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  1. The lack of any LMS Open Thirds other than the D1904 Coronation Scot conversion always surprises me. The only conventional one ever done was the D1915 from Replica in LMS or BR Maroon. I find this a big omission as they built about 2500 Open Thirds for general use between 1925 and 1939 with the last staying in use to almost the end of steam. Some carried four different liveries from fully lined LMS 1920s to BR Maroon, not to mention the 1948 transition period of unbranded LMS and the various early BR numbering variations.
  2. The most convenient place to do the least walking about during the operation. Just needs a good view of the sidings point and the operator being visible to the driver of the shunt move when backing in.
  3. Easiest way is to replace the turnout in the sidings with a double slip. The interval between a siding and the main line should be approximatly a scale four feet more than between the running lines. Yes if you have a signal but with the length of siding shown it would be impossible to get the loco inside the signal. Assuming that traffic is worked by dropping or picking up a van or two using the loco of a passing train I would be inclined to work the points by a ground frame and not provide a signal.
  4. The ban was actually on 4 wheel vehicles less than 15ft WB on certain trains usually denoted by a spade symbol in the WTT, later extended to 18ft WB. It was still possible to find vanfits as tail traffic on secondary passenger trains until they became restricted to 45mph. I believe the ban on 4 and 6 wheel vehicles may have applied only to Passenger Carrying vehicles not NPCSS.
  5. Around 1960 one of our neighbours had a Bond 3-wheeler. After a snowstorm it was stranded in a garage at the side of the house. The road was relatively clear so he and my dad carried it over the snowdrift to get it out so they could get to work.
  6. Probably not until the 1970s or early 1980s but then common on dated trains elsewhere using stock which didn't have a Saturday turn and didn't have any brake vehicle with passenger accommodation in the weekday formation. They even included in later years a WCML set with a DVT travelled on from Bodmin Parkway to Birmingham. There was also an SO Coventry - Holyhead which had a BG in the formation. Used it to Llandudno Junction a couple of times.
  7. I think that if they can manage it the Stephenson 44767 would be a popular model. It was the last engine delivered under LMS rule. I've not yet found a picture butI understand it carried plain black with the number 4767 and LMS in sans serif style on the tender. Until 1952 it had a double chimney. It carried its original livery minus double chimney and with the nameplate added in preservation at the S&D 150 Cavalcade. On 24th April 1948 D J Norton photographed it at Birmingham New Street in a dirty state but with the cab side clean and the number 44767 freshly painted and the tender still showing LMS. It later received lined black livery which was carried until withdrawl exactly 20 years after completion. Personally I fancy a Caprotti 5, and 44755 could be a good Rule 1 engine as it was photographed at Bath Green Park when a Holbeck loco and in the West Midlands when at Edgeley. On that basis it probably visited most ex-LMS lines in England. It was also noted elsewhere at Scrborough. It carried a double chimney throughout its life
  8. I fancy a Caprotti 5, and 44755 could be a good Rule 1 engine as it was photographed at Bath Green Park when a Holbeck loco and in the West Midlands when at Edgeley. On that basis it probably visited most ex-LMS lines in England.
  9. What's this? A Western man who doesn't think all Black Fives look the same?
  10. I already bought the tranfers from you and am collecting donor parts so will probably beat Hornby or anyone else to making them.
  11. They don't have any quality new wagons in the era I want except a Loriot and I've already got the rival on order. If they made the 21T ex-PO rivetted mineral with a decent underframe I would get about 6. Likewise the Palethorpes van, I need a fleet with a proper underframe and correct length, not forgetting the LMS and GWR one were different. They already have a 50ft chassis which could be used for the standard bogie vans, corridor vans and cream van
  12. Still shot of it here. Scroll about 1/3 way down the page https://www.framerated.co.uk/high-noon-1952/ The loco, Sierra No.3, was built in 1891 and appeared in numerous guises in something like 170 films and TV episodes between 1920 and 1996. There would be plenty for Hornby to choose from including Selection of films The Virginian, 1929 High Noon, 1952 Apache, 1954 The Big Land, 1957 Finian's Rainbow, 1968 Back to the Future Part III, 1990 Some of the TV Shows. The Lone Ranger, 1956 Casey Jones, 1958, portrayed as Midwest & Central Railroad #1. Rawhide, 1959-1966 Lassie, 1961–1962, The Big Valley, 1964–1966 The Legend of Jesse James, 1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E., 1967 Gunsmoke, 1971. In the episode Gold Train: The Bullet parts 1 - 3, portrayed as Burlington Northern Railroad #8. Bonanza, 1972, The A-Team, 1984, in the episode "When are you comin' back Range Rider?" Bonanza: The Next Generation, 1988 TV movie
  13. I regularly use a Spamcan on a Footex and a T9 on a Crankex through the Black Country. Haven't got round to the Flying Moneypit coupled to a Bullied Semi Open Brake Second yet - yes it did happen and I was there to see it.
  14. When did Hornby actually last make anything themselves? I thought it was all outsourced. Palethorpes Vans? There were only about half a dozen. Still waiting for someone to do it right.
  15. Within BR I organised signalling commissionings with more people than that on site at the same time.
  16. Many years ago I used to do a bit of buying and selling records, mainly ti get rid of surplus in my own playing collection. The business got silly. As I worked a few yards from a 'chain' record store I was in the habit of going in and picking up new stuff on release dates. Sometimes there were a few copies of a disc in special packaging at a slightly higher price. One particular release I bought two which had a different B side track and picture sold exclusively by that retailer. I think they were about £1.99 each as opposed to the standard £1.49 at the time. The following year I sold one to a collector for £50, while the standard issue could be found for 50p at car boot sales. Similarly with Hornby Dublo I had an item from new which originally came with a small sheet about 6" x 4" of operating instructions. Mine somehow got two copies. I auctioned one and got twice as much for that bit of paper as a good condition model was going for because two collectors got into a bidding war.
  17. Have those 21T Minerals still got the same superannuated underframe?
  18. Reminds me of an old friend who worked in research at Longbridge. He also did work for some racing and rally teams. He had what looked like a very basic model Metro. He picked up a three month ban when booked at 112 mph on the M45 at Kilsby. He said he wasn't actually at its top speed which was around 130 mph.
  19. Much more profitable to put genuine ones up for sale. Usually fetch over £100 on a well known auction site.
  20. Probably not quite as bad, but when I was in the school cadet force we had a night excercise there. It was August. I was to lead a patrol of three 'local partisans' tracking an enemy detachment. It was a fine evening and we soon tracked down their camp, so sneaked in and told them their errors in defending it. It started raining just before dark so I told them to reset there arrangement while we took a rest and we would be back around dawn. We sheltered in a corrugated iron spotters hut above an artillery range for food a couple of hours sleep. When we came out around 0400 to resume our patrols there was frost on the grass.
  21. Resurrecting the old thread to save opening a new one and apologies for the poor quality of the screenshot, the item in question was in the distant background. When I was editing a bit of video the other day. I heard the train approaching so started the camera and I found this in the lead-in which could be the replacement for the bus when your bridge is only a Bridleway - the Horse on the Bridge.
  22. I'm fully expecting one of those, just finishing off three from kits.
  23. I was looking at one of those for my Cravens DPU, but even with a couple of vans for tail traffic they seemed overkill. Nowadays lots of technology seems to have features added 'because we can', not that many are of use to more than a handful of end users.
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