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  1. Totally agree magnificent film Lancasters best all details were correct especially the way locals were put on the front of trains.The occupying force were shown worried by the the resistance which they never knew where it was coming from.Also the depiction of home life under German control was showed as it was crushing total control.Railway restance was at a very high level and many men were slaughtered in hundreds ,brave men who deserve every memorial placed in France.Rail resistants played a big part in D Day and frequently changed the destination cards on wagon loads important to the Germa
  2. Those silos dont look right obviously half relief and the fence does not look right
  3. The first shot in Belper reminded me of a really good pork butchers near there his pork pies were fantastic he probably is not there noe.
  4. Yes I was wondering where you were only the other day ,glad to see you posting again. Chris
  5. Cant get cleaners they all work in car factories etc and anyway a loco should look well worked.
  6. Whoever trained those fire fighters neeeds to be replaced they were useless ours are far more efficient and act much quicker to take action.
  7. The main factors a realisation that HS2 is a better alternative than a motorway plus the passenger numbers will provide a needed boost to the railways.At the moment the antis seem to be clutching at straws as witnessed localy when traffic lights appeared one even said that a level crossing was to be put in place.The main thing that has influenced me is that I now see a need for a fast direct line to the north at least it will be fit for purpose and will connect to the rest of the network.So I shall follow the work localy and report what I see.
  8. Looking at the dvd of the route through Warickshire I have to wonder just what the anti,s are going on about that track bed is not a problem.Look at a motorway build and resultant road its horrendous once its all running you wont know its there.I used to be anti but now I totaly agree with HS2 the worst time is construction and the anti ,s wont have anything to complain about once its running.
  9. A terrific set of photos should have looked at your thread before ,the shot of the 121,s at Aylesbury was probably taken ten years ago .The ones that finnished the service were painted in different colours.
  10. That will have to be held indoors so as you dont mingle with anyone!!
  11. Have a look at La Grange the line goes straight down the main street and most of the time it works well ,seeing an intermodal trundling past the shops is quite a sight.Views available on Railcam.
  12. This layout keeps looking better every post what you need now is a ferry think your children will love to load and unload it!
  13. With what is happening in the UK at the moment there will come a time when cash must become a problem many demands are being made of a diminishing resource.Eventualy normality will come back but what state our economy will be in is anybodies guess and what will happen to projects is problamatic.HS2 is an important link in improving our economy and reinventing the north so it should have a good chance of continuing. But other projects and services will be under review and may not happen.But its all in the future we have to get through now I hope all the poloticing will stop and efforts made to
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