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  1. Website: https://emardee.org.uk/contact/ Have to update this message. Finally got through to Hubert and he does still have brackets available! He DOES NOT have control of his website....been hacked. If you need to contact him try his email and if you cannot get him then try the phone. He apparently has had a lot of spam so that has been an issue as well! I believe that he should have control of his site in a couple of months as is in the process of building a new one. Hope this is of help to those interested! Khris
  2. Found the site and email sent a couple of days ago. Just awaiting a response. Cannot see them on his site though so will wait. Khris
  3. Thank You. I fired off an email this arvo so see if he has them available still. I cannot find them on the website which is a bit of a worry but we shall see! Fro memory I think it was you that told me in the first instance! Khris
  4. Hi folks, I need some help please. Somewhere along the line ages ago there was a post showing etched brass brackets suitable for the handrails of Toads. I know I asked at the time re where to purchase and said person responded with details. My problem is I cannot find the posts, or details, and wonder if someone could please advise where to get them from again please? TIA Khris
  5. That last pic gives a better idea of how high it looks and to....looks great! Trees are NOT small! Khris
  6. I should imagine if you do them you will also have a market for some as well....hint, hint! Khris
  7. Gents, Are these any good for replacements as opposed to replacing same with same with the likelihood of the same problem happening again?? From what I have read it would appear that the biggest issue is with the material the gears are made of, so one can only surmise the same thing is going to happen further down the track! Khris oooops for got the link: https://jamestrainparts.com/2019/01/28/Bachmann-mainline-replica-railways-split-chassis-axel-repairs/
  8. Are the motion cylinder blocks that are available as brass spares suitable for any of these repairs?? Khris
  9. When we were in the UK in 2011 we came across a level crossing where the gates were kept closed to road traffic unless someone wanted to cross....like ourselves. Cannot remember where it was but I did have visions of photographing the original gate crossing keepers house/building until we got there and found it completely overgrown in greenery that unless you knew it was there you would miss it. It was a double mainline to somewhere and the area was very horsey! Khris
  10. Have you tried contacting Keens with some pics? From what I have seen here (RM Web) a lot of guys cut out the floor to fit it from memory so it doesn't sit to low. Khris
  11. Easy remedy......just shorten it!! Khris
  12. Scott, Sorry, can only leave ONE thumbs up and not a dozen Looks brilliant!! Khris
  13. Being in Australia, is probably not a great help BUT, over here we have insulation batts. My current one which I have has been insulated with batts all through the walls and a silver foam/rubber product in the roof and is brilliant. For your brick walls frame it out with timber and use the insulation of choice. The more insulation all around the better off you are in both winter and summer! khris
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