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  1. The GC would never have provided an alternative to HS2 but it could have provided an excellent regional service in todays climate of services.A station in Nottingham could have been provided in the basement of the shopping centre but the council could not be bothered in thinking out of the box.Sadly the passenger need for the line never materialised closure was a necesary evil.The real no go is that the route that HS2 is following is the best for todays needs and the GC offers no alternative.As an enthusiast the journey to Nottingham was a real draw it was just like going back to the 1900 ,s in alignment etc.I did it once from Aylesbury and the staff at Nottingham looked so depressed closure must have been a release . Now the present much activity around Aylesbury on all sitets dont see many staff but can see signs of thier activity.How long before we see earth moving ?
  2. lmsforever


    A friend put me onto this site modelrailways scenery.com interesting products and nice people .
  3. lmsforever


    I recently aquired a couple of Id Backscenes products which have proved very useful ,BM020 wood fencing and roof tiles which can be weathered easily.In each pack there are ten sheets and they are self adhesive and easily used ,worth a try .Chris
  4. HS2 into space looks like the boosters for an Apollo mission.
  5. Rattling along with all the seats plus a smell of diesel wafting through the loose windows all accompanied by an awful row of the engines.Dont think a Cravens unit was never progress!
  6. lmsforever


    Looks good makes the area seem larger my building went together well and sits comfortably on the layout ,enjoy.Chris
  7. Most Pendos are full length as the capacity is needed look on Railcam you will see that.
  8. You are pshycic Dave I am watching a dvd on the very line the latest pics and its a very good journey it is.
  9. .Apost a while ago alluded that wcml trains to Glasgow were not heavily used have you stood at the barrier at Central or traveled by train pre covid ,they are packed,As are Trans Pennine and Cross Country all heading north and going south its a popular route and also the ecml is as packed.It seems as though having a meaningful government in Scotland has produced good quality roads and trains but in England all we get is talk and very little action.One good thing about HS2 is that its in England and will be built and will provide a service for us and hopefully will expand the job market in the provinces.Perhaps one day we will have an assembly for England and be able to promote works and life here ,
  10. High speed in Scotland is not needed ,the existing services from Carlisle reach Glasgow in one hour as does the route to Newcastle .Rail across the border is in a good position and the existing services are under constant improvement providing what passengers reqiure.Speed is not everything the average passenger wants ,on time ,comfortable ,clean.and at a good price.I think that uptake on high speed will be slow and existing services will be required for a long time to come.Many passengers will still use their current routes but London centric passengers will use high speed the and pay the premium fare.But its a long way off and times will change for the good or not its interesting to speculate what may happen.
  11. Miss Sturgeon made it clear that they would not build a high speed line to the border unless England paid for it. Dont think that will happen especialy if she gets independance which just might happen one day. Then we will save a great deal of money but it wont benifit Scotland as we should be united.
  12. The Germans built a railway I think on Guernsey although it might be Jersey during the occupation to supply various gun sites along the coast.When built it they simply knocked down any buildings in its way or put through front or back gardens with no agreement with the people.This lasted until after liberation and was then pulled up.Many locals stole coal and often the loco could not steam because of this ,in the last days of occupation the islands were effectively cut off from the Reich and the Germans were starving but the islanders recieved Red Cross parcels .This saved many lives and the average German knew they were finnished but the commandant held out for a while firstly ignoring the allies and then was forced to surrender.The Aldeny railway was used to distribute materials to the various projects on the island.It was a penal/slave colony run by .the SS and as such was the site of many awful happennings which the succasive governments will not allow any discussion about. Notify me of replies Submit Reply GO TO TOPIC LISTINGUK Prototype Discussions (not questions!) NEXT UNREAD TOPIC View New Content Mark site read Home Modelling Zone Prototype UK Prototype Discussions (not questions!) The Channel Islands' Railways
  13. Dave any idea what rhe ehicle is behind the pacers at York looks interesting ,Chris
  14. Dave thanks for the Lucker pics for a good few years we spent our summer holidays here and every morning drove over the crossing going to the beach at Bamborough to walk dogs. Good place to stay as central for all places and very little traffic.
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