to replace the whole of Arsenal's defence, which is an utter shambles and defends like a bad pub team in most games. If, as he claims, he most enjoys coaching and improving young players he is at exactly the right club. Leicester have as good a group of key young players as any team in the country at the moment and they have been improving continually ever since Rodgers arrived a few months ago. We just need to keep the vultures away in the January window. Leicester also have a brand new £100 million state of the art training and coaching facility due to open in the summer next year which should also be right up Rodger's street. But then again there's nowt so queer as folk and Rodgers has got previous.
  4. Loving Vardy and VAR working in unison for Leicester against Everton yesterday evening. Ideally I'd have preferred a more comfortable win against Everton's time wasting big brutes (although I don't blame them for that approach given their current predicament) but a win is a win. I don't wish to count any chickens, but up next are three "winnable" games against Watford, Aston Villa and Norwich City before the Xmas period crunch games against Manchester City and Liverpool. Leicester City are 12 points ahead of the three faltering "Big Six" teams at the moment and if that gap can be maintained or increased going into the second half of the season Leicester should have good chance of aiming for a Champions League spot. If none of the above comes to pass so far this season the football Leicester have played is the most entertaining I have seen Leicester play since the 1970's days of Worthington, Weller et al. The current team is much better to watch than the 2016 "Legends" team, which mainly relied on a few moments of individual brilliance and lethal counter attacks backed up by long periods of dogged organised defence to get results. I wouldn't mind hearing the Champions League "music" playing one more time in little old Leicester's ground.
  5. Southampton 0 Leicester City 9..............perhaps we can do "something" this season after all. Premier League era record away win ....... not bad. One very happy Foxes fan. Edit .....I undersold that it a bit.......... highest ever top flight away win.
  6. Those Manor shots are certainly more attractive than this clanking ugly brute that caught me by surprise early last month whilst walking the Prom at Goodrington Sands. It would seem to have escaped from the Churnet Valley again.
  7. No wonder Derby went "missing" for large parts of the game at Wembley - I'm just watching the Europa League Final from darkest Asia and there's loads of people in white shirts and black shorts prancing about on the pitch as part of the pre-match entertainment.
  8. I thought this one was amusing but the others were a bit petty and unimaginative......
  9. Well Frank Lampard made a complete tactical mess of that Play-off Final by selecting the wrong players to play in a diamond formation with a blunt spearhead. I've no idea why Mason Bennett or Tom Huddlestone started the game, unless Lampard wanted minimal goal threat and lots of over-hit passes from the start. Derby looked much better with Marriott and Waghorn on the pitch, but unfortunately a case too little too late has left the Premiership to "welcome" another club whose fans have a whining sense of "entitlement" because of their "history".
  10. Well that Final was a bit like watching Christians being fed to the Lions once the first goal went in, so not particularly entertaining for the neutral as there was zero jeopardy. Full credit to the Watford fans for waving their club colour flags until the bitter end, in their position I think I would be wanting to stick my flag where the sun don't shine at about 4-0 but I'm probably a bad loser..........
  11. Come on Derby - I'll support any team trying to keep Leeds out of the Premiership......... So good I posted it twice
  12. Come on Derby - I'll support any team trying to keep Leeds out of the Premiership.........
  13. You probably have to live further than 20 miles away from Brighton and personally witness their consistently dire away performances, which are almost totally devoid of ambition or entertainment, to realize a change was necessary. Dismal player recruitment hasn't helped Brighton's cause either 27 signings since promotion and barely any of them feature in the First XI regularly and quite a few of them aren't even capable of warming the bench. Having said that I like Brighton's centre backs who seem very solid, but then again they need(ed) to be with Hughton's very limited game plan.
  14. So you're predicting a "Rough Ride" for both teams in the Final....and Sergio Ramos isn't even playing in it this year......
  15. That's the most exciting Champions League Semi-Final since ....er....last night.....
  16. Looks like a completely different Spurs this half - no idea where that's come from.
  17. Very much a case of "After the Lord Mayor's show comes the ****-cart" so far. ..... Tottenham look so tired, lacking in fight and bereft of ideas and invention......Ajax look streets ahead of them. I can't believe that Tadic is the same player that used to drift through the vast majority of his Southampton appearances with relatively little effect.
  18. I always find it particularly gratifying to see that snarling, diving, dirty part-time cannibal Suarez with a face like a smacked bum............
  19. I didn't know Vincent Kompany had 30 yard plus screamers in his locker...... I thought he was just Headmaster of strategic and tactical fouling at Man.City
  20. Here's hoping that Jamie Vardy can repeat his unique feat tonight of being the only player to have ever scored a top flight hat-trick against a Pep Guardiola managed side. It would be great if we could remain unbeaten by Man.City in normal time this season having beaten them on Boxing Day in the League and gone out on pens in the League Cup. Leicester are supposed to be the "form" team (excluding the "Big Two" in the Prem since Brendan Rodgers took over as Manager.......... but when reality kicks in it still wouldn't surprise me if Leicester lose heavily tonight.
  21. Are Tottenham going to bother to turn up at any stage of tonight's game? Ajax in cruise mode and Trippier having yet another stinker so far..... mind you having three centre backs marking a non existent centre forward doesn't help and leaves Tottenham completely overrun in midfield but still an hour to go....
  22. Model Rail strikes again - I only bought this issue because, on flicking through, I saw the article on "correcting" Bachmann's Muddlified Hall using a Brassmasters detailing kit. Unfortunately it seems to end at step 13 on page 63 with the red arrow inviting you to turn the page, but page 64 is the start of a thoroughly depressing article about creating a 1964 Castle Class wreck. All a pity really as 6999 "Capel Dewi Hall", the end result of the project, was the last steam locomotive to take the family to Paignton and deposit us on the platform at about 4.30 a.m and I can clearly remember thanking the driver/fireman and locomotive's "foreign" name. Still never mind I've already got a Bachmann Muddlified Hall, a Brassmasters kit and the appropriate nameplates.........so I suppose wasting £4.40 on an apparently incomplete magazine doesn't stop me........
  23. Meanwhile the "race" to claim 7th place in the Premiership and the possible poisoned chalice of a Europa League place appears to have slowed to a crawl. I can't believe that Leicester are still 7th after witnessing their lame, clueless and failed attempts to break down a well marshalled Newcastle defence last Friday night, That is now 8 home defeats at the King Power so far this season, a record number of top flight defeats since moving to the ground and it's a good job our away record more or less matches our home record for points gained. I was expecting Wolves, Everton and Watford to all go above us in the table after this weekend's round of matches but nobody seems to want 7th place. Still I expect all the above clubs to finish above Leicester, as I can't see many points coming our way from our remaining games against Chelsea and Arsenal (both home) and West Ham and Man.City (both away)
  24. Meanwhile in other ANTB news two other "Ladies of Legend" make a welcome return for the Golden Age of RMWeb.
  25. Caption Ganger's chat: "Not the best time or place to start building a dung midden" "You can't move it though, as I've read that them dung middens are a vital social networking system for Rhinos and the equivalent of Faecesbook Facebook for us humans" "Well I'm not letting all that good fertiliser go to waste........"
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