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    Model railways ,buses,volunteer RNLI branch and education.

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  1. A very good layout like your modelling, the station is a masterpiece and the loco shed an extremely goods good model.I wil look forward to future posts.
  2. Those passengers must think that the GWR is getting very progressive a railcar wow we are leaving the eighteenth century !
  3. He gets about a bit that landi certainly goes off road !
  4. Condolences to his family and friends I shall miss reading the latest instalment on the layout and reading of his golfing adventures.
  5. Any idea what had happened to the HST that it needed help?
  6. Nice shot of the Tilbury ferry always enjoyed a trip across and a cup of tea the other side ,then home to Benfleet.How is your mum getting on hope she is getting better. Chris
  7. Interesting layout if you want well modled buildings from Scotland have a look at Pop Up Models online the cottages are brilliant and station buildings signal boxes all the real well designed kits .Youwill be able to run some interesting services and I look forward to seeing developments.
  8. You will be able to travel on LNER soon they are training on the route now.
  9. I agree about Le Tour it and the rest of cycle racing on tv via Eurosport is wonderful I was at the Parc De Prance in Paris in 1962 when Tom Simpson finnshed 6th overral that year .i was a racing cyclist during the sixties and seventies when the BBC thought we were an oddity not like now.Cavendish is an rider especially as he now has 34 victories and I think he could win two more this year .This is the toughest tour for quite a while and its great seeing these brilliant men racing thier hearts out.Glad you enjoy it and keep spreading the word we might see the tor back in GB again. Chris
  10. Pity they cant restore the line to Ventnor that would have at least created the chance to add more passengers and connected a major centre on the island.
  11. My thoughts are with Gordon and family hope he is not to much pain.
  12. The job of EWR is to provide a local service between Oxford and Bletchley and then more stops to Bedford and finnishing in Cambridge.All this talk of fast trains being held up by stoppers is ridiculous its a cross country local service and thats what passengers want with an hourly service a faster train can be fitted in.so lets talk about the facts of brief that EWR is working to.
  13. Thats looking very nice the buildings are exceilient you have captured Forsinard so well the ground cover looks right as well. Have you had a look at Pop Up buildings they have excellent kits of buildings on this and other lines I have built several now and am very pleased with them.
  14. What will happen when diesel and petrol is finally banished will rail be the favoured mode for frieght delivery ? At the moment HGV,s are still working although a friend who has been in the industry confirmed that new drivers are a premium and existing staff are working beyond retirement the exodus of continental drivers has no hope of being made good. There have been several trials of parcels etc by rail but none have made it past the trial period .Do the companies who might use such a service basically not interested in rail even though good transit times can be achieved nationwide.
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