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  1. Maybe we will become even more europe sceptic on travel than we are already .its a miority who insist on flying to europe or the sunniest part.The cost of tests are going to put many off traveling and they will find just what the UK has to offer. Just seen on Sky news that a family of four will have to pay £1ooo plus foe a family of four for tests seems high to me.But we must not pay a penny to eurostar Machron should do that they are not British
  2. Been to Shildon once good day out but felt it was a bit sterile and the wording on exhibits very basic but all in all some very nice exhibits and friendly staff.
  3. The thread is an interesting one with many interesting points of view but lets face it Euro Star is nothing to do with GB its the French who should bail it out. The French are at the moment making threats to us on wide range of subjects mainly because they are in deep doo with their polotics and economy so we are on the recieving end of many threats.Travelers to europe are going back to flying and will keep doing so also planes avoid France a big plus!
  4. Crich is a smashing place to spend a day at the work carried out by the volunteres is fantastic ,everyone is friendly hope I will get there So he needs Spain Burntisland looks brilliant and you can get kippers and fried Mars Bars !
  5. Probably the mk1 is a condemed coach ready for scrapping.
  6. In the seventies I was at Wolverton station car park when the royal train pulled in ,the palace staff all alighted and got in a minibus with royal markings and dissapeared.The train was drawn forward into lead track tor the works and went from view.
  7. Glad you are okay it gives you a good feeling now you can crack on with the layout but at a steady pace.
  8. The problem with level crossings is the public every form of help ,safety aids can be deployed but if the person using the crossing does not obey the rules not a lot can be done .Many of the public look on crossings ,red lights,etc as an attack on their personal space encouraged by idiots who should knoe better. A recent incident of two women being stupid on a crossing in sussex is an example .I feel very sorry for train crew involved in an incident as they are imadiately in the blame firing line regardless if it was the users fault. Most of these crossings without gates could proably be clo
  9. Arrrived there one summer saturday in fifties boy what a crush coming back we were waiting for the ferry and we had been a couple of hours.Alocal fisherman offered twenty of us a trip to Pompy for a couple of quid per person.My dad paid up and we a wild crossing but eventualy got back to London.
  10. Liverpool St for me as well in the fifties steam B17,s Brits, and the lovely pilot locos in GER colours the staff ignored us spotters especialy down by the loco servicing point.I even enjoyed a trip on a swinger electric to Stratford for spotting session.
  11. Crich is a smashing place to spend a day at the work carried out by the volunteres is fantastic ,everyone is friendly hope I will get there soon.
  12. What a waste of money bad management for certain ,wonder how long this lot will keep franchise.
  13. -Last night whilst watching the sleeper depart Crewe an HST arrived heading for Holyhead according to the diagram .Now this unit was painted blue with an all over yellow front not seen this unit before anybody know what was going on?
  14. Just been reading a local website / news the EWR promoters are threatening closure of stations to Bedford cant see the need for this .Surely increased trains will stimulate all stations especially north of Bletchley and if passengers have to walk further or motor further they will not bother to use the train .Our population is now wedded to the car and many consider public transport to be only for the lowest classes in their opinion.I wonder how this will be changed given what has happened in the current crisis.
  15. According to the plans developers have been given carte blanche to cover north Bucks in houses this will cause the area between Bicester and Bletchley to be just a large housing estate.If it benifits rail okay but many people will travel in their car it will take good fares and timetable to tempt these people onto the rails.Seen more gravel trains through Aylesbury lately so things are really getting busy.
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