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  1. Have you been watching the commitees in parliament it could well happen.
  2. That livery suits the stock well clean crisp glad they have survived ,would you like to drive them John?
  3. No motorway through the chilterns but the basic roads need to be refettled urgently they are falling to pieces quickly ,HS2 is a project that will not help us one bit rebuilt roads will help the locals move about without our cars being battered by potholes.The government and DAFT have completely cocked up the provision of transport to the country,high fares because of a greedy treasury ,inability to listen even when they ask us for our opinions ,and the disaster that is electrification will haunt us for the next one hundred years.In short stop HS2 now and work to put the wires up to Sheffied and Leeds ,also on EWR, plus get the overall transport policy back to one of benefit to the people .A sector that requires urgent help is the bus industry routes are disappearing daily companies are going bust at an alarming rate.If this carries on the bus will be a thing of the past outside of towns leaving many people stranded this is bound up with the rail policy and needs urgent attention. If HS2 goes ahead I hope that it will not be another Cross Rail as this project has been a disaster from the start ,are there enough rail engineers available to carry out the work and will costs be monitored properly.Okay rant over its very hard to believe anything in the media now so lets hope somewhere someone knows what they are doing.
  4. HS2 is accused of destroying wildlife locally as they are said to be creating a bioypical.diverse area near Aylesbury not good plus the new housing being demolished in the midland not good is it?Lets hope its all cancelled,
  5. The OB bus suits the layout thanks for the photo of the loading gauge just got a kit and now I can see how it goes together
  6. Keep up the good work looking good enjoy your running sessions.
  7. Wow the class 37 photo is absolutely brilliant the lighting highlights it and gives the loco a presence in the picture ,thanks you gather 37,s are my favourite loco.
  8. The first photo of the HST is brilliant the texture and view are very good the line through Northumberland is very photogenic always enjoyed an hour when on holiday there.
  9. Driver training on all railways in the UK is to a high standard just because its maybe narrow gauge they are still in charge of loaded trains with the public on board.True the speeds are not high but safety and comptinence is the main priority on any railway.
  10. Another fine mess the DFT has got itself into civil servants are not the people to be involved with commercial activities also I thought that pension contributions were written in law.I know that companies can be given pension contribution holidays but surely they are monitored by the government depts. as to how the funs are being run?
  11. Reading the excellent posts in this thread you realise that the UK is now completely incapable of completing ,designing, new projects for rail .Every part of projects seem to be suffering ,new rolling stock is built with problems that cannot be rectified, the ole is not able to be built easily and who suffers the passenger with no hope of the promised service ie Gospel Oak line.Why is this happening is it DAFTS fault is it the lack of new engineers emerging from education who knows or is it simply that we have lost our way .
  12. Good news maybe instead of talking they might start working.
  13. In the pictures of the display I noticed the bus tickets and the ticket machine what bus company are they from?
  14. This morning I had to wait at Bishopstone crossing(risboro toaylesbury) whilst the spoil train went through heading to Calvert .As it passed my other half said what a scruffy loco , it was a 66 still in EWS livery and had paint peeling everywhere and the roof looked as though it had no paint left on it.The loco sounded awful do they all sound bad now and does anyone know what will replace them?
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