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  1. Has anyone travelled first on the new franchise is the food offering changed ie breakfast and when is dinner served on return journeys .I am making my usual return journey MK to Glasgow return soon and last year dinner was not served until after Preston which was not good.
  2. I have started watching vidios of Japanese railways and very enjoyable they are offering a different style of trains and scenery.One thing I have noticed is that drivers give a forward facing hand signal at regular intervals during journeys is anyone able to tell me the signifant of this.
  3. Good to see you back on the treadmill ,interesting layout subject hope the loft clearance happens.
  4. Good to see the Cumbrian Coast Grange is a very nice place to go to can be a lonely line to watch but interesting.
  5. Used Newhaven in the sixties and it was a good crossing in 1962 we arrived back from a cycling holiday around the French Spanish border expecting to ride home to Aylesbury.But our bikes were still in Paris the wonderful people from BR said use the train and tell anyone who asks what happened .We did and went home free of charge our bikes arrived in Aylesbury four days later with a note of apology attached ,now that's service .
  6. The husband of my late cousin would be very upset he was a gold badge instructor at Chiswick he and his colleagues prided themselves of turning out excellent drivers.
  7. The husband of my late cousin would be very upset he was a gold badge instructor at Chiswick he and his colleagues prided themselves of turning out excellent drivers.
  8. Do you think we will ever see passengers on the Blythe and Tyne the authorities seem to have been talking for years.
  9. Very good layout I like the details such as the footbridge over the beck and the buildings wish you could exhibit somewhere in the south/
  10. Going to Glasgow as usual for the show hope the snow stays away the journey is worth it those units were comfortable to ride on,thanks.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit Sunday some excellent layouts Barrowmores was the top layout Burntisland well what can you say it is a historical statement ,Colne caught my eye as a well presented and interesting layout with good operation ,Hedges cutting is a fine example of well made buildings with excellent rolling stock ,overall an excellent show and worth the trip thank to the organizers and the stewards for being helpful with a smile.
  12. The show is looking its usual excellent train tickets arrived looking forward to day out ,wondering what offering will be on the train.
  13. Hope he was in court for that seen some crazy things on this thread but this.
  14. I am hoping that once we get our Aylesbury MK services people will use them this might take some of the cars off the roads but MK is very big and the station is a long way from employment. We are okay for getting to Oxford and Watford but MK has a very slow bus service so people will try the train I hope.How long are going to be waiting for work to start on laying tracks the talking must stop soon.
  15. Hope Quainton do extend towards Verney the line runs through nice country it was used to store cripple wagons and coaches and then the track was ripped up .The trackbed has not been built on but the bridge on the outskirts of Quainton has been removed or was it a level crossing so long ago cant remember!
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