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  1. Hi all, In the books by Russell, the Clerestories are shown to have 10' bogies. Did they have these all their lives or did they go to shorter ones? If so, when did the change start please? (approx) Khris
  2. WOW! I thought it was a simple basic question! Give me time to digest all this please. Khris
  3. Hi, I have only basically followed GWR for the last 15yrs. That was the start of my journey into British Railways as such. I have started to take a small interest in the early diesel loco's and am trying to understand terminology amongst other things. What is the difference between Brush type 1&2 locomotives please? Khris
  4. The thing that has me intrigued is why is the step in 2 parts? I am assuming that is how they were in real life, but why? Khris
  5. Hi all, Has anyone seen or heard from Tom of late. Missing his posts! Khris
  6. Mark, Volunteers or not gruffness or rudeness is not excusable either. At the end of the day they are charging a fee for a product! If there is a quality issue, it is up to them to try to resolve and not alienate their customers. Khris
  7. Was it in a post by Jim C....seems to ring a bell! Khris
  8. Just curious at the moment. Thanks for that John! Khris
  9. John, You may probably mentioned this in the last few months when I haven't had much access. Where do you get the rivets from please? Khris
  10. There is also funnel and front available through Shapeways. Done by a member here! Khris
  11. To get back onto the general topic, and apologies for being so far behind, but I have been away for the last 6months. Was anything said about his injection moulding starting up again. if I rememeber correctly, there was supposedly some action on this front and am just wondering if it was all hot air or if there is something "actually" happening? Khris
  12. Go to Page 4 2nd Jan Lofty posted he got his refund. Khris
  13. It was Wire brushes....NOT like what has been shown here! The strands were coming out from the start of use! Khris
  14. Just as a word of warning. I have bought these from a seller in China and the bloody things started to disintegrate from the moment I started to use them. Fortunately with a bit of help from Ebay I got my money back BUT I can assure you all I am a damn sight more careful where I purchase them from now! Khris
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