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  1. Read about this idea and think it will be very benificial for the town a circle of green with no houses cant be bad plus the green corridor will create new habitat. so all good.The new petition fails to recognise the new woodlands being planted perhaps the idiot leading them can see that this project will stop these people.
  2. Coming on well its amazing what you find to do on a layout very brave of you to dig up the ballast you have started me thinking about my station area it dose not look right.
  3. Agree Spurs are on a roll right now but good that a small club gets a chance in the limelight.
  4. Cant really see people getting off at OO if they continue to Euston they will get across London easily but think many will come from the west to join and go north.Hope our services to London left alone and possibly wired .We can get to Brum easily from Haddenham via a bus every fifteen minutes from Aylesbury so no need for an HS2 station .Lots of surveying and service roads finished off all this being done at night even then locals up in arms about being delayed for a minute ,they are so busy!
  5. When I was in Walthamstow I went to Maynard Rd infants and junior very handy as I lived in Maynard Rd, afterwards I went to Wellington Ave Sec Mod in Chingford.I used to use the 102 to get to Ally Pally sometimes I got on a bus and the conductor was my cousin so a free ride! Main line was Liverpool St and sometimes Kings X but I could not afford to many long trips also I started reading the Railway Magazine then and still do also Railway Modeller.Didnt we have fun traveling round on our own and doing our hobby.
  6. When I lived in Walthamstow in the early fifties and started spotting at Wood St and then went to Liverpool St spending my time beside the turntable .I watched lots of lovely steam locos and then traveled home behind an N7. On moving to Nth Chingford I continued spotting and riding on N7,s at the station and watched locos on test from Stratford works .Our group also went by bus to Ally Pally were a footbridge crossed the ecml were I watched A4,s A1,s and 2 heading north.I wonder if anyone else spotted on this bridge in the fifties as it was very popular as was the cross but we never ventured
  7. The shot of Penistone with that Vauxhall Viva van outside brings back memories of when I had to drive one for a living .It was the worst vehicle I have ever driven the drivers seat caused my back to be damaged and I am still sufferring now and I drove the thing in 1974 .I still shudder when I see one!!
  8. The HS2 project is not for now its for the future when life has returned to normal when thecountry will want to travel again we hope.People like Packham should concentrate their minds on the problems of now and dont forget he is not on tv so often now and has to keep his profile high.The construction is starting to happen so we can see what is planned and how its going to look which is all good.Have not been able to see whats happenning around Aylesbury but assume its going well.
  9. Very good photos they looked smart at the start also interiors are excellent.
  10. Friend of mine worked that box said it was very restful read a great many books and finished quite a few model railway kits !!
  11. Seeing the picture of the dmu sideways reminded me of an incident at Aylesbury in the early sixties when a parcels van went sideways through platforms 2 and 3 .All sorted quickly and everyone kept stum so no why did that happen inquiries!
  12. Maybe the local duke needed to to have a car delivered somewhere did he not have his house nearby?
  13. Group of us went to cinema to see the new Dunkirk we all agreed the John Mills origonal was a far better film we spent the evening spotting the errors and general rubbish portrayal .Never mind we had an excellent talk at our U3A military history group all about the retreat including about the rail network in France used by our boys.
  14. I stand corrected it is indeed the Lloyds building also if anybody wants to see inside a large signal box go on the Chinnor and Princes Risborough Rly website and check when the box at Risboro is open .The box is being restored and is well worth a visit and the volunteres will show how it all works.
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