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    Mainly Salisbury - Exeter. Wilton and Hewish Gates in particular as I am intending to build models of them. (EM gauge).

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  1. Okay, what's happened here? Have all the serious modellers expired with the shock of the Brighton Line going overhead electric or died laughing? Seriously though can we have some more about this wonderful project please. Phil.
  2. Hi, yes I built an ACE LBSCR J (Abergavenny) in 4mm some years ago and the etches were obviously reduced from 7mm. Most were ok but some parts particularly round the smokebox saddle / false front frames didn't reduce well and I had to remake them. If I remember rightly the metal of some smaller parts was also a bit too thick. Besides that I enjoyed building it and the challenge of completing a model of a good looking loco. Really enjoying following all of your work Jack. You cover quite a range, locos, coaches & the new builds and I think your brave buying new models and changing the
  3. Hello everyone, I am the owner of LFC Nameplates and have been since about 1998. Due to personal and family reasons it has been dormant since 2013 when I stopped selling them. Like many railway modellers / cottage industry owners I'm now of an age where I should be thinning out the things that I'm really not going to progress. So I'm offering everything - photo tools, nameplate stock, some nickle silver sheet and copywrite / manufacturing writes to anyone who's interested for a nominal sum as I appreciate its limited appeal. There is no hardware - machinery for production. In th
  4. Hi Dave, I have one of these Zs in my stash. Please can you show us the wooden jig you had the footplate mounted on earlier? I noticed that the bunker sides don't follow the footplate angle, but if the bunker back was fitted on the end of sides rather than between them I think the sides parallel the footplate. Looking at prototype photos it does look like the bunker does parallel the footplate. Do the instructions make it clear? Looking like another great build on the way. All the best Phil.
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks, that's nice and straightforward. I guess with modern life I expected it to be more involved. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the loco finished, is it going to an exhibition layout? Phil.
  6. Hi Dave, I find this is all very interesting, your quite the expert. I've not tried blackening but I think I'll give it a try. Tell me, what do you use in the ultrasonic cleaner? Is it a regular household cleaner in water? Phil.
  7. Hi Dave, another great build coming along - I've just caught up on it. (Followed all the others). Interesting to see the discrepancies you've found, PDK Bulleid light Pacific's have similar front end issues of cylinder position and body length I've discovered. I believe the nickname ' chonkers' came about because of the sound from the coupling rods when travelling under light steam or coasting. I enjoyed talking with you at Uckfield exhibition last October and watching your 'Charmouth' layout. It's good to have a face to go with these loco builds now. Looking forward to more of the
  8. Hi, a very useful feature, thanks. Excuse my ignorance but what does the 'sticky' feature do when turned on? I note it's default is off. Phil.
  9. Hi, I've found the kit, now with luck there should be a photo of the etch attached, Regards Phil.
  10. Hi DLT & all, I've followed your loco building thread and this thread and really enjoyed them - they've really been an inspiration. So if I can help I do have a new & untouched kit in the loft, if you can give me some time to get to it, maybe tomorrow, I'll try to help and give you any information you need. Kind regards, Phil
  11. Hello 145 Squadron, I'm very interested in this & those coaches look so good. Tell me; where are the sides available from now, is it Cooper Craft? I'd like to build one of these so will you be giving us some guidance & more photos? Phil, in Peacehaven.
  12. Hi Jon, I have one of these triang cranes which was a present many years ago. Having found this thread I'd like to get your kit to improve it. I'll make a 10ton version. Please can you tell me how to go about getting the kit from you? Phil, in Peacehaven.
  13. Good man Dave, I've been through that too this summer. Total re-plumb & new central heating, plus new bathroom. My workshops full of stuff too; 30 years of 'that'll come in useful' collection. Well now it's going so I can build my railway and locos to run on it. I built many for other people in the 1990's and not one to keep, so I can appreciate how you feel. Best wishes, Phil.
  14. Hi Dave, Just popped in to see what's next. lovely loco builds, I like following your thread, I've been with it from the very beginning. Any ideas what will be the next project? Best regards for Christmas, Phil
  15. Hi Dave, I've followed many of your build projects with interest, very impressive results to be proud of for sure. I have similar models either to build or in process, like the DJH S15 & U & the Jubilee 0-4-2. I'm waiting in anticipation of the next one - what's it to be - Urie H15 or S15 maybe? Best wishes, Phil. (in Sussex) about to model Wilton South.
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