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  1. Thanks Mike, but the plan is to cut n Shut or scratchbuild. Hence the need for a plan. Khris
  2. Thank you. I haven't received your reply yet exc ept for Rich's response to you where I have seen your response....I have no doubts it will get here I'll have to order one when I get back from our trip. Thanks for that, Appreciated. Khris
  3. A Butcher (81C) Is there an update or pics on progress? Also while I am at it, the Steadtler Fineliners you mentioned on Mikkel's thread, have you used them for lining yourself and if so how did they go? They sound OK so long as they work and don't rub off, but I would need to know they worked first given the Postage charge!
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of a source for this diagram please? Want to have a fiddle about while away. TIA Khris
  5. Northroader, Hope you don't mind a suggestion. Check your verticals with a spirit level if/when you continue on. Verticals won't change. The sky is bloody amazing though. I love the way you have got the clouds done. Khris
  6. Willie Whizz, while I agree it is a good idea, it may NOT have occurred to the Owner to do it. That said it does say quite clearly on the website that it is a part time business. I certainly wouldn't put the phone number on it though. That fact that a responding email has been sent to the original sender should suffice to confirm that the email has been received in the first instance! Khris
  7. There are a couple of videos on Youtube which give a mix of water / isopropyl. Theer is a mix for thinning and a mix for cleaning the airbrush. I have used them and they work well. If you watch the whole video he explains it all. Found it:
  8. Bloody hell, What a GREAT video...pity about the battery dying but, brilliantly presented for the beginner like me! Thank you Andy! Khris
  9. Love the weak sunlight coming through in this pic! Khris
  10. Tom, How are you planing on doing the backdrop? Painting/collage of photo's/other Khris
  11. Blandford 1969, My apologies that I addressed my message to the wrong person. Could you advise when and if you get a response re availability please? Khris
  12. Geraint< Try an email to Andrew at wizard. he is very helpful! Khris
  13. Tom, I'm having withdrawal symptoms! You gone on strike? Khris
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