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  1. A good way to double check track when laying is to use a mirror. Amazing what it shows up! Khris
  2. Wouldn't you have to first look at how far the truck/car developed during the war years as opposed to how quickly they would have developed otherwise. Just that alone would have a big bearing on how the railways developed and/ or lost traffic after the war! Khris
  3. Simple remedy! Make your own in styrene.....it is not hard! In this case either make one for 2 tracks if the spacing is uniform, or make one to do all the tracks at once of the spacing is not uniform! khris Khris
  4. Thanks Martin< I thought had the wrong address or something! Not to worry, Thanks for the response! Khris
  5. As the title asks....How do I get there please? Looking for some old threads. Khris
  6. Can I ask why? Never heard that before and wondering about benefits of it! Khris
  7. 57xx, By the same mob or someone else? Do you have a link....like to have a sticky? Khris
  8. Is the old forum still accessible? If so, How do I get to it please? Khris
  9. Rich, When I first looked up about spraying acrylics, I found this article and have not looked back. Covers cleaning and thinning! Khris
  10. I've given up searching and just call "eyes"! The missus comes and it is duly found usually within a minute or less! Khris
  11. FWIW, when we go away with the caravan I use a fishing tackle box/toolbox. The one I have had a lift out tray so I removed it and made 3 trays to fit inside it with dividers for the different tools etc! HTH Khris
  12. It may take a bit to remove them but if you feel you are using to much force I would suggest pulling the coach apart and removing by closing the lugs and pushing back through rather than break the clips. That way you have the option to sell them on! Khris
  13. If you search youtube you will find some very good ideas for both cleaning and thinning acrylics there! Used the methods there and worked very well.
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