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  1. fancy letting a Deltic get into that state whoever let that out should have been fired.
  2. Glad the powers that be have not replaced the station buildings at morpeth.
  3. The last photo reminds me of my summer holidays in the fifties ,I always had the beano and the Dandy mum in her best and dads nod to being on holiday a sports jacket and no tie .Even on the beach the jacket only came off in really hot weather and as for taking your shirt off ,no way. Its amazing to look back and see how we have changed relatively quickly but it was a totaly different way of life then sometimes think it was okay.
  4. Excellent layout you have captured a small scottisg branch terminus extremely well and the modeling is to a very high standard .Thank you for the thread its been a pleasure following. Chris
  5. the layout is coming on well good to a scottish prototype and that you are using Pop Up have a look at the crofters cottages they do really add to the scene.I have four of them on my layoutand it adds reality ,will you be running the sleeper ?
  6. You lucky bloke another three meters of baseboard to scenic wish I had the same ,like the running of your units and the way your points change.
  7. According to my friend who has a loco there it literaly has happenned this week so lets hope the stock etc can be found homes. HS2 problem again as told would not be surprised but seem to remember this happenning somewhere else on route .makes you wonder if the council ever had the commitment for this project .
  8. The embankments around Aylesbury are being started on now and much work going forward alongside the A41 rowards Bicester.
  9. The proposed transport museum in Bicester Oxon is under serious threat due to cash flow problems and a council that has no concepsion of what is in the building and is owned by the society that is running the operation. Origonally based at Finmere St, ex Great Central they had a good space with a wide range of rolling stock also they owned a building in London full of road vehicles.But along came HS2 clear off you are in the way an offer was made for the site and the council and the british Army came up with a new home ,a refurbished building on the old camp at Bicester Oxon.The camp is vast with its own rail system and trains but its now being redevoped as a vast housing estate and the transport museum .All went well stock was moved a friend moved his loco there running took place then covid and work carried on but there was a problem ,HS2 informed them that the money for Finmere would not be paid until HS2 was up and running as an operating railway !! This hiatus has caused Bicester Town council to say no rent no museum clear off we dont want to know you. THEY ARE HAVING TO DISPOSE OF EVERYTHING BUSES CARS TRAINS it must be such a disaster for everyone doubtless the council will dispose of the building to the highest bidder and the people of the area have no museum. Please if you live in this part of the world complain to your councilor and mp this operation should have never finished like this.I have no connection to the museum but I feel that feel they have been on the recieving end of extremely bad treatment. .
  10. Know that feeling I prefer adding buildings and people to track layi ng ,doing a job now on the scenic side .Replacing a building with a new one and area around it remodeled and made more scottish ,like your progress .
  11. There is an ongoing situation nr Larbet has been reported by the Scottish Daily Record tonight police and emergency services are attending this was about an hour ago.Also a train broke down earlier with a replacement unit om its way this was reported at about 19 hrs.
  12. Looking good branch lines in Scotland are interesting, Pop Up are very good kits use them on my layout ,at moment I am detailing one of thier crofters houses .
  13. Went past the works on the Thame Rd today work is progressing well on the haul rd to the left it looks complete with ten mph signs in place.To the right the roadway is starting to take shape so how long before the new bridge and road are started ?
  14. HS2 services are a long way off starting so we have no idea what situation the UK will be in ,so i think this column should concentrate on the consrtuction for the time being.
  15. last photo, Liverpool St there was a lovely buffet just at the end of surburban platforms were the Chingford and Enfield N7,s and Quad Arts arrived.Lovely view across concourse used to sit and drink tea very slowly !
  16. Like the area you are modeling there is a dvd that will help you the railways of scotland vol 5 ,by cinerail .You can find this vidio in the usual sorces hope that this will help.
  17. Very enjoyable viidio Andy like the developments with the new station ,the views of other layouts were very interesting. They show just what a varied hobby we are involved in from your scottish n gauge to the surburban oo gauge layouts. Your efforts with the paint brush have inspired me to have a go at painting a backscene I shall be looking at various views to pick out some ideas.Thanks for the vids and inspiration Chris
  18. Well Andy I thought you were getting a bit set in your ways thia is going to be interesting its fun to walk into the layout room take a look and say thats all being changed !
  19. Thanks Andy interesting how you are doing the water I have none on my layout at the moment but you never know as I am continualy rebuilding .The shots of New Mills were very pleasing as I always liked it and the stock that ran on it. I have followed your builds over time and you have a talent for building interesting and well operated layouts and I have nicked many of your ideas so thank you very much.
  20. Interesting to see the white striped 37,s on a dvd I have it says when management saw this they got a wee bit angry with the shed manager and he had to take the stipes off quickly. Shame i quite like this livery it is minimal and adds to the look of a 37.
  21. On BBC2 now the train film worth watching for the railway scenes and its a good film.
  22. That could be Fred Dibnah come back to enjoy himself again ,miss him on tv.
  23. Dave I went to Lucker for 13yrs on trot staying in a hoiday rental opposite the school and next door to pub .Good place to watch trains and also to go anywhere in gods county even went to Scotland Im glad to say.
  24. Like the Rover car bestone they ever made my cousins husband had one and it shone inside and out.
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